Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Super Angie... New Years Goals

I want to set goals for 2009 that are abtainable and won't stress me out....
  • Finish loosing weight...I have 10-15 more I want to loose. I feel better then ever and am looking forward to seeing more fabulous changes in my body!
  • Get 3rd place or better at this years Rock Climbing nationals--in just a few weeks~!
  • Summit Mt. Rainier
  • Be a better mom...not rear my ugly mom face and often!
  • Be a better mom...spend more time reading to my kids, or just playing with them
  • Have less stress and panic attacks.
  • Read more books
What are some of your goals for 2009?

--Super Angie

Super needed

I'm trying to find a speech therapist for Brennan without going through his doctor or the school district. Does anyone in Utah County have any leads? Know of anyone who went to college for Speech Therapy but is now a stay at home mom--but might be interested in working on the side?
--Super Angie

Super Angie...super grandparents

My parents are in town...yea! I love having my parents come to visit. Since 1995, they have lived over seas, so visits from them are very special. :)

On Monday, my mom started the day by doing Tanith's hair. Tan sat so patiently and loved having "gaga" brush and style her hair. I think my mom enjoyed it too!

My dad spent Monday hanging pictures and vinyl lettering for me. Hes an engineer, so everything of course was measured and hung just right. He had the patience for doing the vinyl letters and they turned out sooo great! I love my Asian room and thanks to my dad, I now have some great new art up!

(The lettering is Chinese and Japanese. The paintings are done by a famous Chinese artist. All of his work is his face, exaggerated with a HUGE grin. I love his stuff...its just pure joy and happiness. The photo of the Chinese umbrellas is something I picked up in Frisco, Colorado at an art fair. The photographer hand numbered the picture for me. Really awesome!)
--Super Angie

Monday, December 29, 2008

Super Angie....another Christmas

My parents arrived in town yesterday. After lots of hugs and kisses, we drove to Outback for a great dinner and then returned home to celebrate Christmas together. Our tree had about a zillion gifts under it!

My mom enjoyed all the fans from China that the kids gave her. They all took extreme pride in what designs they gave her. I gave her a purse and scarf from China and also a bag full of goodies--new shampoo and body wash in yummy scents, new kitchen utinsels (since she is back in the States for good!), a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond, some candy (that turned out to be stale!!! ugh!) and a new book.

My dad enjoyed his Christmas with the kids. He also got a bag of goodies--chocolate, nuts, smelly shampoo, a new book and a gift card to REI. Oh yes, and the boys picked out a new biking water bottle for him. We also gave him licorice (which he so nicely shared with all) and a funny book, 747 things to do on an airplane. :) Dallin gave him the video that his school made of the nativity story--everyone enjoyed watching it.

My parents spoiled us all! Rick got a few books from his wishlist, plus an REI gift card. Brennan got a new Knight toy and some crafty things. Tanith got a play tent toy complete with a little blond camper girl--looks just like Tan! She also got some French slippers via Moscow! She LOVES the slippers and gets mad if you try to take them off. Dallin was given my old college lap top bag full of art supplies. Lots of HOW TO DRAW books, plenty of paper, pens, pencils and other fun things. He was in heaven! And of course my parents spoiled me with a CUTE hat from C&A (store in Russia and Germany that I LOVE), a Juicy Couture bracelet, a calender of the Seattle area (yea!!), some Russian Santa statues and a book of Soviet Propoganda posters--AND SOME REAL POSTERS!!!! I'm so excited. My favorite one is the girl holding her finger up to her mouth saying, "Don't Blab!"

My parents are so generous with their gift giving. We are so happy my dad is retiring and they will be permenant residents of the state of Washington! No more living over seas!

Love you guys!

--Super Angie

Super proud

I'm so proud of my kids.

Dallin: right now, Rick's fingers are really bugging him, so we ask Dallin to buckle and unbuckle her seatbelt. He does so without complaint.
Dallin has decided to be baptized into the LDS church and I"m so proud of him for making this choice. He is very excited about this and understands so much more then I thought he did. Yesterday he had his interview with the bishop and he answered all the questions really well. I'm just so proud of him! Oh yes, he rarely complains when I ask him to get a diaper and change Tanith's diaper. I'm also proud of how good he does in math and other subjects in school and how hard he tries in rock climbing and gymnastics.

Brennan: Brennan is my hardest child. He is very energentic and wild and yet he has a heart of gold! He loves to learn and I'm so proud of him for always wanting to learn more and more. He is so smart. I am proud of him for taking an interest in The Wild West and wanting to learn so much. He has a great imagination too. I have heard that at church and school, he sits reverently, listens intently and follows directions while others don't. I'm proud of him dedication to rock climbing and gymnastics.

Tanith: Tanith is my sweet angel baby. I'm proud of how much she talks. She amazes me with her vocab skills...I have never heard a barely two year talk like she does. She reminds me to always be happy and cheerful and she adds a lot of joy to our home. I'm also proud of her accomplishments in rock climbing and gymnastics.

I love my kids!!!

--Super Angie

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Super Angie...Ice Climbing 101

Rick hiking back to the car...isn't he cute?

The guys from IME...LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Yesterday we went ice climbing. We met Nate and Michael up there. Little Cottonwood was closed for several hours because of Avalanche danger, so our morning was delayed. But eventually we started our hike around noon. The fresh snow made it quite difficult for us all to hike up to THE GREAT WHITE, but Nate broke trail and we all followed as best we could. It was total post holing though with me sinking up to my waist in someplaces. It was extremely cold--18 degrees, but mid way through the 20-30 minute hike, Rick and I were totally sweating.

It was at this point that I started to notice extreme discomfort in my first toes, particularly my two middle toes. Something was wrong, but I couldn't put a finger on it.

Nate free soloed the first pitch, set up a rope and then Michael top roped it. It was his very first time, but being an extremely accomplished rock climber, and having trained dry tooling with us earlier this year, he was a pro. He did an awesome job and we were all so proud of him. Then it was supposed to be my turn, but all I wanted to do was lay down in the snow and cry. Now, I have watched enough documentaries and reality shows about Mt. Everest to know that its bad news when someone wants to sit down or sleep in the snow. I mentioned this to Rick and we decided to bail. So sadly, calling myself a looser the whole time, we walked back down to the car. While driving away, Rick mentioned that I had the first symtoms of Hyperthermia. I took off my boots and my toes started to thaw--OUCH! Let me tell ya, its NOT a pleasant experience.

Rick and I talked about my boots and different reasons this could have happened. Yes it was cold, but my boots should have been able to handle this weather. So, something else must have been wrong. After discussing many things, including my future goals for Rainier and future goals to ice climb more. We decided to go to IME and take a look at other boots.

IME ROCKS!!! We love the guys who work there (compared with Mountainworks in Provo--yikes! They totally suck. I don't think I will shop at Mountainworks anymore. Just plain rude folks). IME is the premiere rock climbing/ice climbing/mountaineering shop in Utah. Actually I think you'd be hard pressed to find an equal in surrounding states as well. They have everything you could need and they are so knowledgeable. One of the best parts--they are genuinely nice people.

I didn't find the size boots I needed (we actually found out my feet are half a size off from each other and that my current boots were cutting off the cirulation to my poor little toes!) , but we might have them order some later, just so I can try on other brands besides La Sportiva. Rick bought a new pair of boots and I got some warmer gloves (yea! my hands had been so cold!!). Again the IME guys were so kind that they gave me a MAMMUT beanie as a gift! These guys are just so awesome. I am forever a customer. (bah humbug to the grumpy guys down at Mountainworks!)

So, that was our first adventure of ice climbing this season. Ice Climbing 101...dress warm dress warm and wear the right size boot! But not all was was a great hike, good exercise, beautiful surroundings, peaceful and nice to spend time with my honey!
Michael's first day on ice!
more Michael
Nice swing!
Like a pro!
I love hiking through the woods in winter...I love the silence.
Michael, Nate, and Rick
free solo!

--Super Angie

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Super Angie..THE TEN CLUB

I saw the TEN CLUB talked about on Studio Five on KSL and was planning to start my own in January, but I just found out someone else in my neighborhood is starting on. All are invited.

Click the link below to learn what a TEN CLUB is and how you can join. I'm so excited to be apart of such a good service club instead of just a regular girls night out type of thing.

--Super Angie
PS...No info has been posted yet about what day etc they are starting the TEN CLUB, but you can leave a comment here or at the link above and someone will let you know...

Super Angie...outdoor fun

We bundled all up and headed outside to take advantage of the fact that it had stopped snowing. Our dear friends, Julie and Jake had given us a snowman kit and we wanted to use it, so we rolled and patted and rolled and patted and WA-LA! We had two very nice looking snowmen.

The boys were ingenious when they realized sledding down the snow banks on either side of the driveway worked just as well as going off to a big hill somewhere (our yard and area of the neighborhood is totally flat). They had a blast sledding.

Yea for a White Christmas!

--Super Angie

Super Angie...a baptism day

Dallin's friend Gabriel was baptized last Saturday and was so kind as to invite Dallin to come. We had a wonderful time witnessing this blessed event. Thanks Gabriel for your friendship and for allowing us to come to your special day. Congrats!!!!

--Super Angie

Super Angie...let them eat cake!

While on the phone with my Lieblings Vater (favorite father...aka my dad) this morning, Tanith helped her self to some cake that I had laid out for the boys to eat (the last remaining slice from my beautiful birthday cake). Rick captured it on film.

--Super Angie

Super Angie...A White Christmas

We knew we'd have a white Christmas, but I didn't realize it would snow the whole day! Heres a pic of our neighbor across the street. She completely shoveled her driveway, down to bare cement and now look!

The Hummer was all cleared off too and now its loaded!

Yesterday, the boys played in the backyard and there were tons of tracks from, NO TRACKS!

Yea! We love Snow!

--Super Angie

Super Angie...feeling a bit more chipper

Okay, now that my venting post about a certain un-grateful 8 yr old is done, I have gotten a bit more chipper. Heres some fun pics.
it took us so many tries to take this self portrait.
a dark pic of Dallin really into his new Wii game
My new Burburry purfume
Brennan is really REALLY enjoying his lincoln logs

Tan's enjoying his lincoln logs too...and her new baby. "I made it!" she yells and then "Baby's poopy! Baby's stinky mama!"

--Super Angie

Super Angie...its the most horrible time of the year

Its the most horrible time of the year...
The time of the year when children are so ungrateful. The time of the year when the idea of sharing the new sled is out of the question. Actually when sharing ANYTHING is out of the question.

Dallin has spent a total of 30 minutes down stairs this morning. Oh, except for the time during the middle of the night where he broke all the rules and came down stairs to get something. So, when he came down with everyone else this morning, we had to put up with him faking his excitement over everything he saw. The rest of the time was spent in time out for being whiny and grumpy. Apparently, the idea of sharing the new trampoline, the new sled and a ben 10 action figure didn't settle well with him.

Brennan on the other hand was thankful for every single thing in his stocking--even the new pencils. He did have a mis-hap where, after just 1 minute of playing with a new toy, he broke it. So goes anything Brennan touches. Brennan even wanted to see the boxes that Santa left in the garage with the new tramp in it--Santa left a note saying that because of the snow, he had to leave the tramp in the garage for us to put up later. Brennan was thrilled to get two books--one about the Mormon Trail and one about the Oregon trail--he is my little history buff.

Tanith was a joy to watch. She didn't know there would be stockings but when she saw her new dolly, she grabed her quick and held her lovingly. It was so sweet. She loved the animal magnets in her stocking and without anyone saying a word, she recognized they were magnets and she said, "Go put on fridge". She is such a smart cookie.

The funniest thing that happened was when I realized Santa gave me things I already had sitting around the house--like a box of Frangos I had bought Rick last year. He did treat me to two new things-- eye liner and Burburry purfume. Thanks Santa!

Okay, after writing all this, I have seen that things really aren't so horrible. I just wish Dallin wouldn't whine and complain quite so much.

--Super Angie

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Super Angie...If you want to play with Jesus, you need to eat your "num num "first.

Our Christmas eve was interesting.
First, as par German tradition, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so we had our Kase Spetzle, but, well, I totally over cooked it and it burnt. Usually its yummy burnt, but I cooked it WAY TOO LONG. So thats how we started the evening....burnt dinner. (On an up note though, Rick was able to finally get our table to open, so we could put in our leaf, so now our table is Oval instead of round and its so much nicer and bigger. Brennan actually noticed it was oval. I'm proud of him for knowing his shapes so well".

Dinner was a bit irreverent with people farting and burping while discussing Christ's birth. I brought out a small nativity for Tan too look at as she ate, but instead of looking at, she wanted to play with it. So Rick told her, "If you want to play with Jesus, you need to eat your num num first". So, there you have it. If you want to play with Jesus, you know what you have to do!

I tried again in vain to bring the spirit of Christmas into our Christmas eve by reading a children's book about Christ's birth, but Brennan only had one thing on his mind--"When do I get to open a gift?". Every minute or so he would ask and it seriously drove me NUTS! Dallin ended up reading the book to all of us and it was really nice. He is turning out to be such a great reader!

Then it was time to open gifts. Again, since we celebrate it the German way, we opened all the gifts, except for the ones my mom had mailed. My brother and sister in law Laura picked just the right gifts for everyone. Rick got a book off his wish list (I gave him some books too), Dallin got a DS game with monster trucks and ATVs, Brennan got Lincoln Logs, I got a really darling sign to hang in my kitchen that says, " STRENGTH. The capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands...and then eat just one of the pieces." LOL Of course, Jeff and Laura know me and know my fondness for Seattle chocolates, so they sent me some bars as well as FRANGOS. We have some great memories of frangos and they pretty much hook me up each year. THANKS YOU GUYS!!!

The cutest gift was the bag of fake food they gave Tan. She ate bananas, pickles, chips and had us all licking ice cream cones. She just played and played all evening. It was great!

Dallin got a lot of gifts tonight that I bought him in China--some things he had forgotten about and was excited to see again. Brennan was thrilled with his Buffelo Bill book and Tan liked her many coloring books and My Little Pony books.

Dallin and Brennan also both got some BEN 10 stuff, which of course was a hit.

Rick surprised me with a LAMB watch by Gwen Steffani. Thanks so much sweetheart. Also, since I have committed to climbing Mt. Rainier this summer, he bought me my summit coat and I'm syked...its red!!! So dang cool.. Thanks so much honey. The kids got me a fun day by day calender that looks like it will be fun for the whole family.

We ended our evening by talking to Jeff and Laura who were enjoying the evening with my parents. It was fun to catch up and I miss them all so much. MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU GUYS!!!

Now, Rick is getting syked and ready. On Friday we are going ice climbing with Micheal and Nate. YEA! Its our first outing of the season and I'm so excited. So we are watching an ice climbing DVD and I'm so excited. :)

--super angie

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping