Sunday, August 31, 2008

Super Angie...Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!

Today I was blessed to teach Brennan's primary class. 
Sacrament meeting was much like Jenny Meek's recent post "has the circus come to town?"--my kids weren't all that well behaved. It was mostly Tan being crazy silly. Brennan fell asleep under the pew and Dallin just sat there patiently waiting and telling me, "I can't wait for this to be over so I can go to my class".
After we survived all that, I took Brennan, who was half asleep, to the primary room. I loved having him lay on my lap as primary songs were song, talks were given and prayers were said. I really enjoyed the spirit I felt there. He woke up from his nap and was able to enjoy sharing time.
Class time was great! The lesson was about Loving One Another like Jesus taught. The kids really understood that. They listened, participated and enjoyed the lesson. I really just enjoyed being with my big bear. He was so sweet and really amazed me with his understanding of the lesson.
Note to anyone in my ward who might read this.... I would love to sub for Brennan's class again! :)
--Super Angie...picture is how my kids looked before church. Tan ended up pulling out her cute pig tails, and of course Brennan's shirt didn't stay tucked in. lol

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Super Angie...The Alps

Tonight Rick and I went on a date to see the IMAX, "The Alps". It was FABULOUS! It really got us in the mood for Ice Climbing Season. I really want to be stronger this year. I plan on working hard on stamina and strength as well as I want to do some cool bouldery types of moves. 
I got a lot of inspiration from Joe Kinder's blog as well...he is busy climbing with some of the best climbers in the world (he is one of the best climbers as well) and he says it has really pushed his climbing. I need to start doing that.
 While we were in SLC, Rick and I ran into Amy Cockerham at a store. She is such an inspiration. She was recently featured in Climbing Magazine for doing some really hard routes (5.13d/5.14a) in American Fork Canyon--being the first female to do these routes.  Amy is such a nice, down to earth person, plus an awesome climber.
Okay, I seriously need to kick my butt into high gear. I want to be a strong ice climber this year. I want to loose some weight and get stronger. (Plus, if I loose the weight I want, then I get to buy more cool clothes when I go to China in December. YEA!)
I Can Do it!

--Super Angie...(this picture is from last season when I climbed in Ouray. This was an 80 feet route)

Super Angie...fantastic day

We decided not to go anywhere for Labor Day and instead got a lot done. Rick mowed, the boys cleaned their room, and Tan ran around getting into everything! :)

I set up the plastic play equipment for the backyard this morning. It has a small slide, perfect size for Tanith. Dallin helped her climb the rock wall. Dallin also was a big help in weeding the flower box. When we moved in, the flower box has some small cedar trees in it, but the deer come at night and eat them, so I pulled them out and the box has been empty all summer. The weeds sure have enjoyed growing back there and Dallin was a great help in getting rid of them all.

I hung Horse pictures in Tan's room...she loves horses. I remember reading on Emily's blog once about her girls growing out of the Horse poster phase. I think all young girls must love horses!

I also hung some more pictures in our bedroom. Our family photo walls are looking great. :)

Rick is my hero! He hung a bunch of coat hooks and hat hooks in the garage for the kids to hang their coats and school bags on. I have always wanted to have such hooks in my garage and finally, I have a sweet heart who did it for me. Thanks Baby! :)

Tonight, we are finishing off our fantastic day by going on a date to see an IMAX about the alps. Should be fun. 

What have you done during your Labor Day Weekend?

--Super Angie
PS... I love the new feature on my blog that shows who is visiting, even if you don't leave a comment...but come on! Why not leave a comment too?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Super Angie....Tan's turn

This morning was Tan's turn to do gymnastics. This time it was a parent/tot class at the same gym from yesterday. 

The class first was seated on the floor (the main pad/springy floor they use for "Floor Routine"--that floor is so can't help but want to run and leap on it!). There were small carpet mats on the floor, each with a face of an animal on it. Tan was excited to sit on the Panda face. After a brief introduction, we danced and ran around to the song, "Animal Action". I was happy to hear this song again...its a song I use when I teach my Mommy and Me class--which BTW, I'll be starting to teach again in two weeks. :)  We did some stretches...she wasn't "in to" them, but she sat still anyway. 

The first "gymnastics" thing we did was bars. They have a set of small bars that are the perfect height for youngin's like Tan. She knew just what to do...hold on and swing! I helped her pull her feet up, which she thought was cool, and I also helped her pull her legs up and then continue around the bar on her belly backwards. Boy, this put a smile on her face and we did it a few more times. Coach Judi helped her hang like a sloth. Too cute!
We then moved over to the balance beam and back somersaults. She wasn't all that thrilled by either, but she did think it was cool to lay with her back on this big ball thing, roll backwards, put her hands down and flip over. 

Next was an obstacle course...crawl through a donut, walk on a beam, jump on a spring board, roll over backwards (using the back handspring roll thing again), do a forward roll down a sloped mat (she wouldn't roll though...just scooted), and then hang on the bars and rings. She LOVED the rings and the bars again. Too cute.

Final station was the trampolines. She didn't want to jump, but rather just run across the tramps. She LOVED the foam pit. I threw her into it and she cried, "AGAIN! AGAIN!!!!". Then she "swam" across the foam to the other side. The coach cheered her on, which gave her a big smile. :) She climbed out and I told her to jump (jump into the pit again). She thought I meant just jump... so she did. She stood on the side Jumping. what a cutie.
At the very end, the coach gave her a smiley face stamp and a butterfly. She was very proud of them and anxiously had to show her brothers as soon as we got home. 

--Super Angie (P.S...chasing around a 21 month old at a parent / tot class is a good workout!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Super big bear

I call Brennan my big bear. I don't know why, but it just fits.

Today, Brennan started gymnastics. He has been looking forward to this for several weeks now. "Is Gymnastics today?" he kept asking. Finally it came!

He is taking classes at All American Gymnastics in Lindon. We actually saw a 3rd grader from Dallin's school there too, so that was fun to see a familiar face. We gathered upstairs until the coaches came to get the kids. Brennan went with his teacher. 

All the kids start by stretching together. This was very confusing for my sweet Brennan. He wasn't sure where to stand and how to do the stretches. I was disappointed that they don't take the new students aside and teach them the stretches, but I guess this is the real world and you get thrown into things. He got confused and started walking around. Finally one of the helpers found him and helped him do a back bend--very cute.  Then the classes separated, but he had forgotten, or just not paid attention to who his coach was, so he was left all by himself. I could tell he was worried, as I looked out the big glass window to the mats below. He looked up at me helpless and scared. A few ladies tried to help him, but he just kept saying, "I'm 4" and holding up 4 little fingers. Really broke my heart. FINALLY they figured out that there is only ONE class of little boys out there today (DUH!) and they walked him over to that coach and class.

He first did some things on the horse. We couldn't see him too well, so we went downstairs to another area where you can sit and watch. We saw him do some work on the rings--he was so strong. He pulled himself upside down, by himself--the other kids needed help. He only needed help getting his legs straight up in the air above his head. Very fun to watch. He also learned hand stands and 360 degree jumps. He was so cute and anxious to try. He was also typical Brennan...squirmy, smiley and not able to hold still even for a second. His favorite thing to do was run, jump on a spring board and fly up onto a large stack of mats (I think he was supposed to tuck and roll once he got up there, but none of the kids were able to do complete that). He did the best at jumping and leaping up on the mats...anyone surprised by that? Nope! didn't think so! He is made for gymnastics.

After wards, he gave me big hugs and just talked non-stop. "That was so much fun". "I had a good time" "That was a good workout". "Phew! I'm sweaty now!"  He really enjoyed it and it was just great to have this time with him.

Dallin and Tanith were very patient watching him, although I think I may try to figure out something for them to do instead of coming to the gym....1 hour is a long time.

I am so proud of my big bear. I love you Brennan!
--Super Mama

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Super Angie..a cold cold December is a' comin.

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it....

Dallin and I are going to Beijing, China in December!!!  YEA!!!  I found this awesome deal and we couldn't resist. This is even cheaper then my last trip to China, so I am totally stoked! YEA!! 

Anyone want to come with??  (Check out my blog from last year when I was so much fun!) Yes, its gonna be FREEZING in Beijing in December, but won't it also be freezing here in Utah? I'd rather be climbing the great wall in 30 degree temps, then walking around the Walmart parking lot in Lehi. LOL

--Super Angie

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Super Angie...a blessing and a pop

Last night, after feeling the worst I have ever felt in my entire life (worse then 3 c-sections, worse then knee surgery, worse then asthma attacks, worse then broken bones and cracked ribs), Rick gave me a blessing. After the blessing, I felt impressed to have him pop my back. He usually does this by hugging me, but he wasn't so sure he should since my neck was hurting. But I told him to do it. He got some great pops out of me, including one down low that I actually felt in my neck. 

Almost instantly, I felt better. My posture improved. My headache lessened. I was able to stretch my necks in ways I couldn't do before.  I slept great.

This morning, I woke up feeling fantastic. I'm taking it easy--no wild head banging for me this morning. LOL  But I am just feeling better. My stomach doesn't hurt. My eyes aren't hurting. The pains in my mouth are gone. I can stretch. I can move. I have my appetite back. And my head and neck aren't hurting like they were. 

Thank goodness for Priesthood blessings. I'm thankful to have a husband who so readily gives blessings. I'm thankful for a father in Heaven who understand my needs and frustrations.
--Super Angie

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Super Angie... Keystone summer fun Highlights

Getting dangerously close to the fountain!
Brennan at the park
Tan loved the slide

Heres Ryann out in the river

Julie and Ryann both enjoyed wearing wild flowers in their hair.

Dallin in the river
Brennan on a rock in the river
I'm home now from a few weeks in Keystone. We are all tired and exhusted (and my neck is completely out, so I am experiencing really severe headaches), but our time there was great. 
Dallin loved his Miner's camp. His camp directors were great. He visited two mines, did lots of crafts and just had a fabulous time. 

We love the ward in Frisco and had a nice Sunday worshiping.  I love small wards out in the mission field. 

It snowed!

Rick came to visit and we celebrated our 3rd Wedding anniversary. We enjoyed being together as a family--outlet shopping, enjoying drinks at Borders, watching movies and shows, and hot tubing.

On Monday, Rick and I went to work out. Something went wrong and I tweaked my neck. I should have just gone back to Utah because I was in so much pain, but my friend Julie and two of her kids were coming Monday night, so I didn't want to disappoint. The pain got progressivly worse as the week went along. Really sucked!

Julie, Nathan and Ryann arrived. Ryann and Dallin and classmates, and Nathan and Brennan are friends from rock climbing. We had a wonderful Tuesday. We played in the river, skipped rocks, got our pants and shoes wet and enjoyed the sun. We played at the park by the lake, had a picnic, fed popcorn to the birds and ducks, and fish food to the ducks and fish. We ran, hopped on rocks, skipped and walked around the lake, enjoying the views, the sun and the exercise. The kids tried hard to feed each and every fish and duck we saw. We tried to avoid stepping in geese poop---didn't work for me! YUCK! We window shopped, looked at resturants, and did a bit of shopping at a fun gift shop. Then the wet fun began! Julie rented a paddle boat and she and the kids went out on the lake (I stayed with Tan under the pavillon). They got wet and had a blast! Thanks Julie for renting the boat! :)

Now we are all home and the kids are happy to see their toys here. Laundry is almost done and my neck and headache are still pretty bad. I had a massage tonight, which helped, but its still hurting. Can't wait till next week when my Chiropractor comes back from vacation. 
--Super Angie

Super Angie...its just me!

A few weeks ago, some friends and I were on KUTV channel 2 news for a segment about female rock climbers. I found the segment online. ENJOY!

warning: do not hover your cursor over the video or a menu system will overlay the video and you won't be able to see it.

-- Super Angie with the pink rope! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Super Angie...super husband

He just left...I am missing him like crazy and its only been a few hours.
Rick came out to Keystone for the weekend to visit. Our weather was crazy, but we managed to have fun going for a car ride, doing some shopping, relaxing in the hot tub and sauna, watching Project Runway together (he recorded it and brought the disc with--so sweet!), watching the Olympics together and just being together.  Our anniversary (3 years!!!) is tomorrow, but we decided to celebrate it on Sunday by hiring a sitter and going to a Swiss restaurant in Breck. Everything was going great, until a big power outage here in Keystone. What a mess. So, we canceled our sitter, bought some flashlights and candles and took the family to Bamboo Garden for some yummy Chinese food. (Ah, I miss Beijing!) He is the sweetest husband. He bought me a COACH purse, Dolce and Gabana perfume LIGHT BLUE, a gift card to NEW YORK & CO and a Puffy AmiYumi CD. THANKS HONEY! What did I give him? Some chocolate and two new Henkle How romantic!?
Anyway, I'm missing him something awful. I love you cakes!
--Super Angie

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Super Angie...Winter Wonderland Land?


We got rain at 9,000 feet, but up where we were hiking the other day at 11,990 feet, it just DUMPED!  That pass was actually closed this morning. Snow fell at about 10,000 feet last night. We just got rain at the resort, but at the top of the lifts, we can see snow. Isn't that amazing!?

All the peaks around here look gorgeous, as the rain takes a tiny break and the blue sky comes out for a brief moment. Gorgeous August Weather!  Whats your weather like?

--Super Angie

Friday, August 15, 2008

Super Angie...lets LEGO!

Tanith loves LEGOS! My boys like them too, but never showed this much interest and co-ordination at this young of an age. 
--Super Angie

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Super Angie...doe, a deer, a female deer

Dallin is enjoying his Miner's camp at the Breckenridge Rec Center. He has visited two mines, a museum and an old train, as well as done some nice crafts. While he is there, I put the other two kids in daycare and have a wonderful work out. I enjoy using all the different machines and have taken quite a liking to the rowing machine. :)
Tonight, I was feeling bored with the dinner choices in the house, so we went to Village Inn. The kids ate Chocolate Chip pancakes and I enjoyed French toast of course. Afterwards, Brennan fell asleep before we got out of the parking lot, so I decided to explore a road in Keystone I hadn't been far on. Montezuma Road.

We drove along a beautiful river, some camp sites, some HUGE houses (some are for sale) and lots of beautiful pines. As we climbed higher and higher, it looked more and more like the Cascades of Washington. Stunningly gorgeous.

As we came around a bend, I saw a trailhead parking area with some deer in it, so I pulled in so the kids could see. There was one buck with new little antlers (velvety sweet) and a doe. Tanith enjoyed screaming and waving at them, Brennan still slept, and Dallin was pleased that he saw a buck.  We left and continued up the road. I was wondering how far this road would go and thought about turning around in a driveway with a bear proof garbage can, but Dallin cheered me on and we continued.

I'm so happy we did, because right around the bend was an old gem of a town called Montezuma. There was an old sign hung above the road. Speaking of the road, as soon as we went under the sign, the road became an old dirt road. Suddenly old cabins were everywhere (along with some newer ones). We saw an old school (dating back to 1880). It was so neat. 

We continued up the road and found an old mine. So cool for my little miner (Dallin).

As we drove home, we saw three deer back in the trail head parking lot. We pulled in. One was a buck with a nice rack!!! It was so awesome to see a buck with antlers. Amazing. :) Then another doe came and then a mother and baby!!! 6 total. It was great!

What a fun evening and a great week. 
--Super Angie

Super Angie... a child's prayer

This morning during our prayer for breakfast, Brennan said, "Please help Jesus to be safe".
What a sweet boy.
--Super Angie

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Super Angie...Mein Vater War Ein Wandermann...

"My father was a hiker"...and so are we! 

This morning, the kids and I got up early to go hike the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass. We were so high that we were above tree line. It was very windy, but we had a great time. I wore Tan in the Kelty backpack...double the workout!

You can barely see the road and the parking lot. We went SO FAR!
Tanith didn't really like the wind, but she was a trooper too.
A very cold Brennan wearing my gloves, and his Penguin hat. But he loved every second and actually wanted to hike further!
Great little hikers!
  NOTE the elevation on the sign... 11,990! And thats just in the parking lot...
we went UP UP UP...probably 12,250 or so. :)

can't wait for the next hike--super Angie

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Super Angie...a quiet moment

The boys are inside, watching Veggie Tails. I am out on the deck, in a rocking chair, with Tanith. I've been reading Tuesdays with Morrie and I am pondering life. I look at my daughter. We just came from the hot tub, so she is only wearing a diaper--I changed her from her swim suit and put a new diaper on, but no clothes. She seems fine with that.
The sky is a magical color of blue.Think of the bluest blue sky you have ever seen...this is better! Mixed with just the right amount of fluffy white clouds--not too many, not too few. Perfect. The sun is out, there is a slight breeze. The aspen trees are rustling. If you have never heard an aspen tree rustle, please, go to a forest and just sit. Its devine. The pine trees are swaying. The pine cons are a perfect shade of red and brown. 
My daughter smiles. That big huge toothy grin. Her blue eyes are matching the sky. Her blond curls are messy and flying every which way. 
I pick her up. Her body is so warm and soft. She curls into me and bites my sleeve. I don't mind...she is melting into me and I love her. She looks up from the biting to look into my eyes (and try to bite my nose--I put a stop to that). I realize how lucky I be a mom. A super mom.
--Super Angie

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Super Angie...floatin' away

I was feeling generous, so I took the kids to A& for those who don't know...A&W stands for Angie Waibel Root beer---only the best, right?

Anyway, we went inside and had root beer floats and fries. The kids LOVED it. I have to say though, this was the FUNNIEST A&W I have ever been in. Whenever we drive by, we always look at their sign board--which always says something about God or Jesus saving you (good message) and then it has an add for their special. No biggie, right?

Well, inside, they have all these pamphlets, "Do Jews believe in Jesus" and other similar messages and even some parables. There is a menorah on a shelf, along with a nativity and the "Footprints" poem. There is TONS of Hebrew written everywhere, and a copy of the ten commandments written in Hebrew. Everyone that works there is totally ethnic. Then to top off the "strangeness" of this restaurant, the music is USA patriotic AND Jewish music. Interesting...
Dallin says he has has one rootbeer float before, but this one was the best!
Tan is so short that she has to hold her cup in her lap to drink it. 
Good girl...she didn't spill!
Did you even have to ask? Of course Brennan LOVED his float!
Tan showing me her cup. Yup! She loved it!
Other weekend highlights...
Church: we lasted a few minutes into the first talk. AMAZING! But at least we went. :) I love this ward and the small cute building. Reminds me of going to church in Munich, Germany.
Art Festival in Frisco: they closed main street and all these artists were there selling their goods. Amazingly, the kids were WELL BEHAVED!  I found a gorgeous photo from a Chinese man (from Hong Kong)--its of a bunch of Chinese umbrellas. Gorgeous colors. I can't wait to hang it in our Asian inspired room. :) The kids loved these HUGE statues of animals these two funny guys were selling.
Car rides: driving back and forth to Frisco several times...we took the Dam road and ducked off to the Marina and a picnic area. So pretty.
Seeing sailboats on the lake.
Going for a jog: Try jogging at 9,000 plus feet! PHEW! Felt great!

Tomorrow Dallin starts his Miner's camp at the Breckenridge rec center. He has to be there at 8am...means we have to get up and get movin early to get there in time. Wish me luck!

--Super ROOT BEER Angie

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Super Angie...skinny and fat jeans

I have been having major stress here in Keystone. Tanith is suddenly a terrible two and Brennan is just being Brennan. 

On top of that, I put on a pair of "fat jeans" and they didn't fit at all! I'm talking, laying on the floor, wiggling and still didn't fit. WHAT THE HECK?!

I laid down sobbing, when I saw another pair of jeans. "Oh hopeless" I thought when I saw them. These were my total skinny jeans-- a pair I had bought in China last year. Well, my day was already ruined from the fat jeans, so I might as well....

I pulled them on and did them up...and THEY FIT! They fit great! What the heck?

So, moral of the story...if one pair of jeans doesn't fit, maybe the next ones will?  Or something like that...

--A very happy Super Angie

Friday, August 8, 2008

Super Angie...Keystone again

The kids and I arrived in Keystone last night. We will be here until the 21st. The weather wasn't all that fantastic today, we mostly stayed inside, did some puzzels, played memory (the boys teamed up on me--boy do they CHEAT!) and I read as the kids just played and played. We did go to the lake and played at the playground there. Tanith really enjoyed hanging on the bars there--future gymnastic or rock climber?

Rick was going to come out tonight, but some hassels at work slowed his travel plans, and instead he has decided to come out mid next week. Tonight, the kids and I will watch the opening ceremonies. Ah...I would love to go back to Beijing!!

Anyone want to come out next weekend to Colorado to visit?

 I'm looking forward to my best friend Julie coming out on the 18th with Ryann and Nathan..I know we will have a great time.

Ah...summer fun!
-Super Angie

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Super Angie... Ocean in Me

Ocean in Me
by Cherie Call

I know when a storm is coming on, and I can tell when tears are gonna fall
And I know what its like when disappointments seem to make you feel so small
I've become the extra when I wished to the lead
And I have been the friend, when I wished to be the girl
And sometimes all the faith in the world
Can still never change what isn't meant to be

But if I feel like just a teardrop in the rain
When I meant to be a river
God sees the ocean in me
And in the depths of all my sorrow and my pain, when I ask to be delivered
He shows the ocean to me
He sees the ocean in me

He sees all the things that I can't see
And he dries every tear that falls down
And sooner or later He opens my eyes
And finally I turn around
And find that as a servant I had really been the queen
And I had been a diamon when I thought that I was glass
And I know every heartbreak will pass
Just when it seems the hardest to believe.

And I'm an ocean drawn to the light
Reaching for the sky
Pulled by gravity
And after every storm, I take another shape
Landing on a shore far beyond my dreams

I've been feeling sad and down lately. Today, I pulled out one of my favorite artists, Cherie Call, and enjoyed her music once again.

--Super Angie

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Super Angie..TV star

Make sure to watch Channel 2 news tonight at 5pm. Last Friday, a few ladies from the climbing gym and I were invited by Channel 2 to do an outdoor sports segment. We went to Red Rock in Draper (because its in the shade in the morning, and usually not busy). We all took turns leading and doing interviews. Michelle's 11 yr old daughter, Sarah, came with and gave such a great interview, but sadly, the camera had some trouble, so her interview won't be a part of the segment tonight.

Anyway, watch the news tonight and let me know what you think! :)

--Super Angie

*** I just watched the segment and loved it! Its dang cute. Shirstie Sheets, the photo journalist did an awesome job!  They posted a link to Momentum on the KUTV website, so hopefully the WERC program will get more ladies wanting to learn to climb.  Check out Momentum's newly designed website.   And hopefully soon, we will be able to post a video of the segment. :)If you saw it, I'd love to hear what you thought.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Super Angie...Mom's morning out?

So, I have only heard from two people about the morning out tomorrow. Does anyone else want to go? If not, then I will probably cancel it, so if you want to go, please let me know ASAP.

--Super Angie

Monday, August 4, 2008

Super Angie....home, home on the range

We went to Yellowstone again this weekend. We stayed at a delightful cabin in West Yellowstone and just had a great time. 

We took a few hikes to see geysers--the boys REALLY love Geysers. Tanith mostly enjoyed being in the baby backpack. The weather was perfect--sunny, 70s with a slight breeze. Perfect!

We had a picnic by the river. The kids played in the "taller then Tanith" high grasses. We saw lots of Elk including a beautiful bull. 

We also went to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, where Dallin to help the animal keepers by feeding the bears! It was awesome. The wolfs howled for us, the bears dug for food and the kids just had a blast. 

We really enjoyed walking around West Yellowstone. The candy shop there was extra yummy! And we ate a nice big lunch at Canyon Street Grill-- a 1950s style diner. So cute.

There was an Old Car show in town---we loved seeing all the classics drive around town.

We also attended the Mountain Man Rendezvous. We saw tons of furs, and met some mountain man and learned more about their life. We bought a blanket (which we used for our picnic), some candy and a fire starter kit in a leather bag. So cool and fun.

My camera died, so only Rick took photos of our great weekend...I'll post some as soon as I get them from him. :)

--Super Angie

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping