Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Super Angie....learning

My dear friend Carleen- whom I only know because of Facebook, made this inspirational poster about me. Thank you dear friend.

I competed at Utah Winter Games this past weekend. I accomplished so much. I won Gold and Silver. I skated clean.

But more important were the things I learned.

Love yourself for who you are right now. You can't change yourself right this second, so accept yourself. Be proud of yourself.

Stop comparing. Don't compare yourself to others. Its dangerous. Its toxic actually. Find YOUR super powers, embrace them and thrive. Whatever you do, don't compare your worst trait with someone's best. That is not fair. Speak to yourself in only positive words. Only positive thoughts are allowed.

Miracles happen. But most of the time, its hard work that gets you places. And when you step on the ice, in that sparkly dress, you need to be accepting that the hard work you've done, is what you have to rely on. TRUST IT! Trust your training. Trust your coach. TRUST YOURSELF! Some super magic power isn't gonna come and suddenly make your spins centered. So stop thinking about that type of perfection.

I made goals with my coach. My main goal-- put my programs out there, learn to compete again and entertain the audience. I did that. I succeeded and am so proud of myself. NOW is the time to push. I have 9 weeks till Nationals. Can you imagine all the hard work I can put in, each session and what progress I'll see by then? Its in my hands. 

Reading isn't easy. If it were, babies would do it. Its only if you practice reading, that it becomes easier. Same with spins. They aren't easy. Sure, they might come easier to some friends then they do to me. They are NOT my super power...YET! But if I put forth the effort, and am willing to get out of my comfort zone, they can become a super power.

Yesterday I worked with my friend Charlene. Her mission-- help me center those spins- Coach's orders! lol

I had to set all pride aside. I had to say "Yes, I can do this thing and that thing, but right now, i have to break these spins down and start from day 1." That can be quite humbling. "What if people are watching?" Charlene said "Who cares! And if they are watching, they are probably thinking- Yup, I remember those days. yuck" and then they move on.

I had one sweet little skater, Hina, come up cheering after I centered a sit spin. Wow, Hina is cheering for me? Doesn't she realize she just got back from Nationals? I am the one cheering for her!

Pros and Cons of each practice session are now required of me. I must reflect and have more pros then cons.

Spins can NEVER be perfect. Go watch any top skater, and they will never do a perfect spin. So even though I am Super Angie, I can't expect my spins to be perfect either. But its the striving for perfection that will get them better and better. I must continuously push and work.

Being willing to fail. Being willing to look silly. Being willing to step outside my comfort zone...these are the key elements that will continue to push my skating to be something I have dreamed about.

Pro- I was told I was a good dancer yesterday and that that sets me apart from many other adults. Wow....never thought I'd hear that. :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Super Angie...changing into wonderful things

 The past month has been a journey for me. I got a new coach and have really been pushing.
 I'm realizing that if I want something, I just have to work extra hard. I have to get out of my comfort zone and do it.
 I have learned to be OK with looking silly. Its okay to make mistakes. Its OK to not take myself serious and step outside the box. I can't progress if I'm not willing to do something I can't do.
 Admitting I can't do it.
Admitting its hard.
Admitting that I can't get it perfect the first time
pushing on and on and on until progress starts happening.

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping