Friday, May 31, 2013

Super Angie... Friday

Our Friday started out by skating. It was Brennan, Tanith and I and then CC came. Man! She has improved A LOT. She now has an axel and sometimes a double sal! Great lay back too. The music player at the rink in Breckenridge SUCKS! It skips constantly and sometimes won't even play a CD- even though it has already played it before. Ugh. Frustrating!!!  My contact was really bugging me. Eventually I took it out and then after 40 minutes, my eye stopped hurting.

CC and I had a lot of fun  working on spins. We spent 30 minutes just practicing different spin combos. I'm really happy to report that my camel/sit/back sit is coming along very nicely. I took some belly flops while trying back pancake spins. It was just really fun.

After wards we picked up our paintings. On Tuesday Tan and Bren both painted a canvas painting and I painted a ceramic bowl. They all turned out soooo good. :) I really LOVE ceramics! :)

After grocery shopping and some down time at home, I got my hair cut. Went to Southern Exposure in Dillon. Jenni had recommended Deanna.  She was excellent. I also really like Vicki- the owner.

FINALLY we went to Lake DIllon park.The kids had a blast until Brennan got spinning to fast in this tea cup kind of thing. He literally couldn't stop. I feel horrible- I thought he was squealling for fun. He was yelling for help. Poor guy. When Tan stopped him, he fell out of it and still, 50 minutes later, feels like he is gonna puke. :( It was super windy at the park, so we came home.

Now its time to watch the Chipmunks and munch on Cherries!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Super Angie...snow!

Woke up yesterday to snow!! We were supposed to go to Colorado Springs for my lesson but I canceled it. Instead we just hung out and enjoyed a cozy day. Also got a lot of unpacking and decluttering done. I now have several bags ready for donation. :) I rescheduled my lesson for today. Again, we woke to snow, but I knew I needed to go. The roads were crazy and the tunnel was closed for a while. But I made it with time to spare. We went to a different rink in the Springs that I haven't been to before. Such a productive lesson. I really love working with Todd because he is nit picky. If a finger is out of place, its not okay. Must be fixed. We actually changed a bit of choreography which was cool. I really feel like I'm progressing in everything. I am working on Silver Moves in the Field. Hard but good. I am understanding more and more how small things apply to bigger things. It makes learning the hard things worth it because I can see how they feed into the rest of my skating. The weather down there was 40 degrees warmer then in Keystone. HAHAHA So funny! I surprised my friend Jenny with frosty drinks from Wendys and french fries. Then I got my skates sharpened and had dinner with Todd at Texas Road House...mmm...salmon! Love their salad as well. The drive home was incredibly gorgeous, finshing with a lot of snow falling while we drove through Breck. I love COLORADO!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Super Angie...summer

The end of the school year brought about many changes. Tanith is now in 1st grade. Brennan is now in 4th. Dallin is now in 7th! But the biggest change...we have moved to Colorado! We said goodbye to our favorite frozen yogurt places. Cried at our last days at gymnastics. Went to Kneaders a few more times. I skated with my friends, one last time. And we all cried when we hugged our favorite teachers goodbye. Lucky for us, many of our friends, playdates, and teachers plan on visiting us soon in CO. I'm happy to report that all three kids did great in school this year. End of the year concerts and Fine Art Showcases proved to be amazing and Tanith's musical was just darling. Our last Sunday at church was very special. I sang in Relief Society with Darren Lewis and was asked by Aimee Lewis to share some memories of our Temple Sealing. Over all I'm very happy to be gone from that ward, but there are some lovely people there that I will miss. Since we arrived in Colorado, we have rocked climbed twice, hiked three times, skated three times and go swimming a few times. I took the kids to the park and did laps of Keystone lake. We have had warm 70 degree weather and 30 degree snowy weather. We have seen lots of humming birds, crows, squirels and a few little foxes--my favorite! Movies, games, and watching the kids play down in the courtyard, in the bushes and pine trees. I feel so blessed we are here. Happiness level is through the roof! Unpacking is coming along. Its a pain in the butt- of course. The kids have so much stuff- toys and clothes. Oh well, all in good time. We went to Ready Paint Fire yesterday. Brennan and Tan painted canvas paintings. I painted a ceramic bowl. I simply love painting at RPF. :) Life is good!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Super Angie...Dramatic

Here is my dramatic skate from Nationals. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Super Angie... Lite Entertainment

Here is my Lite Entertainment program from Nationals. I won Gold with this fun program.

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping