Thursday, October 16, 2014

Super Angie...Mentoring 101

Congratulations! You are now a Mentor. This is so huge and I'm so very proud of you!

Here is a list of videos, blog posts, and helpful tips that YOU as a Mentor can share with your new designer. Remember, not everyone is tech savy, so if you need help coaching your designer and if one of these ideas doesn't work (example: she doesn't get online ), let me know...we can work together to come up with new trainings!

1. FIRST AND FOREMOST!!! Have her visit :   This BLOG POST will walk your designer through everything O2.  It mentions O2 Vocab words (what is PV?!) Pay Quicker, Jewelry Bars, how to make money etc.  PLEASE read it. And PLEASE share it with your designers!  Please! 

2.  Remember back to when you signed up. What was confusing?  Chances are it will be confusing to your designer.

3. I have a ton of videos on Youtube.  Please feel free to share these one at a time with your designer. There are "YOU CAN DO IT" type of videos, "HOSTESS COACHING" tips, etc. You certainly don't want to dump them all on her at once...that's overwhelming. So pick and choose.

4.  Tell her about the pedigree. I like to think of it as a Family Tree.

Example:  Missy signs up under Tabitha.
Tabitha is Missy's MOM
Angie (me) is Missy's GRANDMA
Jen Suarez (Locket Makers) is Missy's GREAT GRANDMA
Kelli (Dream Catchers) is Missy's GREAT GREAT GRANDMA

Invite her to all these FB groups and give her a big SHOUT OUT and WELCOME

5. Encourage her to make her own Jewelry Bar and have a launch party.

6. Talk to her about Sour to Success and how to plan for that. (Remember, StS goes by START DATE, not by Monthly dates. )

7.  I'm always here for you AND your designer.

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