Saturday, July 31, 2010

Super kid's hero

I became the hero of my kids

when we had ice cream for dinner!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Super Angie...doom-a-geddon-Brennan

My little Brennan cracks me up. He is fearless. He will try anything. He will eat anything. He is soooo active. He won't sit still. He thinks he knows kung fu or something similar and likes to practice it and strike funny poses.

We watched Dispicable Me. Loved it! Such a darling movie. But it was soooo fun to watch Brennan watching it. This movie is TOTALLY HIM. Someone who has the heart of gold, and is so loving, yet, tries so hard to be "bad". He LOVED the dog in the movie and called him the Doom-a-geddon dog.

Brennan does soooo good at math, but with reading and writing, his little mind doesn't want to work that way, except for on He LOVES this site and his reading is improving because of it. Tonight at Target, Rick bought special gifts for each kid. Tanith got a DS game and a back pack. Dallin got a camera. Then Rick thought to get Brennan an educational DS game. Well, at first, Brennan wasn't thrilled at the idea that he wasn't getting Starwars or something similar. But once he was at home, playing his new educational game, he was so excited. He invited me to come sit with him and watch him. I'm so proud!

Yes, he wiggles. Yes, he can't say all his sounds right. Yes he is mischievous. But he is also one smart little cookie, and I just adore him.

--Super Angie

Friday, July 23, 2010

Super Angie... I want your lovin, I want your revenge

you and me could write a bad romance...

Super Angie...first time

Yesterday I operated on my foot and took out the remaining glass. Yea! And today, I skated. I skated in my brand new skates AND THEY DIDN"T HURT! Amazing. I have never had a pair of skates that felt this way. My spins were CENTERED (which never happens) and my jumps were HUGE and effortless.

It was such a pleasure!

And Tanith was just adorable in her skates.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Super artist

Dallin has really taken to drawing and LOVES to be creative. Sometimes he draws me special pictures and tucks them under my bedroom door. He is especially good at drawing animals and characters from Spongebob.

I love you Dallin and I'm so proud of you!

-Super Angie

Super Angie...white and new

Tanith and I got new skates. She was so excited to pick out her purple guards. And her skating was much improved in her new skates. yea! I'm so glad to have my little girl on the ice with me.

I cut my foot with glass the day before getting the new skates, so I have yet to skate in them, but I'm hoping in a few days i'll be good as new and I'll be able to skate. :)

Super Angie..the sillys

Tanith is our silly billy goat. She is always making us laugh.

Super Angie...snowcones

I usually laugh at how popular snowcones are in Utah...come on. Its shaved ice and sugar. But on our weekend home for the pinewood derby, we took the kids out a few times, and we had a blast. Favorite flavors: banana. rootbeer. blue raspberry.


Super Angie...Derby 2010

Dallin was so nervous to go to the Pinewood Derby this year. Pop and him weighed the car and found it was too heavy, so off came some of the fenders and other cool things they had glued on.

Dallin got to be in the first heat, in lane one, which meant, he got to hit the buzzer to go. He loved it and his car was FAST. He took first place in that first race. After that, he got 1-3 place each time he raced for a final placing of 4th Place!!!!

Nice work Dallin. I'm so proud of you and all the work you did with Pop!

--Super Angie

Friday, July 16, 2010

Super Angie...bad shopping experience

Do not buy any skating or dance wear items from SECOND SKIN SHOP on I paid $21 for two day shipping so my items could be here before a big show, and instead of two days, they estimate shipping arrival to be 4 days. RIP OFF! I'm very un-happy. The ONLY reason I bought from this store was for that 2 day shipping. I ordered it on a Thursday night. They shipped the item on Friday, and now say the items won't show up until Wednesday.
Two day UPS shipping would be: Friday DAY 1. Weekend--doesn't count. Monday DAY 2.
This company is a sham! Don't buy from them!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super Angie...gaga for GAGA

I've gotten back in figure skating. The adult skaters in Breckenridge have really motivated me and its just awesome to be back on the ice. In October (8th-10th) I'll be competing in Vegas at Adult Nationals. I'm soooo excited. So far, I have planned to skate two programs, but who knows...I may do one more! :)

I'm skating to AIR by Bach, for my technical program. Its 2 minutes long. I love this music.

And for my Spotlight program, I'm skating to BAD ROMANCE by Lady Gaga. I'm soooo excited about my costume for Bad Romance. A black tutu. Glitter/blinged up tights, a blond wig and bow, and this awesome mask my dad and I made. I think my mask looks really good--compare to the pic of the original.

I'm so thrilled about my upcoming fall. I'm only 2 lbs away from a major goal weight, and 7 lbs away from another major goal. Its exciting to see my body changing and its exciting to see my progress in skating again.

Next Wednesday, the 21st, I get to skate in a show in Breckenridge...

Life is great!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Super ramen

My boys LOVE Top Ramen, although I have never seen Dallin eat it with a straw before. These two crack me up!

--Super Angie

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Super Angie...the right stuff

Today I went to Denver and visited a fabulous skate shop--Skater's Edge--and was fitted for some lovely new skates. Turns out my current boots aren't the right size or shape for my feet--which explains all the sores and problems I've been having.

I bought new blades too, and those will arrive next week, at which time they will be mounted and I will get to skate!!

I'm SOOOOO excited!!!!

Super Angie...cavities!

I feel like the most horrible mom ever! My friend Sue works in a Dentist office in Breckenridge, and she found a 30 minute opening for Tanith to come in and get her teeth cleaned. She was 6 months over due for a cleaning, so I took her in...and good thing I did. She has 3 cavities that are really obvious!

I feel so horrible.

But everyone at the office was very impressed by Tan--she sat so good and was so polite the whole time. Do you like her cool sun glasses?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Super Angie.,, Skate for Hope

A few weekends ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Ohio for the weekend to attend SKATE FOR HOPE. Its a skating show benefiting Breast Cancer. I had front row seats and a back stage VIP pass.
Meeting Johnny was a blast. He is just as sweet and genuine in person as he seems on his reality show. He LOVED my Lady Gaga hair bow and my Russian jacket of course.

I LOVE this picture!!! and I LOVED his BAD ROMANCE program. It was amazing and so was his costume.
I met Racheal Flatt as well.
Going back stage was great, although we didn't have enough time to chat with him.

I also got to meet Emily Sammuelson. She was such a sweet heart. I love her ice dancing and it was fun chatting with her about the new rules and the upcoming season.
Emily Hughes--SHE IS ADORABLE AND SOOO SWEET!! She was very genuine and she loves my hair bow.

What a FUN event. I met a ton of fabulous Johnny Weir fans and just had a great time.
--Super Angie

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping