Thursday, September 30, 2010

Super Angie...the new stuff

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy on building the new,
not fighting the old. --Thanks Jeff (my brother)

So, my new stuff... while skating, I'm taking a new approach. Smooth, beautiful, extension, expression, slowing movements, while keeping the speed. Better posture. Tight tummy.

I'm gonna put my energy towards these things, instead of thinking about my old habits. I'm gonna be more free on the ice and hear the music even more then I do.

Its not about winning. Its about enjoying it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Super Angie...beyond proud

Rick comes home today. His trip to the 2010 ELBRUS RACE wasn't perfect but I'm so proud of him for accomplishing so much. He got food poisoning from bad water early on, and then he came down with my bronchitis, which turned into HAPE--VERY VERY SERIOUS! There were several hours the other day when I literally though he could die on the mountain.

I'm proud of Rick for doing his first race. I'm proud of him for having had only 3 months of training and loosing 15-20 lbs and giving it his all. What an inspiration and example he is for many. Rick's ex-wife never let him explore these types of dreams when he was younger, and so he is now doing something that is usually only done by the young gun. He did the qualifying race, even though he was very very sick. (He is the one closest to the camera wearing blue.) And he did it in GOOD TIME! 1 hour 41 minutes.

I'm so very sorry he got so ill and wasn't able to compete two days later. But I'm so proud of him for what he did accomplish. And I can't wait for Elbrus Race 2011!!!

--Super Angie

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Super Angie.. its me!

Me and my new hair!

Super Angie...September Snow

We heard it might happen...and it did!
We got snow on our mountain peaks last night.
Combine that with all the fall colors and today was simply a wonderful day to go out looking at God's beautiful earth!

--Super Angie

Super Angie...Birthday Brennan

My Big Bear is now 7 yrs old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENNAN!

Things about Brennan:
He loves first grade.
He is really good at math.
He doesn't know how to sit still!
He is getting better at reading.
He LOVES legos.
He likes starwars.
He likes to go on hikes.
He loves to play outside.
He loves church.
He loves primary.
He loves animals.
He is really good at rock climbing and ice skating!
He loves to sing!
He loves tormenting his sister!

He's not always an easy child and doesn't always obey, but he loves to give hugs and walk on my back, and cuddle. I'm so happy he is mine!

--Super Angie

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super do

My calender for this week:

MONDAY: Take boys to school
Drive to Denver
Skate at APEX
Drive to Boulder
Climb at Movement
Drive back to Keystone
Get boys from school
Take boys to Breckenridge for their mountaineering class.
Take Tanith to libary or museum while boys are in their class.

TUESDAY: Take boys to school
Take Tanith to Preschool
Pick up Tan from preschool
Volunteer at boy's school
Drop kids off with sitter
Climb in Breck

WEDNESDAY: Take boys to school
Drive to Fort Collins
Skate with coach
Speed skate
Drive back to Keystone

THURSDAY: Take boys to school

FRIDAY: Take boys to school
Tanith gymnastics = me workout!
Skate with friends in Breck

Phew! And somewhere in there I have to keep up with housework, support Rick in Russia, help kids with school work...

I can do it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Super Angie...not a whimper

I've been scared and I needed to GET OVER IT!

One friend joked that maybe I should take a mild tranquilizer before climbing.


Seriously, its that bad. I just freak out when I climb outside and for some reason, climbing outside feels like something I just MUST do. I used not care. I was completely happy only climbing in a gym, but being in Colorado, being around different friends, different rocks, different vibes, I have felt the need to climb outside. Its been weighing on my mind all summer and finally I have decided to do something about it!

I contacted my old climbing mentor, Laurie, who lives in CO and told her some of my "problems". She suggested a class, so I did the class this weekend. My instructors were Matt and Rachel. Friday night, Matt taught a class inside. Two other people came-Heather and Ryan. We all wanted to learn repelling, but I was the only one who was an actual climber. I was able to talk to Matt before hand and he totally "got" my issues.

Today we all met up and went to Golden to work on repelling. Ryan couldn't come, so it was just Heather and I, with Matt and Rachel. Rachel also totally understood my fears and problems as well. My instructors were amazing!

Heather was more interested in just having fun and repelling, so Matt took extra time, explaining different technical things to me. I feel so much more confident now. AND>>>>


With no whimpers, no fears, no panic attacks.

I freaking stepped off the cliff and did it.

No issues at all. Weeeee! :)

So, I'm on my way to becoming a more confident climber. Its gonna take more practice, but its coming and its feeling great!

--Super Angie

Super Angie...Super Rick

Super Rick is in Russia right now preparing to race the ELBRUS RACE. So far things are looking good. He is able to text, call, blog and even FB from the mountain, but even with all that, I'm still missing him a lot.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Super Angie...Lucy

We love Lucy. She is our little kitty. We got her a year ago, right after Angela died. She brought us a lot of peace at a time when our family experience a lot of sadness and deaths. Yes, we are all allergic, but we somehow managed.

This past weekend, Rick brought her out to Colorado. I don't know if its allergies to her, or weed pollen, or still the flu, but I haven't been feeling too good. So we are looking to give her away. But this morning, we decided to put her outside and let her wander and play--she loves wandering outside in Utah.

But now we can't find her, and I fear the worst. I don't know what to do. I'm so sad, and scared and am not looking forward to telling the boys that she is lost.

Lucy?! Come home!

SIDE NOTE EDIT: We found Lucy later that day and so far, each day we have put her outside and she comes back each night. Yea!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Super Angie...kissing under the moon

After three hard emotional weeks, my baby arrived last night. We met up at a Mexican restaurant and it totally felt like we were on a real date, instead of just a couple hooking up. Great food, great company and lots of laughs.

After dinner, we headed to Breckenridge, found a prime parking spot and headed off into the sunset. It was so nice to just stroll along, peaking into stores, holding hands, kissing under the moon light, sipping a pumpkin hot chocolate (i had forgotten how yummy these are). Rick found the items at Patagonia he had been wanting for his race and I found a new coat and some shoes. We walked.
We held hands.
We kissed.
We talked.
We hugged.

This was exactly what we needed. I love my sweetie so much. And I'm so thankful to have him here for a few days!
--Super Angie

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Super Angie..Ruby Thursdays

I volunteered at Dallin's school on Thursday and right after school, I took my three kids out for an early dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. It was fun to just hang out and enjoy being together. And being silly!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Super Angie...Finally Fall

Fall is making itself known here in Summit County and I'm simply in love. Each morning, there are new colors, new beauties reminding me of God's love and blessings and his hand in all things. The morning are cool (this morning it was 27!) and then it warms up into the 60s. A slight breeze through the golden aspens and an intense perfectly cloudless blue sky welcomes the afternoon. The mountains take center stage and the sunbeams dance across Dillon lake and the Blue River. I feel so blessed to live here in Keystone.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Super Angie...driving myself HAPPY

I realized something today...I'm genuinely happy with my life. I'm not wanting for anything. I'm fine with what I have. I'm thrilled with the friend and family relationships I have. I see God's blessings daily.

I miss my husband, but I'm also grateful daily for the blessing he is in my life. He understands me like no other. He encourages me and supports me. He is sacrificing so much for my health, and I fully realize and appreciate this. I'm in awe of the things he does for our family.

Each day, I receive comments, texts, emails, phone calls reminding me that I have friends who love me and MOST IMPORTANTLY, are happy I am in their friend. I have friends who understand my fears, and other friends who push me to be stronger then those fears. I have friends who are full of the perfect advice and know the perfect time to call me. I have friends I have never met, and yet I know they are there for me 24/7. I have friends who can heal my sorrow with one hug, and friends who pray for me. I have friends who have adopted me and my kids and have taken us under their wings. I have friends who make room for me in their busy schedules and friends who invite me into their lives. And I have friends who live far away and yet are so close to my heart and really know ME and love who the know.

School for the boys is falling into place--they LOVE IT. Babysitters...well, I have three fabulous ones. Skating coaches--I love my speed and figure skating coaches and feel so blessed by their dedication to me. Rock climbing--I got it scheduled in and am excited to start climbing with Ann. Life is falling into place and that just feels right.

Its so interesting. I'm realizing now how a choice I made 9 months ago, feeling inspired by God to make that choice, or make that change, was all part of a bigger plan. How skipping one rock climbing competition meant I met someone who is changing the life of my husband. How homeschooling and then now not homeschooling was all meant to happen in the order it did, to teach me things and introduce me to people I needed to meet.

My friend Angela, who died a year ago posted this as her last FB status: We are where we are supposed to be. There are no accidents.

I'm realizing more and more how very wise Angela was. I miss her.

I feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel welcomed and loved in my new ward. I have friends all over the state who actually WANT to hang out with me, and I have friends elsewhere who are lifting me daily. I'm finding out that people actually like me for ME and people enjoy being around me.

I feel FREE and feel like I'm flying.

I no longer feel lost and insane and crazy...I'm driving myself Happy now!

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping