Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Super journal Wednesday

Today I climbed 3000 vertical feet= 55 minutes= 1000 calories. Tonight I climbed one 5.6, one 5.9, one 5.10 and attempted two other 5.10s but got scared mid way up...strange.

-Super Angie

Super Angie...griping

So, DH tagged me, so here is my list of 7 gripes.

1. School buses that DO NOT obey the law. Seriously! There are people's kids on those buses. You should NOT be speeding, running very VERY yellow lights, speeding, making wild lane changes, Speeding...

2. People who, when you confront them in an email, don't reply. They pretend like they haven't read it, even though, you know they have. They "ignore" it or choose not to reply. Come on! Face up to it!

3. People who assume that just because you travel frequently, you must be freaking rich. HELLO! I am a total bargain traveler.

4. And for that matter...does it really matter if someone is rich? So what if you aren't as rich as someone doesn't matter! Or maybe they aren't rich, but just spend their money differently then...but seriously, does it matter?? Be happy with what you have. Or, if thats impossible, then change your life, work harder, get a better job, save money etc.

5. Mullets. Hello, what year is it? Why do people still have mullets?

6. People who never go to the mall except during December, therefore, they don't understand how to handle mall parking lots. I swear, because the rock climbing gym is located in a mall parkinglot, we have seen them all. People who just walk out infront of you while driving. People who stop at intersections where there is NO stop sign--in fact there is a sign that says, "KEEP MOVING". Keep moving, is not the same as stop. GO HOME PEOPLE and start shopping online.

7. People who share "thankamonies" instead of "testimonies" at church. Yes, we know you love your family and your visiting teacher, and your neighbor, and and and, but its a testimony meeting. Tell me your about love of Christ and your testimony of his gospel. Save the thanking for private.

So anyway, now that you've read it, consider yourself "tagged". Post your seven immediate daily gripes and share with me that you've done so.

--Super Angie...venting sometimes feels good. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Super Angie...Super Model?

Tonight, Alicia Richmond, who was my tour guide for China, emailed me and asked me and my kids to be models for her Family PJ segment for GOOD THINGS UTAH on Thursday December 20th. I am a big fan of this show and so are my kids actually. I can't wait...

BUT now I have a new goal. I have been wanting to loose this last 10 lbs, but since coming home from China, I haven't been motivated enough. Well, here is my motivation. Today is November 27. I have 23 days until Dec 20th...if I work my butt off, eat really really REALLY well (read: no sweets!!!), then I can shed this last 10 lbs and look fabulous!

So, to motivate myself even more, I will be keeping a fitness journal on this blog:
Today I climbed 3000 vertical feet on the treadmill= about 55 minutes= 1000 calories. Felt fabulous!

Included on this blog is a picture of me, taken just minutes ago...gosh, I don't look so hot. Lets see how I change in the next 23 days.

--Super Angie

Monday, November 26, 2007

Super Angie..>Tanith's First Birthday!!

Last night we had Tanith's first birthday party. The theme was Hello Kitty. Rick and I made the cake and I think it turned out great. :)

The guest list was great: Paul, Trish, Andy, Ty and Kaylee; Cyndy, Erin and Kim; Whitney and Kyle; Tiffany (sans Tyler who had food poisoning. GET WELL TYLER!); and Dallin, Brennan, Rick and I.

Tan was completely overwhelmed at first and did quite a bit of crying. But once the cake came and she realized that frosting tastes good, she got happy. THEN the gifts started coming and she was THRILLED!!

Andy and Kaylee gave her some stuffed animals they won at one of those games you use the crane to reach in and grab a toy--they are so talented that they win almost every time!!

Cyndy and Family gave Tan a "play" IPOD and some brown Ugg boots. She is sooo stylin now. She would NOT put down the IPOD!!

Whitney gave her a "My Little Pony" to which Dallin explained, "THANK YOU WHITNEY" (knowing full well he would get to play with it more then Tan). She also gave a book and a toy car (again, the boys were excited!!).

Paul and family gave a stuffed dog toy from Leap Frog that does the ABCs and Nursery Rhymes etc when you touch the feet etc. Very cute and fun. Rick especially had fun hitting every button at the same time!

We gave Tanith some hair bows, Hello Kitty jewelry (from the dollar section at Target!), a new outfit and a rolling snail toy.

Tanith had a lot of people around her who loved her and were happy to help her celebrate. It was a great evening!!!

--Super Angie
PICTURES: Tiffany sitting on a nice pillow on the couch--oh wait! Its actually Dallin and Brennan!--Andy also on couch; Dallin and Kaylee playing piano; Cyndy and Tan; Tan screaming; Tan enjoying her cake; Tan love her IPOD; Rick and Tan opening gifts; Tan loves her bear; Hello Kitty Cake; Tan and Whitney; Tan and Paul; Tan and Kaylee

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Super Angie...German food explained!

Okay, so Spetzle is egg noodles--eggs, flour, milk and water, kneaded together to make a sticky dough. Some people will roll it out flat and cut it into long thin noodles, but I personally have a small press that I put it through. You drop the noodles into boiling water and when they float, they are done. I layer my spetzle with onions and gouda cheese, then bake at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes---until the cheese starts to burn. LECKER!

Guten Appetite!

--Super Angie

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Super Angie...Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark picked up the boys at 9am. They were all so excited to be together. I know this will sound strange, but I am thankful for the way I was raised. Some ex-wifes can be such jerks towards their ex-spouse--not letting them see the kids etc. But I firmly beleive that the things my parents taught me growing up helps me to have the integrity I need to do whats right. Mark really did look happy to see the boys this morning and I'm honestly very happy.

I spent the day with Tanith...decorating for Christmas! Its been so much fun. I also did some major cleaning and de-cluttering. The house looks fantastic! (or I should say, the first FLOOR looks good. Maybe later I'll work on the upstairs!)

Instead of Turkey, we are having Kase Spetzle. Seriously, whats better then a German Thanksgiving?

--Super Angie

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Today, my darling, sweet, little, girl is ONE years old. YEA!!!

Tanith is such a joy to our family. She is calm (most of the time). She is very sweet, full of hugs and loves, ready to give a smile.... We all love having Tan in our family.

I love having Tan as my daughter. We are already fast friends. She can bring a smile to my face so easily. I really needed a special baby at this stage of my life and Tanith is the one. When one of the boys is

driving me nuts, Tanith is there to remind me of all the good.

Brennan enjoyes having Tan as his sister

because: "She is cute"

Dallin enjoys having Tan as his sister because: "She is sweet and cute"
And then he said, "She is my favoritest friend" to which Brennan said, "Yeah!"

Rick's not home right now, so he'll have to add his reason later.


We love you!!!!

--Super Angie
Pictures of Barbara and Timm Waibel, Joy Miske, Jeff Waibel, Dallin and Brennan, ME! and Rick...all enjoying Tanith. ** sorry if I don't have any pictures of YOU with Tanith--it just means I didn't personally have any on my computer. :(

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping