Monday, March 31, 2008

Super time

Rock On!
Hunting for Eggs by our new swing set! ** click on this picture to see what Brennan's missing right behind him!
We are soooo cool!
Tan and Aunt Tricia playing ball...Tan's way!
Reading time with Pop!
Tickles and Giggles
Ty and Andy playing
Rock Band!
Easter Morning screaming!
Aunt Tricia gets Tan's attention with Candy!
Gaga and Brennan watch the cousins play Rock Band.

My mom just went back to Seattle after several weeks here. We had a wonderful time together, even though the first half of her visit, I was sick and the second half, she was sick. My dad was here for the first week as well. Tanith quickly took to both of them. At the end of my mom's visit, Tanith would actually run to Grandma's open arms. I think they will be good friend!

Grandpa (we call him Pop), had Dallin read to him on the couch. Gaga (our own language for Grandma) tickled and laughed with Tanith. Pop bought us and put together a swing set in our backyard...he is our hero!

Easter Sunday, we had a nice easter egg hunt in the back yard, and then we to my brother's house. (Before church, I tried to get all three kids together for a nice Easter picture, but Tanith just SCREAMED!) Paul and his family had fixed an amazing meal and we all enjoyed each other's company. After dinner, Andy and Ty showed us their rock skills while playing "Rock Band". It was fun to watch and Tanith got into the groove of things. Andy showed me how to shoot his pellet gun, and Ty and I posed like James Bond. Kaylee entertained Dallin and Brennan...she is such a sweet cousin!

I am so thankful for my family. What a blessing to have Paul and Trish so close and have my mom and dad visit. We are considering going to Russia this summer to visit them. Can't wait until Jeff and Laura come to visit in May.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Super Angie...Happy Easter...part one

We had an enjoyable Easter. Dying eggs was a huge hit! And getting candy in their easter baskets was loads of fun!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Super Angie...another tooth bites the dust!

Dallin, you were so brave! His tooth has been bothering him for a few days now, and actually has been quite painful for him. Tonight, it was hanging on by a thread...ah, root...and it was just ON HIS MIND.

I was sitting at my computer, reading Rick's blog of Mexico (check it out!!) when I heard a faint whisper from the bathroom, "oh, my tooth". I went running and found a joyous 7 yr old standing in the hall, holding his tooth.

I am so proud of you Dallin!

My friend Sarah once mentioned (when her own son lost a tooth), that it brings back memories of a time when even small things were important. I love this..makes me cry. He is growing up so fast!

--Super Mom...Angie

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Super Angie...Life is Pretty Good

So, I was checking out Super Tara's Blog and she said the cutest thing, "Music, stampin' and a diet coke! Life is pretty good! :)"

I want to know, what makes life pretty good for you?

My Answer:
"Climbing, friends, my husband and kids and a peppermint hot chocolate! Life is pretty good!"

Although...I'm not doing any climbing right 14 of being sick. Day 8 of not having a voice. Sucks!

--Super Angie

PS... I know that Tara doesn't JUST love diet coke, stampin' and listening to music...she also is a great mom and wife! Love ya T!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Super Angie...baptism suggestions?

So, this year (in Dec), Dallin will be baptized into the LDS church. Question for those who have kids already baptized, or for those who were once a kid (lol)....any traditions, or ideas for getting ready to be baptized?

Did you do something each month?
Did you have to memorize anything?
Go anywhere?

Also, he will be starting scouts when he turns 8. Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?

--Super Angie

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Super Angie...bye bye H2?

I love my bright yellow H2. Hummers are so fun! I love the stickers I have plastered all over the ski box on top. I love rocking out to BARBIE GIRL while driving it. I love hauling my kids around. I love the way Brennan has to jump up and hold on to the door handle as it opens and swings him around. I love going off road in it. I just love it.

But with gas prices climbing higher and higher...should we get rid of it?


--Super Angie.
PS...I LOVE Rick's new AUDI. Maybe I should get a Q7???

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Super Angie...must be March

Talk about March Madness!!

I have completely lost my voice...going on, what day 7 now of being dead sick. Its getting old, okay? Please, I just want to be healthy...

Its snowing. WTF MATE? Okay, so this week it has been in the 50s. I even wore flip flops one day. And now its snowing?


--Super Angie
PS. Brennan fell asleep at his friend's birthday party this morning, then came home and promptly threw up in the flower bed. It wasn't snowing then. It was sunny.
PPS. Rick took Dallin to Target and Costco today. Dallin is the king of all costco samples! He has a way with the ladies and is able to get multiple samples to chow down on. Cute kid!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Super Angie...going green?

I was just blog surfing and ran across a friend of a friend's website that talks about going green. I laugh so hard at all the "going green" hype.

You see, way back in the 80s, I went to the number one Junior High in the nation for recyeling. Em, Tara-- remember? Redmond was just a green place. Everyone did their part. We all conserved water--even though we lived in Seattle! We rode our bikes and walked wasn't a "new thing". Recyeling wasn't just something we were told about--we did it during 1st period, and 6th period and all the classes in between. Oh yes...and curbside at home!

Now, I see all these Utah girls getting giddy about Going Green, like its this brand new idea. Little do they know that in Germany, you have to pay extra to have your groceries put in a bag from the grocery store--you just bring your own! Everyone carries baskets and bags. Its not a new idea.

Please don't get me wrong...I'm not saying there is anything wrong with Going Green. In fact I think its great...especially here in YELLOW AND BROWN Utah. Green is good. But come on...don't brag about it on your blog, like your the first person to ever think about it.

--Super Angie

Super Angie...dreaming of ice

Thanks to my Dh for hooking me up with an awesome header picture. I am DREAMING of ice. I have been surfing the Ouray Ice Festival website and all the slideshow photos are making me hungry to climb. AHHHH!!!! I want to ice climb.

Ice ice baby....

Okay, I just found THE COOLEST THING!!!! Check this out! An INDOOR Ice climbing gym in the UK called ICE FACTOR.

Hurry winter...come back again! (or hurry winter and don't END!!)

--Super Angie

Super Angie.... VIVA LA MEXICO

With the return of Rick, our house is on a Mexican high. We all got gifts from Mexico, saw a fun CD full of pictures and heard tons of stories. And we are all anxious for the time we get to go with to Mexico.

Check out Rick's blog for a HILARIOUS story telling adventure.

-- Super Angie... BTW...I have no lost of my voice! happy happy joy joy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Super husband ROCKS!

I just got a phone call from Rick. He reached a new personal altitude record of 17,390! OH MY GOSH! Thats 3,000 plus feet higher then he has ever gone before! (For those who are unsure of how high that really is: Mt Rainer is 14,410)

He sounded fantastic on the phone and had lots of fun stories to tell of people he met, things he saw and...well, he just sounded awesome.

GO RICK GO! You rock baby!
--Super Angie

Super Angie... backyard fun

Yesterday I was able to rest rest rest, thanks to some amazing babysitters who really came through when I needed them. THANKS!!!

So, today, I am feeling MUCH better.

I decided it was time to clean up the backyard, and we got so much done and then had a bit of fun! Tanith discovered the slide and went down all by herself. Brennan and Dallin had a blast playing with toys they hadn't seen in months.

Ah, I love my family!

--Super Angie

Monday, March 10, 2008

Super Angie...its a sunny day

Its a beautiful sunny day, and although I still feel sick, at least my spirits are brighter. My friend Eiko brought me some delicious strawberries--totally brightened my day. And Julie took Dallin to school. Such awesome friends!

--Super Angie

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Super Angie...still horribly sick and alone

I don't know how single moms can be this sick and do it alone. My asthma is so bad. I only feel well if I am lying down, but who can do that with three kids?

Now I am have a fever too....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Super Angie...alone and sick

So, Rick is on a bus in the middle of Mexico, going to climb a volcano and I am sitting at home with three kids, sicker then sick! Worst part...I am supposed to lead the music in Sacrament tomorrow...problem: no voice!

I've heard from Rick three times now. He is having a great time and things are going well. Looks like he is on schedule for climbing. :) 18,000 feet!!!!

Cough, sneeze, hack hack hack...ugh.

--Super Angie
UPDATE: Cathy is a SAINT. She is filling in for music leading tomorrow! THANKS!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Super climbing maniac!

Yes, my helmet has Strawberry Shortcake stickers on it!Just starting to climb. This pitch was 80 feet tall!
Coming up to the cave...probably about 65 feet up!Here I am inside the cave resting!Starting to climb over the cave

My favorite pic!

Rick and I took a quick overnight to Ouray, Colorado to the ice park there. What a fantastic time we had. Our climbing neighbors (those who climbed right next to us on the same ice) were super nice and supportive. It was fun hanging with them. We enjoyed this route and I had fun practicing some cool stuff above the cave. Too bad the ice season is now over! :(

Click on pictures to enlarge and see better!

--Super Ice Angie
PS...forgot to mention...I took a 12 foot fall! It was awesome!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Super Angie...chicken baby

Today, I was watching Survivor while the kids played. Tanith climbed into the big chair and started watching. Just then, the camera showed a chicken that one of the tribes had.

Tanith giggled at the sight of the chicken.

So, I went back on TIVO a few seconds, to watch it again.

This time she pointed and made a squaking sound.

We watched it about 10 times. Each time, she got more and more lively.

As I took her to bed, I was saying, "bock bock bock" and she repeated back to me, "bock bock bock".

Like mother, like daughter...

--Super Angie

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Super Angie... 13 lbs left!

13 lbs left to go!!!!!!
I am so thrilled and excited that I have lost another 2 lbs, so now, I am left with 13 lbs until my goal weight of what I was 8 yrs ago before having Dallin. YEA!!!!!!! These last 10 lbs are gonna be the hardest. I have now lost around 30 lbs total.

--Super Angie

Monday, March 3, 2008

Super Angie..."walking the kid"

Rick blogged about "walking the kid" so I thought I would post some pictures. Read his blog for details.

--Super Angie

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping