Saturday, April 30, 2011

Super Angie...April 30th

A foot of new snow! :) Happy last day of April!!!

--Super Angie

Friday, April 29, 2011

Super Angie...skating clutz!

So sometimes I do some really great things on the ice and then suddenly, Angie comes back and makes it clutzy. Its my special talent! ENJOY!

Super Angie...sit spin

Here is my first attempt of grabbing my skate during a sit spin. Ignore how lame my arms look. i like my speed and my sit position.

Super Angie..Freak the Freak out!

Super Angie... skating skating skating

Camel/ sit spin

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Super Angie...Super Dad

Its been so much fun having my dad in town. He arrived on Easter and brought the kids Easter baskets. This is exactly what my mom would have done. Very touching. :)

Dad, Tanith and I walked to Keystone lake. It was a gorgeous day but quickly turned gray and stormy on our way home. Very windy.

The boys really loved having Pop around.

Wish he could have stay longer. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing dad.

--Super Angie

Super Angie..the Divide

A few days ago, we had a HUGE storm. It was crazy. So much snow. We went on a car ride up to the continental divide. It was great seeing the skiers at A BASIN. And all the trees looked gorgeous with so much fresh snow. It was only 14 degrees at the pass, with a slight wind. It was a nice car ride. :)

--Super Angie

Super Angie...blond jokes

Well let the blond jokes begin!

Super Angie...Summit County Beautiful!

Happy April 28th, 2011. We woke to more fresh snow this morning and 14 degrees. But by noon it was 40 degrees. And after school? 50! Its a simply glorious day.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Super Angie...pushing through...with my mom

My rink is closing soon to get all new ice. This is a good thing...we like fresh new ice. But a bad thing because WE NEED ICE TO SKATE ON! So I am kind of frantic right now with my practice time. Okay, not frantic--obsessed, anal, stressed. I'm still recovering from this awful chest flu/bronchitis I've had. My lungs clearly aren't happy to be on the ice at this altitude. But I'm running out of time. So many shows and comps this summer. NEED TO GET READY.

So I skate. Luckily, my body is mostly holding up (knee still hurts). I've been blessed to skate at a rink that isn't crowded, and by crowded I mean, its just me! I can play any song I want. I can put my program music on repeat for endless minutes. No one cares. Its just me.

Today, I put my freeskate music in and pushed repeat. I skated around just visualizing it. Arms here, look there. Breathe. Then I took my position and started. about 1 minute 40 I was dead. Um...the program is 2 minutes 9 second. ARGH! So I sat down, feeling depressed, trying to catch my breath. Drinking water. Blowing my nose. Feeling depressed. What the heck is wrong with me? What type of lame skater am I? Why can't I do this freaking program.

Over and over I skated. And over and over I messed up. There goes "that" camel. Oops, messed up on "that" footwork. Yeah...didn't even attempt "that " jump. Over and over...repeating those beautiful strains over the sound system. It was just me. COME ON ANGIE> FREAKING DO IT! YOU DON"T HAVE MUCH TIME!

Suddenly my freeskate from last season came to mind. Bach. Why was Bach so great? Because I skated it from my heart. I told a story. I loved every second of it. I felt it. It was just like 94 Gordeeve and Grinkov. Or 2011, Caitlin and John. Passion. Love. Joy.

I skated over, took a drink, and reminded myself that this program is FOR MY MOM. GO DO IT ANGIE!

I skated over to my starting position. I looked up and smiled. Relaxed my shoulders and the music started. I moved, I crossovered, I stretched, and pointed my toe. I had perfect ballet fingers. I approached my footwork like I OWNED IT. I did my first jump combination-perfect. Light, fluffy, nice position on the landing. More transition moves and footwork. A bit noisy on the toe pick (hey, this is still Angie we are talking about... scratch!). Good speed and FLEW into my lutz. Footwork good, camel spin...oh yeah! I own that too. Feeling a bit tired at this point. The altitude is kicking in. My asthma is making me want to fall over. I'm hungry and want to throw up, but I remember...I'm skating this for my mom. Its my mom! So I push into my spiral sequence (HEY! pretty cool to actually have a spiral sequence!) and then my sal. Now its time. Arms. beautiful expression, and a HUGE SMILE drops me into a hydroblade and then effortlessly with new power into a perfectly perfect sitspin into a finishing pose.

I squealed--picture Tara in Nagano. I danced over to the cd player and turned off the repeat.

I pushed through and remembered to find the joy.

And then I went and blew my nose again..

Super Angie..Cherry Loop

If you are looking for GREAT service on figure skating dresses and so much more, look no further then CHEERYLOOP.COM.

I have bought many dresses from them, and my favorite soakers too. They are the nicest people and are so easy to talk back and forth with.

Happy Shopping!

--Super Angie

Monday, April 25, 2011

Super Angie...forgiveness

I'm so thankful for friends who forgive and forget stupid things I have said and done.

Super Angie...being scared

Its OKAY to be scared while rock climbing. This past summer, I had a climbing partner call me a Candy @ss because I cried while climbing outside. Here is a fantastic article by Ali Rainey. I met Ali once in Utah and climbed from her. Learned a lot from her. I love her honesty and candor in this article
Its OKAY to be scared while rock climbing.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Super Angie... Tell it out!

Super Angie... He is Risen

Happy Easter.
Today is the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
He is my brother. He is my Lord. He is my friend. He is my example.
He comforts me when I'm sad.
He leads me and guides me

He is Risen!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Angie... Rick's upcoming trip

Rick did some training today in CO and blogged about it. HARD CORE!

Super Angie...Dallin

Poor Tanith is still so sick today. Dallin got her a wet washcloth and sat next to her on the couch. Without me asking, he read her a story too. What a great big brother he is!

--Super Angie

Super fun!

I'm getting addicted to running. WHO KNEW! Seriously, loving it!!!

Super Angie... motivation

Success lies in the journey, not the destination.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. -Sir Edmund Hillary

Courage isn't about doing something you're not scared of. Courage is doing something in spite of the fact that you are scared of it. -- Ellen DeGeneres

Some people dream of success ... while others wake up and work hard at it.

Your attitude determines your altitude


Super Angie...climbing Denali

If you are interested in Rick's upcoming trip to climb Denali, here is some info:
He is climbing with MOUNTAIN TRIP . Friend them on FB here: They should do updates on FB and on their blog. AND here is a map of the route he is taking. This is NOT the normal route. The Northwest Buttress is a very technical climb. This is an up and over, carry all route. It involves ice and rock climbing and has only been done a dozen times. GO RICK!
--Super Angie

Friday, April 22, 2011

Super Angie...puzzel time

Tanith and I enjoyed some puzzel time this morning. Just laying on the floor, playing and having fun. Love this little lady bug of mine!

--Super Angie

Super Angie...skate for hope

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Super Angie...egg hunt

Tan found an Easter egg at the rink today. I had seen a sign say there would be hidden eggs at the rink and the rec center and TA DA! Tant found one. Actually she found a bunch but I made her put the others back. She found candy inside and then a note saying to go to the front desk. She came back with a jump rope and a writing pad. She was so excited. BUT the cutest part--she gave the candy to the boys when they got home from school. What a nice sister!

Super Angie... I AM



Super Angie...winning

True competition is not about breaking away from the pack and winning the race; it's about breaking through your own perceived limitations and winning in life." ~vcb

Super Angie...Spring is in full force

What a beautiful warm spring morning!

Nah, I'm not complaining. This is perfect. I am so thankful to live in Colorado.

--Super Angie

Super Angie... mom

Been thinking of my mom this morning.....

Super Angie...super friends

Yesterday was a sad goodbye to some very very good friends. You will be missed Tom and Tina.

Super Angie...may the force...

Apparently this is how breakfast gets eaten around here...

(and if you can't tell, this is Brennan)

--Super Angie

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Super Angie...holy freaking snot

Having been so inspired lately by my many wonderful friends, I decided today to RUN instead of walk on my treadmill. Usually I walk at a high incline--like training for climbing mountains, so today's run was a new thing. And might I was FUN!

--Super Angie

Super Angie... I looked out the window

I looked out the window and what did I see?

Super Angie...climbing buddies

We are so blessed to have Ann in our lives. Here is an old pic from the summer of 2009 when Rick and Ann met. And recently they hooked up to climb Mt. Quandary again. WINTER ASCENT! hard core baby!
--Super Angie

Super style

Brennan's class is having a unit about family traits, so last night we printed up a ton of pics he can take to school. He is such a great little guy. Every day I'm amazed at how he is reading better and better. Suddenly it just CLICKED and off he went!

Love this pic of the two of us climbing from this past summer in Boulder Canyon. Good times. Can't wait to start climbing again as a fam.

The family that Climbs together...

--Super Angie

Super Angie...police girl

Yesterday at Little Learners, Tanith went on a snowy field trip to the police and fire stations in Breck. You can see in this pic, her Police badge. She talked all afternoon about hearing the toots of the horns, the sirens and meeting the Policewoman. She also saw the jail "but there was no bad guy in it but there was bathroom". Love this little sweetheart!

--Super Angie

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Super Angie..paws up

So thankful for my friend Brad. He is one of Jeff's best friends and we've become good friends since my mom died. So inspired by his running. What a fabulous runner he is!

Anyway, tonight he reminded me to keep my head up and as Lady Gaga always says, "PAWS UP!"

Watch out world. Super Angie is here. Paws up!
Thanks Brad! I needed that reminder. :)
--Super Angie

Super Angie...theraflu to the rescue

Feeling much MUCH better today after some prayers and some theraflu. Man that stuff is nasty!

--Super angie

Super Angie...Aunt Julie ist die beste!

Today I found a delightful l little package in our mailbox. Tanith was at Little Learners, so I opened it, but of course once I saw what was inside, I knew Julie had sent it for Tan. :) But I still had a little fun.

Thanks Julie! You are simply the best! xoxox LOVE YOU!
--Super Angie

Super Angie...April showers...or something like that

can not believe how much snow we got over night, and then after a beautiful morning, we just got DUMPED ON all afternoon and evening.

Must be spring in Colorado! April what? lol

Super Angie... great day of skating

Had a great time back on the ice at altitude today. Man, it was HARD skating in Breck lungs were not happy. But I'm proud of myself. I was inspired by some FB friends who were pushing through illness and still running and working out, so I followed their lead and just DID IT!

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping