Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Super Angie...rising

I've been sick this week which isn't a big headline. But I leave in 12 hours to compete in Vegas.

To be successful at anything, you have to rise above your trials. You have to push. You have to believe.

And so I'm rising....

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super Angie..Super Life

I am feeling so happy right now. 

Life isn't always what we want. There will always be times when we fall down. There will always be times when we are sick, injured or without a job. Tragedy strikes all. Loved ones die.  BUT I don't like focusing on those down times. I have a friend who is constantly down. She constantly finds the negatives. I have another friend who has had the same types of tragedies in her life, and yet, she has a cheery outlook. She looks up and smiles. I choose to be like that second friend.

The other night I was watching Long Island Medium on TLC. I like this show. Theresa is hilarious.  And the show gives you warm fuzzies. Often while watching it, I think about my mom who, as you know, passed away in Feb 2011.  I still cry when I think about her not being around. But often I feel her present. While watching the show the other night, I felt a warm hug from Heaven and I felt so impressed that "WE NEED YOUR MOM IN HEAVEN MORE THEN YOU NEED HER ON EARTH". I know this is true. I know my mom is in Heaven serving. I have had this witnessed to me many times. It makes me smile to think about that.

Life in Colorado is great. I do miss some friends in Utah but I'm grateful for FB because I can keep in touch with many of them. Jen Hamilton is coming to visit in two weeks. I'm soo excited for her to come. My kids are loving school here. They are making friends and getting great grades! We all love the ward and love our callings. And of course, its so peaceful and beautiful here. Our family is stronger then ever.

Life is all about finding the good. I'm happy that I find those positive things instead of focusing on the negatives.

Super Angie...Sewing Tanith

 Argh.... the pictures uploaded backwards and since I'm far too lazy to fix it, you'll just have to endure.

I bought this boxed sewing Raccoon kit about a year ago and finally gave it to Tanith. SHE WAS THRILLED. And it was sooo fun to teach her how to sew. This is a very simple craft but to her, it was everything. She let Brennan take a turn and he loved it as well. 
 We spend the entire evening sewing. I would thread the needle (or PIN as she calls it). I would also do all the knots. She did the rest.
 They worked together so nicely. No fighting. Only supporting each other.

 Mommy, take more pictures!! She was so happy to be doing this craft

I'm so glad we spent the evening sewing together. It was a bonding moment. She really was proud of herself...and I'm proud of her too!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Super Angie...Super Halloween

Sadly, no pic of Dallin. Halloween was so fun this year. Our ward had a great party inwhich we invited sooo many people. It was awesome. We had a chili cook off (I actually made some Chili), had a cake walk, costume contest (Rick and I won for best couple! lol), and then my cubscouts helped do some games- ball toss etc.  We had soo much fun.

Then on Halloween, Rick and I went to the elementary school and helped in Brennan's class and Tanith's. They just love having us come. Dallin went trick or treating with his friends and Rick and I took Tan and Bren to Frisco main street. I am HOOKED on Main street. Sooo fun. All the local businesses had their doors open and were handing out candy. Even a church on Mainstreet handed out candy, hot chocolate AND Bibles! The kids were sooo excited  to get little bibles. :) It was FREEZING though. Like 20 degrees and snowing. Windy too. But man, we had such a great time. :)

Super Angie...Super Alexa

Last week I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite skaters, Alexa Scimeca. :)

Super Angie...Christmas in November

Yesterday Tan asked if we could set up the Christmas tree. And I thought hey why not. So I let the kids decorate it, which they loved.  And ever since we been listening to christmas music and spending more time together in the living room. I really love it. Tan likes to lay under the tree, like Lucy. :)

Super Angie.. Primary

Today was the primary program at church. Brennan and tan were in it. I'm so proud of them. Brennan had to write two talks to give during the program. Tan played the bells during one of the songs. Brennan waved a German flag and Tanith waved a Polish flag during one of the songs. I really enjoyed the primary program because the primary here is so small it made it so personalable.

1 thing I really like it was a few of the kids came up and said something like this: I'm a basketball player. I'm in artist. I'm a cyclist. But most of all I am a child of god.

I really love our ward. Its small but I feel like everyone is genuinely happy to see everyone else.

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping