Friday, February 29, 2008

Super Angie...a fun family

Dallin is our little activist. Today he informed me that Sea World is a horrible place because they steal animals away from their families. They BREAK UP Animal families! SHAME ON THEM! Dallin also love his school, his friends and his country! He is a star with Math and loves to read and write stories.

Brennan is our little porcupine. He loves having his hair spiked up. He also loves dressing up. He is often seen at the rock climbing gym, sending new routes while dressed like a king or a dragon! He loves Miss Melva's preschool. He makes up silly songs about everything under the sun. He also loves counting, talking about shapes and watching "Super Why" and "Word World".

Tanith is our little dancer. She enjoys talking to the birds, taking walks, twirling in the living room and laughing. Oh yeah...she loves giving kisses.

Rick is my best friend. We wish we had found each other sooner, but we are thankful that we did find each other. He is patient with me and loves me...even when I'm being bad. ;) He loves being a dad to Dallin, Brennan and Tanith. I love being his wife.

I love my fun little family!
-- Super Angie

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Super Angie...tired of giving

Don't ya hate it when you give give give and get nothing in return?

Don't you hate spending so much time and emotion on a friendship or relationship and the "friend" gives you nothing back?

Don't ya hate it when you blog and no one ever comments and yet you go to other people's blogs and comment all the time?

Don't ya hate it when you support someone and then when you ask for their support, they don't give it (money support or emotional support)?

Don't ya hate feeling used?

I am almost ready to give up...

--Super Angie

Monday, February 25, 2008

Super Angie...Have a Heart!

Last September, I joined tons of other woman in Salt Lake City and participated in CLIMB FOR LIFE. This is a rock climbing event that raises money for Ovarian Cancer Research. I am passionate about this because there is not much known about gynecologic cancers and my mom is a survivor of a gynecologic cancer!

The HERA foundation has already raised over $6,000 just in 2008.

I am doing MY part. Please sponsor me and help fund cutting edge research for Ovarian Cancer. No donation is too small. My goal is to raise $1000 by September. PLEASE HELP!

To show my personal appreciation for your support and donation, I am giving away these beautiful Lia Sophia heart necklaces to anyone who donates $100.

Thanks to Timm Waibel, Barbara Waibel and Megan Thomas for each donating $100. (not sure my dad will want the necklace though! lol) Wouldn't you like to join them in donating and receiving a heart necklace?

Thanks so much for your support!
--Super Angie

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Super Angie...Science Fair

Dallin is working on his science fair project today. Since our family loves Volcanoes (Helens, Rainer, Fugi etc), he is doing his report on volcanoes. I will come into his classroom this week and help him do the diet coke/mento thing. Of course, we will do it outside as to avoid the mess!

--Super Angie

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Super Angie...super climbing

Ahhh..what a week of climbing!

Wednesday night, I did my endurance climbing. I do every 5.6 and 5.7 in the gym--21 routes. I do them fast, no resting, no hanging. Talk about a sweaty mess when I get down. Yuck! But what great exercise.

Thursday I climbed with Julie. The routes were hard, and my mind was playing tricks with me--suddenly I was scared of some of my favorite routes. strange!

Saturday night, I climbed with Rick. He did FANTASTIC!!!! I am sooooo proud of him! WAY TO GO BABY! I did a really fun 5.9. Also did 5.10 on the corner, orange 5.10d from the competition, blue corner 5.10 + (did it three times in a row!!!) and started working a new 5.11 - (pink).

Ahhh...such a great week. I love pushing my body! :)

--Super Angie

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Super apple a day...

Tanith has figured out how to get into the fridge and take out an apple. Silly Girl!

Her apple rolled under the chair...
YummmRunning away with her apple...Here she is in her high chair, enjoying another apple.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Super Angie...a bit of heaven

This long President's Day weekend, we went to Keystone for some R&R. What a great time we had! The weather was perfect. So stunning, with clear skies, starry skies, cozy fires, enjoyable hot tubs and lots of playing.

I skiied the first half of Saturday, followed by Rick. I really enjoyed exploring one of the back parts of Keystone...taking a lift up to 11, 000 plus feet! It was gorgeous and I could see all around the county--even could see Breckenridge! I loved skiing in the trees, and the wide open spots. It was just heaven. Rick had fun skiing some harder runs too. We finished Saturday up with a gondola ride. After 4pm, they allow free rides, so we took the kids, and they HAD A BLAST! Dallin was a bit scared at first, but Brennan loved every second. Once up at the top, we walked around, although Tan really wanted to run into the out of bounds area. We enjoyed some chocolate milk and chips at the mountain house snack building--typical snack hall...looked the same as all the other ones I've been in! Saturday night was pizza and hot tube.

Sunday, we attended Church, then ate at Village Inn. Of course the kids LOVED their pancakes. Tan threw a royal fit, so I left early. The rest of Sunday was filled with car rides, naps, dinner, cozy fire in the fire place, and watching a movie as a family.

Today, we left early and made great time, getting home at 4pm. It was a great weekend!!! I am thinking of planning a Girl's Weekend. Maybe Ski, maybe rock climb (ski= until end of March, Rock climb = when all the snow is gone...probably June??). Anyone interested?

--Super Angie

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Super Angie...a time when things were so special

Today is Valentines day. Yes, my sweetie was very good to me today. Flowers, a necklace, shoveled the walk... Thanks baby.

But Valentines isn't just for adults, or lovers, or teens with crushes. Do you remember your elementary class party? Today I helped at Dallin's school and it was so great to see how excited the kids got.

Some highlights:
*hearing Dallin yell my name when I entered the room.
*seeing how loving the teachers are to not only their students, but all students, and siblings. *They warmly invited Brennan and even Tanith to do projects or eat treats.
*Seeing the excitement my boys had as they looked at each and every paper cartoon valentine their friend gave them. Each one is special and important and greated with a "OH MY GOSH!!" or "YEA!!" or "Ahhhh!!!"

A return to innocence....

Happy Heart Day!
--Super Angie

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Super Angie...Super Tanith

Rick bought Tan a pair of Keen boots, so here she is testing them out in the snow!Look how dirty she got in the melting snow!
She is running away from me and hoping that Kerri will protect her!
Hey Mom and Dad! Doesn't she remind you of me? When I was little, I would lay in the gutter in front of our house, when there was water rushing in it. She is sooo dirty!
Doesn't she look so cute?
New Shoes! Dallin picked out these pink-poka-dot ones for her.

Our little Tan Tan is such a joy. She makes each member of our family happy. Here are some fun pictures.
--Super Angie

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Super Angie... my little wombat

Tonight, Brennan cuddled up with me and we read some books about Australian animals. When he was just a tiny baby, we went to Sydney to visit my parents. We visited two wildlife parks and fell in love with all the animals. We bought Brennan a toy wombat and a onesie and hat that made him look like a little wombat. Since then, I have called him my little wombat or my big bear. Even though Brennan can be very trying at times, he can also be so sweet.

I love my little cuddlier.

--Super Angie

Super Angie...why?

Why do some LDS church members find it soooo important to dwell on things that really don't matter?
Two rants:
Shouldn't we be focusing on loving one another and keeping our lives in check, instead of condeming church members for not wearing a white shirt to church? I mean seriously! DOES IT MATTER? Isn't it more important to be thankful that someone is coming to church at all--why does it matter if the guy is wearing a blue shirt instead of a white? Shouldn't we be fellowshipping instead of condeming? Isn't the loving one another the first and great commandment?

Another thing that gets on my nerves...why do people love to dive into urban legends, or "church" doctrine that isn't real? Example: some people are so hung up on the fact that the Book of Mormon takes place in Central America, and yet the plates were found in upstate New York. HOLY COW! Some people, LDS church members (not anti church people) believe and preach that there were two hill cumorahs. Surely there is no possible way someone could have journied 3,000 miles to bury the plates up in N.Y. GASP! (please note the sarcasm). Rick and I were talking about this the other day and he found the funniest article written by Sidney B. Sperry.
WHY do people waste their time on this stuff? Seriously!!! Does it matter? Why write such an article? Will it get you to heaven faster, or will you be like more holy or something if you figure this none-sense out? I find it so offensive. What, so Moroni was a weakling and couldn't possibly have walked that far? Um...didn't the pioneers walk a long way too, or was that all just fake?

Give me a break!

Then we found this site that says, " However, in recent years some LDS scholars have stated that the hill in New York is not the Hill Cumorah, scene of the last battle of the Book of Mormon peoples. Who are we to believe? Is a BYU professor more reliable than the President of the LDS Church or an Apostle?" Um, Jospeh Fielding Smith said the hill in NY is the right hill, and President Hinkley said the same thing.

Then later it says, " The Church has long maintained, as attested to by references in the writings of General Authorities, that the Hill Cumorah in western New York state is the same as referenced in the Book of Mormon." which is an official statement from the church.

So, I concur... why do people get off on subjects like this? Can it possibly help their salvation in anyway?

Lets get back to Gospel Principles and stop focusing on this none-sense!

--Super Angie

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Angie...another waterfall conquered!

Today we went back to Pipe Dream and climbed again. This time, it was a Water Ice 4/5, which is so scary and hard. But so rewarding. Rick lead and placed protection, which was awesome. WAY TO GO BABY! I am so proud of you. You've got the MAD SKILLS! ;) I used my new ice climbing boots...they ROCK! They are made more like rock climbing shoes, then big heavy boots. Really smooth and easy. I even did a heel hook type with them. Very fun! The weather was great!

Check out Rick's blog for photos. :)

--Super Angie

Brennan was driving his police car around on the kitchen floor. Dallin had his face on the floor--the race car ran into his face and out poped his tooth! YEA! Now he has two missing teeth in front and is just so adorable!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super from God

We have all heard the stories of someone feelling really down, so God prompts someone else to call them or come visit etc. Well, today, He prompted me to call other people and those phone calls helped me get out of my "stressed" zone and back to being Happy Angie.

God is Great!

--Super Angie

Super STRESSED Angie

I am out of my mind with stress right now and just feel like my heart is racing a million miles per hour. So much to do. And no help to do it. And very little time.


-Stressed out Angie

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Super Angie...speed. I like speed.

With much complaining, I left the condo this morning to hit the slopes at 9am. I DID NOT want to ski after yesterday. But after my boots on (love The Green Light --great lockers, fun atmosphere, lots of places to put boots on and warm warm warm) and riding up the gondala, I felt great. So I started going down Schoolmarm--green run, but then I remembered that I had my ipod with me so I turned it on. Of course, the good tunes got me going, so I took off on a blue instead of a green and skiied my heart away.

I ended up doing two black diamond runs and three blue runs. YEA! It was awesome. I also realized that not only do I love to speed climb, but I like to speed ski! WATCH OUT. I LOVE SPEED!!!!

After skiing, I took the boys sledding and they had a blast. Now we are all tuckered out. Rick is up on the slopes right now.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Angie...ouch!

We drove to Keystone today and as soon as we got here, Rick pushed me out the door to hit the slopes. HOLY CRAP! I am wasted. I only skiied ONE run (3.5 miles long) and had to call it quit. Keystone is at 12,000 feet and lacks in oxygen. Can't wait for the hot tub tonight!

--Super Wasted Angie

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping