Saturday, October 30, 2010

Super Angie... rockin' the tutu

If Johnny Weir can "Rock the Tassel", why can't I "Rock the tutu" ?

Super Angie...hanging out

Just hanging out in between programs... cute as usual! ;)

Super Angie...its too late to Apologize

I can't wait to get the video of this...should have just had someone record it with my camera. Oh well. Natalie took these pics for me--Thanks hon!

I think I did a fairly good job with Apologize. I felt like I slowed down and was more calm during it, but I don't really remember anything afterwards except how I almost fell over doing my bow at the end. LOL Yes, I'm THAT cool!

I felt pretty passionate during it. I felt like my elements were okay...not the best, but not sucky either. Its actually a let down skating against the book. Yes I won, and I know its possible NOT to win when skating against the book, and I also know its not all about winning... but....

I still am in love with this program and was happy I could skate it today. Thanks Vassili! xoxo

Element by element--from what I can remember:
Fluffy footwork- great.
Sit-low, but not as low as I have been going, but still fast and good.
Chinese sprial--I felt good on it, but Vassili mentioned something about it afterwards..not sure
Flip- I didn't look down. It felt big. It felt clean. It felt pretty.
Fluffy- perfect
Fluffy fake sideways spin- pretty and with the music. with feeling. I love this part.
New fluffy footwork- I actually felt like I moved this part nicely, including the waltz three.
Attitude sprial- um...I love doing these because you really do feel like you are flying, but I'm just not steady enough or flexible enough. I'm sure it didn't look good.
Hydroblade-- It was fine. Not as long as I wanted it to be, but fine. Afterwards, Alex McGowan gave me beautiful feedback and said my hydroblade is the highlight of my skating. WAIT! Does that mean that my skating sucks until I do my hydroblade?
And ending pose...guess what! I DIDN'T FALL OVER! --snort!

The dress was fine. I still don't feel comfortable in it though.

Over all I'm very pleased considering that I just learned this program less then two weeks ago!

Super Angie...wwggd in vegas?

So, What Would GaGa Vegas?

Well, she would skate her CANDY@SS OFF, and then run around, making lots of friends I did!

Getting advice during my warmup
Celebrating with Nicole and Vassili
Vassili's cute student Natalie took pics for me. Thanks Natalie! xoxo
Three first places.
Totally GAGALICIOUS! lol
Me and Natalie. What a sweetheart!
Nicole and I...sadly I had to change out of my blue freestyle dress quickly in order to get this wig on, so here I am holding my first place trophy with her. (I later found out that one of the young girls, Blaire, whom I had met in the locker room and who's mother took pics of me skating, hadn't gotten a trophy because she had tied, and there were no more trophies let, so I gave mine back right after this pic. Really, what does a 34 yr old need a trophy for anyway?) Nicole was awesome. We skated a few practice ice sessions together and she is just a doll. I remember meeting her briefly at nationals but it was fun to get to know her more this time. I was really hoping she would win. She has such a passion for the sport and huge heart. Glad we are friends. :)
First, this pic cracks me...look how tiny I look! lol Second, this girl (dang it, forgot her name) followed me around, came into the locker room constantly...she was just so stinkin cute and very sweet. She won first and so did I! She loved my Gaga costume. Actually it was quite funny how many little girls ran up to me "ARE YOU GAGA?" LOL
Of course she would ROCK the Russian jacket and the only comes natural, right?
Vassili is clearly not amused to be standing next to Lady Gaga! But look how tall I am when I wear skates and he doesn't! bawahahaha! ;)
"Show me your teeth"
"Put your paws up!"
Ugg boots totally made the outfit! lol

I always enjoy wearing my Gaga costume. It was a good Gaga day, although I didn't skate any of my programs clean.

--Super Angie

Super Angie...Bach freestyle

I skate my freestyle program to Bach. I competed not "against", but "with" Nicole. Love that girl! Talk about talent...she is amazing.

My program went okay.

My opening was passionate as I really thought about and felt what this program means to me--pure love of skating and flying on the ice. I did a huge beautiful lutz/loop. Perfect. Then went into my camel, which wasn't horrible--I didn't fall over, but I think I only got 2-3 revolutions--if that... but na ja, so ist das leben! Foot work--I took it slower and more thoughtful, felt good. Fluffy stuff next, pretty, emotional. Yeah. Then the flip.. um...not sure what happened, I'm sure Vassili can tell me. I don't know if I over rotated it, or landed it and immediately turned out of it...I don't know. It felt really big. I recovered well and went into the sit saying, "ENJOY THE SIT!" and I did. Then I came out of that and felt like my next fluffy part was actually not that bad, but then who knows what happened on the loop...strange. Again, not sure if I fell out of it, two footed it, landed idea. Then onto my hydroblade and chinese spiral and then final spin and new ending.

Vassili wasn't that happy with the program over all. But he did like my opening, so bonus points for me. lol

I love my dress.
I love the meaning behind this program.
I love feeling the music.
I love being back on the ice, and that's what this freestyle is celebrating.


Super Angie...Vegas in the morning

I was pleasantly surprised to open my curtains this morning and see the sun reflecting off the mountains, with the storm clouds above. Usually I don't think of Vegas as being pretty, but this morning it sure was. :)

Super Angie... Do it and Fly!

Live your daily life with zero regrets. You are only getting older, so if there is something you want to do, do it today! DON'T WAIT. Love others, be nice, Pray, have faith, love your family, serve God and others and ENJOY THE JOURNEY. Find the positives in everything you do.
Live Life With Joy! DO IT! FLY!

Super Angie...5 degrees

Winter has arrived nicely in Keystone! There is constant snow on the roads, the kids go sledding and build snow forts daily, and allowing 5 extra minutes to scrape the windows is just assumed into one's daily schedule.

Convincing the kids that they must wear a jacket, hat and gloves daily is still a battle. And the leaving of extra hats and gloves in the car is now a given.

Things I've learned:
  • drive the Hummer to Denver instead of the Toyota--its faster and nicer and the seat warmers are fabulous.
  • do use ice climbing gloves to clear extra snow off the car
  • buy extra stretchy skating gloves each time you go to Target--trust me, you will use them!
  • do not go into the cute stores in Breckenridge looking for kid's snow stuff--oh you will find it and it will find your wallet! FAST!
  • do burn yummy fall and Christmas candles (carmel apple and peppermint)
  • do bake with the kids
  • do not eat what you baked with the kids
  • do put out old bread for the birds--they love it, as do the kids
  • do not go get firewood without putting on at least some slippers first
  • do build a fire as often as you want
  • do drink hot tea daily
  • do go out for ice cream with the neighbors
  • do take cookies to the guys at the rink
  • do appreciate the new wipers Rick put on the car
  • do drive Swan Mountain Road slowly in a white out--diving off the cliff into the lake isn't on the daily agenda, so don't tempt it!
  • do turn the music up WAY LOUD while driving in said white outs. loud music really does make for safer driving and you must sing along to them.
  • leave lots of towels around--kids will bring in snow on them no matter how many times you tell them not to
  • do visit the hot tub often.
  • do set up dates for ice climbing with Ann, Rick and Doyle...This is a MUST, there is no other option. ICE CLIMB!
  • do continue to pull plastic with Ann
  • do give small gifts of appreciation to your babysitters--they are like family now!
  • do set up dates for snow shoeing.
  • do get season passes for skiing
  • do listen to Christmas music!
Something I'm NOT looking forward to...having to skate on the outdoor rink in Breck. Its rumored that they like to keep hockey inside and throw freestyles outside. Does this make sense? NO! Hello! Figure skaters are used to wearing nothing. Hockey players are used to wearing tons of clothes. I'm hoping they come to their senses and let us skate inside.

I am however looking forward to skating on Keystone lake. Just a nice morning walk away and it is zamboni maintained. Plus the setting is just beautiful. So if I am forced to skate outside, I will do it on the lake instead of in Breck.

Yea for Winter in Keystone!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Super Angie...Tanith on ice

Tanith was thrilled the skate the other day but wanted to make sure everyone could see her giraffe shirt...ah, the important things!
She also wanted to use one of the helmets from the rental counter--pink of course!

Super Angie...tired

Oh man, what a great day, but I'm wasted.

Laura told me "GO GO GADGET CAMEL" and Vassili told me CHIN UP and I guess the two things lined up with the moon and the stars because WHOA BABY! CAMEL SPIN IS HERE! Wow. Felt amazing.

But I'm sooo tired now. Woke up super early to drive to Denver. Went to bed late last night. Worked hard today on the ice. Night Night!

--Super Angie

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Super Angie...get down with your funky self

Since nationals, I have been really pushing myself and this video shows my progress. I'm so proud of this sit spin.

Super Angie...Wednesday in the city

Wednesday are fun for Tanith and I. After dropping the boys of at school, we head to Denver. She LOVES the child care at APEX, so while I skate, she plays. I must say, its a pretty cool child care/play area with a huge treehouse and slides etc. I would love to play there too! I had a great session skating with Leslie. What an inspiration she is to me. And its always nice to have the ice to ourselves!

After APEX, we race down to Boulder (and almost always get stuck behind a dump truck!) and meet up with Ann and Cate for some rock climbing fun. Cate and Tan happily play in the child care at Movement and Ann and I get our pump on. CRUSH! We chat, laugh, talk serious, and climb hard. Always a good time seeing Ann.

Yesterday, Tanith and I decided a trip to RED ROBIN was in store. She is such a fun lunch date. What a darling. Except it is quite strange that she dips her cantaloupe in Ketchup! BLECH! And after that, instead of going for a hike, or a park date, we went to the Verizon store and got me a new phone, followed by a dish of ice cream for her from Cold Stone.

Wednesday in the city is great!
--Super Angie

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping