Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Super Angie... a new light

I've been uber busy this winter working at Keystone Lake. I love my job but I have been slacking...particularly here on my blog. No good! Must get back to blogging.

This morning I was reading the Ensign and read about being a member missionary. "People will see the light in your eyes and wonder why you have such a spirit in you".

When I started working at the lake teaching skating lessons, I got a name tag that is supposed to say my home town on it. But my boss didn't know my real hometown- Redmond, WA. So instead he put Provo, UT because he knew I had lived in Utah county. At first I was upset about this- I AM NOT FROM UTAH! Heaven Forbid. ;)  I'm a Seattle girl through and through.

But...after reading this quote this morning, I'm seeing things in a different light.

I've received lots of positive feedback (as has my boss) about how I'm doing at work. Customers like my friendly, positive attitude. They like taking lessons with me. I make people feel important and special.  This makes me so glad to hear. I really wanted to make a difference at this job.

But now I'm seeing that my name tag may also help share the gospel. Its no secret that people associate Provo, UT with BYU and Mormons.  So if people are noticing that I have this special Sparkle about me, hopefully they will make the connection that I'm Mormon. Some of my students know that I'm Mormon...I've told them I can't work on Sunday. Or that I don't drink. etc. 

I hope that I can touch the lives of those who come to the lake. I hope I can offer them the love of Christ.

On Belay

On Belay
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Climb On!
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