Monday, June 30, 2008

Super job

I am so flattered and honored...the gym has asked me to head up the WERC program. Both Dawn and Megan are leaving and I was the first choice as the new director. THANKS!!! all my friends in blog land, here is an invitation to all of you... 

WERC is Woman Experience Rock Climbing. Its a fantastic way to learn to rock climb. WERC is classes taught by girls, for girls, because girls rock climb differently then guys.  I will be teaching classes once a month at Momentum Indoor Climbing in Sandy (next to REI in the South Towne Mall parking lot). 

My next class is NEXT Tuesday...July 8th, 7-9pm.
The cost is $25, which includes harness and shoe rental (although I do have a few extra harnesses and shoes if you'd rather just borrow from me).
(If you are a member of the gym already, its $10)

To sign up for the class, call (801)990-6890.

I would love to teach you to climb and help you reach new goals. Anyone can climb...old, young, in shape, not in shape, strong, not strong. And WERC is perfect for any climber, or all levels. 

Come join me next Tuesday at Momentum.

--Super Angie

BTW: this is my 100th post in 2008! my 235th post total. YEA!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Super Angie...partying at Brother Brigham's

On Friday, we all went to THIS IS THE PLACE for a Pioneer Tea party with my mom (the kids call her gaga). We were all given bandannas to wear wet around our neck and off we went. 
First to the horse corral, to pet some animals and of course, ride some horses.

 The boys had a fabulous time riding and even got to ride a few times. 
Tanith ran around, looking through the fences, smiling and yelling "HI" to all the animals, and her brothers.
 She was very proud that they were riding the horses. 
Luckily, for my allergies sake, 
she  doesn't realize she could have taken a turn on the
 horses too, so she was quite content to just watch and yell.
Next, the boys saw a player piano and then we took a train around the park, getting off to dance at Brigham Young's farm house. They got to dress in costumes from a special trunk in his farm house, and do the Virgina Reel.
Brennan and Dallin were the only boys, and they did a great job. A wagon ride pulled by two large horses was next and then back on the train to go to the tea party, which was held in a beautiful house. 
I stayed outside with Tanith (playing in the grass, wandering around and eating snacks), while my mom stayed inside with the boys. They enjoyed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, scones, grapes (green, not red--much to Brennan's dissatisfaction) and a Shirley Temple. Cupcakes with plastic rings (a skeleton for Dallin, Donkey from Shrek for Brennan)for dessert. 
The highlight was dipping candles. 
Brennan and Tanith stayed outside with Gaga, while I helped Dallin...but he didn't need any help. He made the biggest candle and had a blast.

Luckily the weather was cooler, so we all had a lovely time, instead of burning up in the heat of the day. Thanks Gaga for coming with on this adventure! We had a great day partying at Brother Brigham's!
--Super Angie

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Super Angie...really super

Okay everyone...check out my husband's blog. Watch the video. LAUGH A LOT! I promise, its worth it!! Then come back here and let me know what you think.

--Super SUPER Angie

Super Angie...tooting my own horn

Well, actually, it was my brother's horn that was a hit. Last night we celebrated Rick's birthday with a big family picnic at my mom's place in Lehi. Rick's mom was actually in town, so it was fun to have more people there. 
Tanith warmed up to Paul and Trish--especially when they allowed her to play with their keys. Well, she knew just what to do--push the button on the remote and set off the car alarm. She was not with trilled with Tricia's car--a ford explorer. It was too loud and it startled her. But then Paul did his audi and we all got a laugh out of the wimpy little horn. Then we did our car, which again, was too loud for poor Tan.
Paul did the audi again and she warmed up to it. Again and again, he made the alarm go off. She walked over to it. Stood by it. Pointed to it. And finally...DANCED to it! Her grin was as wide as the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. She danced and danced and we laughed and laughed. For kicks, Paul would periodically turn on the explorer's alarm, which would make Tan whip around. But then she would dance again to the audi.
Our little Dancing Queen...
--Super Angie
Happy Birthday sweetie!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Super Angie...bag happy

I have quickly become a fan of a new store in Lehi, called Bags That Fit. They sale DARLING handbags, jeans and jewlery. I love everything in the store. I took my mom there last week and she bought a fabulous purple Jessica Simpson purse and I got myself a fun necklace with a crown on it. LOVE IT!
 Anyway, Rick and I were looking at their blog in May and noticed they had a Mother's Day competion--nominate your mom or a mom you know to win a new purse. I nominated my mom and then Rick decided to nominate ME! And guess what...his post won, which means, I win a new purse!!! Check out their blog to see what he wrote about me.
Thanks honey for nominating me. You are my best friend and soul mate. I have never been happier then I have been these past few years we have been married. Thanks for supporting me and loving me. You are my best friend. FTLM....
--Super Purse Happy Angie

Friday, June 20, 2008

Super Angie...proud to be an American AND a mom..

"I'm Free, in a free land..." I absolutly LOVE Jaden Bliss and her CD, "God Bless the Soldiers". She used to our babysitter in Lehi and we just adore her. Her music is outstanding. Anyway, today, the kids and I went to visit my mom and then went to IHOP. Of course we were rocking out to Jaden's patriotic music the whole.
When we got to IHOP, two soliders showed up to eat, right after we were seated. Heres the conversation at our table...
Dallin--" Can we pay for the army guy's food?"
Me--"sure Dallin."
So we did. The wait staff was amazed, but I wasn't. Dallin is such a great kid. He really loves his country and his God. He loves serving others--young and old. 
Love you Dallin!
--Super Angie

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Super Angie...feelin' HOT HOT HOT

So, this morning, my super Husband ran to Lowes at 7am and got a new filter for our furnace. But it doesn't seem to be helping, but the A.C. is "on" but the house is 78 degrees! Obviously, its not working. I am sweating like a whore in church. (LOL Heard that on the show "The Real Housewives of New York" and just HAD to say it!)

Hot Hot Hot...maybe I'll take the kids up the canyon to a creek and jump in. Or maybe we will all just smoother to death in this hot house. Ugh!

--Super Angie

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Super Angie...bye bye stress

Tonight we went to the gym for much needed stress reduction and I'm happy to report, it worked.

I did laps tonight. 
Five 5.8
Five 5.10c
Five 5.8

AWESOME! It was incredible. I only had about 1 1/2 minutes of rest time between my 5.10 laps. Freaking amazing. I am thrilled with my climbing tonight.

I really enjoy the "zone" i got into on those 5.10s. Of course, now its back to stress stress stress of normal life. We are still moving some things from our old house--getting it ready to go on the market empty (we have to fix the sprinkler system there too which is turning out to be a big pain), plus we have some items at my mom's house in Lehi that she really wants out. Its bad timing, as we have so many things we are working on, but it must be done. Oh yes, and our Air Conditioner...well, it has decided not to work, so last night, our house was close to 80 degrees for sleeping. YUCK!
 I am glad I got to climb tonight to let loose of some stress. Thanks Rick for being a great partner.  I love you. And YOU did awesome tonight too:)

--Super Angie

Super Angie...first, middle and last name type of day

Its one of those days, when I don't even have the strength to turn into the Monster Mom and yell at the kids... "Dallin Timm Bartlett " or "Brennan Bjornn Bartlett".
 Why bother? They won't change their nasty little attitudes. So, instead, its bed time at 3:30 in the afternoon. Maybe a bit of extra sleep will help them and me...

-- Super Angie

Monday, June 16, 2008

Super Angie...ONSITE

Saturday, we took the boys and went up Rock Canyon to do a bit of climbing. They did awesome and I am so proud of them. I lead a very scary 5.6--don't laugh! It was so freaky!  Then Rick lead half way up a 5.8...again, very hard. I don't think those routes are rated right, and when I mentioned it at the gym, many agreed. Anyway, our quick draw was still 3 bolts up and we weren't feeling like generously giving it to the next dirt bag climber who came along, so I attempted to finish leading it. Top roping up to the 3rd bolt was great, and I felt awesome, but HOLY CRAPOS, this was a tough lead. So I gave up and actually took a fall. WHOA BABY! My first real outside lead fall. Wicked! I totally screamed! I was above the pro when I fell. Fun stuff.
Again, not wanting to sacrifice our quick-draw, Rick went up, and had to down climb from above the pro. SCARY! I was seriously worried I would be hauling out a broken husband if he fell. The morning in the canyon was very nice. The boys enjoyed the hike and crossing the creek was fun too. Dallin took a ton of pictures...what a little photographer.

Later in the day, deciding that our bodies really needed more punishment, we went to the gym to get in some "serious" climbing. Dallin and Tan went to day care, while I belayed Brennan on the rainbow route. After that, it was time for Rick and I  to climb. The gym was open to members only on Sat night because of the comp, so it was fun not to have a bunch of "green" climbers in there. I jumped on a 5.11 as a warm-up.  Its a new gray one, and the start was awesome. But I eventually had to bail because I got too pumped. Then I jumped on another 5.11 and rocked it.  Then Rick went and worked a 5.10---YEA BABY! We chatted with Jeff and Matt for a bit and then I went and onsited a 5.10 c. YEAH BABY! It was awesome and I am sure, if Jeff had turned off the lights in the gym, the beaming coming from my face would have been bright enough to light up the place. I was so excited. After several weeks of only doing laps, and not pushing my climbing, I was able to onsite a new route. It was sweet! (I tried another 5.11, but ended up whacking my hand pretty hard on a hold, so I called it quits for the day.)  
Hey Sarah...remember when I could barely climb 5.10? Thanks for your inspiration!

Fast forward to Sunday...HOLY CRAP! Lets just say that our poor bodies were very upset with all the hiking and climbing we had done the day before. OUCH!!!! We were appreciative of the day of rest.

--Super Angie...can't wait to climb again

Friday, June 13, 2008

Super Angie...climbing pics

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a special photo shoot at the gym with world renowned climbing photographer, Chris Noble. Here are some pics:

Rick is pullin some sweet moves on this route
Fancy steppin for my new Katanas!
Brennan is a gym favorite--he has amazing technique.
He really enjoyed having Chris take his picture!
Almost to the top with Rick belaying me...notice Tanith and Brennan running in the background.

Thanks Chris for giving us this opportunity. We had a wonderful time working with you!
--Super Angie...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Super Angie...back to the gind

During all the moving, I didn't climb or exercise much--actually at all. So this week, I have thrown myself back into it and already I am feeling better. Last night we did laps at the gym...five 5.6, five, 5.7 and five 5.8! PHEW! I have also been doing interval training on the treadmill. Incline 12 at 3.9mph for two minutes, and then down to 2 incline and 3.0 for one minute. I highly reccomend this to everyone! Talk about a fat blast. 

Also...some hero news. Super Angie is officially a good mom (for the moment!). I have decided to make our summer a bit more structured, so each Wednesday is our baking day. Yesterday we baked some blond brownies and took them to neighbors. The kids LOVED it and it was so easy. 
One yellow or white cake mix
2 Eggs
1/3 cup vegetable oil
One cup chocolate chips
mix together and spread in baking pan (9x13)
bake 14-16 minutes at 350 (although my baking time was longer) until edges are golden brown.
cool and cut into bars...YUMMMMM.

Another hero moment...I did some weeding! Of course it made my allergies go nuts, but at least I did something, right?

AND...I only yelled at Brennan once yesterday! AMAZING!

What types of heroic things have you done lately?

--Super Angie

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Super is short

I just got news of a friend's death. Julie Pollard passed away today. 

The sun is setting here in Cedar Hills, casting a beautiful tint of pinks, purples and oranges across the sky and valley, and making the mountains really shine. I bet Julie can see it from really is gorgeous.

Life is short and unsure...

Super Angie

Super Angie... R E S P E C T

OH MY boys are just not showing me respect.

Examples:  I ask Dallin to hold Brennan's hand as we cross the street...he completely refuses! And smirks as he walks away.  I ask the boys to sit quietly as I talk to the lady at Kiddie Kandis (btw..the photos came out AWESOME!!!)...and instead, they run around, almost breaking stuff, yapping at me, and fighting. Oh yeah..and yelling.  I am tired of the fact that all the other 7 yr olds can sit quietly during Sacrament Meeting; they don't have to roll around on the floor, fight with their siblings, run to get a drink every other minute. 

Anyway, so now we have the RESPECT chair.

I have decided I do NOT want a teenager who doesn't show me respect, so i am nipping this in the bud right now--boot camp style. 

I make the boys sit in the chair, with arms folded, legs out normal and no sound at all. 

Yesterday was day 1 and it went very well...until we went over to the old house to clean it and get it ready to sale. They completely lost control of themselves. UGH!

Wish me luck today!

--Super Crazy Angie

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Super Angie...the Chapel doors seem to say to me..


I was very VERY nervous about attending my new ward, because, well, its not new! Its the ward where Brennan was born and where I got divorced. I know that everyone knew I got divorced, and got re-married. I also knew that people talked about, how would they react?

Well...time heals everything and the spirit of Christ is alive and well in the Cedar Hills 11th ward. So many people recognized me and welcomed Rick and I right in. 

Tanith attended nursery for the first time. She did semi-okay. I ended up spending most of the time in there, which was okay, actually. I enjoyed having some time with her--to sing and play. The two nursery ladies were friends from before my divorce, so it was nice to "catch up".

My very VERY good friend, Jenny just happened to be in primary when I took Dallin and Brennan in. What a great surprise. Check out her blog. Isn't it amazing how you can pick right back up on a friendship? If you go to her blog, scroll down to her post about friends--she has a picture of me and her daughter from 3 yrs ago. I taught Musical Theater and her daughter was in my class. YEA JENNY! So thrilled to be back! :)

Tonight, the TOTALLY AWESOME Lewis family stopped by and brought us cookies. Aimee and Darren have always been great friends to me, and they too have welcomed Rick right in. Aimee speaks German, so we feel like kindred spirits. Too bad the rest of her family is hooked on Spanish. Blah! Its wonderful to be back near such a wonderful family. And of course, Darren has already given me all the info on ward choir. :)

What a beautiful day, in a beautiful place, full of beautiful people. There really is beauty all around...

--Super Angie 
(PS...can't wait to get my other computer hooked up, so I can put some new pictures up on my blog!)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Super Angie....I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay...

Last night we took a much needed break from un-packing and working around the house. We attended the Wild Outdoors Festival at Thanksgiving Point. Stihl Timbersports Series---in other words, a lumberjack comp!!!!

The weather was iffy--very windy--so, there was not a lot of people there, which was fine with us. Of course there were tons of venders there, and the boys REALLY enjoyed looking at the campers, RVs, and motorhomes. I have never been in one before, so it was a shocker to see how nice and spacious they are. Recliners, leather couches, TVs, fireplaces, showers, full kitchens with islands and even staircases leading to other levels of the camper. AMAZING!!!

The kids also enjoyed seeing an Owl, Falcon and Golden Eagle, plus some skulls of different animals. Tanith squealed in delight at the Owl...not sure if the Owl liked that or not. Dallin and I watched some native American dancing (we want to take the kids to a Pow Wow sometime). 

ESPN 2 was there filming four shows that will aire in November. We saw part of the long running comp. Girls were competing by running across floating logs. Brrrr... we all felt bad when they fell in the freezing water. 

The highlight of the whole night though was when the kids got to try some archery. They both got at least one arrow into the deer target. Brennan seemed to have some natural talent for the sport. Both boys raved about it all evening and had to call Grandma and brag. 

Despite the unseasonably cold weather (actually in the 50s!!!), the evening was awesome. 

--Super Angie

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Super Angie...super new life

Wow...what a week it has been.

We successfully moved into our new place. Moving day went very smooth and all our prior hard work paid off. For the past several weeks, since we bought the house, we have been taking loads up daily. When the move day actually came, we hired some movers to move the big stuff. Thanks Guys! We have now been here for two days, and I am already decorating! This is the best move ever! Today I was able to get back to my daily exercising. :)

The house hasn't been lived in for several years, so the yard is in need of quite a bit of help. This evening, Dallin helped me weed a garden box. "Why didn't the other owner ever have a garden in here?" he asked. "They did, but its been 2 yrs and this is what happens to a garden when you don't take care of it.". He accepted that answer and continued to help me weed. What a great worker he is. This past school year, his first grade took over the Secret Garden at their school. He loved gardening there--planting, weeding, watering etc.  Thanks Dallin! Weeding with you was great!

We took an hour and went to the aquarium today. Tanith LOVED the fish. "FISH!!!" she yelled the whole time. It was really cute. It was a good break for all of us.

We have had a few problems in the new house--like our basement flooding from the sewage pipes...YUCKY SMELL!!!  Thanks Budget Rooter!  

Our garbage disposal and dishwasher have also given us some problems....thank goodness we have lots of extra absorbent towels laying around.

Rick's phone completely died, so we had to make an unexpected trip to the cell phone store and since providers.  I'm glad we did this, but the timing was bad. :(

I was able to catch up with my BFF Julie today. Its been a while since we have chatted on the phone. Can't wait to climb with ya again!

We got Direct TV hooked up yesterday (the only service available here!!), but we still don't have internet. I sure have gotten a lot done around the house without my lap top.

Ahh...home sweet home...I love it here!

--Super Angie

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping