Friday, May 29, 2009

Super Angie...mark your calenders!

I'm heading out to Keystone in an hour, but wanted to let everyone know...

August 21st- 23rd.
We'll leave at 3pm on Friday (OR, if possible, its even better to leave at noon since its a 7 hour drive) and we'll arrive back home Sunday night around 10pm or so.

Shoping, playing, swimming, hiking, walking, girl time, eating, games, movies.... lots of fun.

Mark you calender and hopefully we can make it happen.


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Super Angie

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Super Angie...blink and smile

Tonight, Dallin did something amazing. He climbed to the top of the highest wall at Momentum. He wanted to "earn" a special Ben 10 toy. Usually we have him climb a harder route on a short wall, but this time we want to really push him, so we had him climb a really simple route, but on a VERY tall wall. Dallin is horribly afraid of heights (and I mean HORRIBLY!).

His coaches did their thing and encouraged him. They kept telling him to remember what they taught him, "blink and smile"--when you get stressed on a route, smile and blink your eyes--it calms you down naturally and slows you down as well. He did FABULOUS and actually climbed the route REALLY FAST. There were so many supportive folks around cheering for him as he was lowered, but the poor boy was terified. I gave him a BIG hug and wiped away his tears. He is such a great boy and I'm so proud of him.

Tonight's climbing was different. Usually I only climb with Rick, but tonight, before Rick arrived, JC Hunter (pro climber) asked is we could top rope together. Rick was VERY supportive and let me go off and climb with JC. At first, we just warmed up on some easy 10s. Then she had me try an 5.11d. It was sweet getting beta from her. I didn't finish the route, but it was so awesome to work it the way I did and get her support and advice. I watched and learned as she climbed--I swear Gravity doesn't effect this girl! She told me I should only be working 11.d and higher! HELLO!?!?!?! What a compliment. She found me two 11.a routes on the inverted wall that she also wanted me to work. They are easier then the 11.d route but because of the inverted wall, they are more of a mind game. I did awesome, making it half way up both. I can't wait to start working them more and more and getting stronger and stronger.

Before all of this though, I belayed Tanith and Brennan. Tani climbed the rainbow route and did so great. She is such a little smiler and so cute while climbing. Then Brennan climbed a 5.7. I am working with him on having clean feet instead of smearing the whole way up the wall. He is learning and trying so hard. I'm very proud of him, even though he didn't finish the route. He is growing and maturing in his climbing.

Rick, thanks so much for sacrificing your time tonight so I could climb with a pro like JC. I love you and greatly appreciate your love and support for my climbing. I LOVE YOU!!!

And Dallin, CONGRATS! I'm so proud of you for making it to the top of that route.
--Super Angie

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Super Angie...yesterday's 10

10 things that made yesterday SUPER

1. I vacuumed the main floor--GASP! I cleaned and my house looked fabulous! (until the kids got all the toys out again)
2. My visiting teachers came to visit. I sure do love them!
3. It was overcast!
4. I found someone to sub for our primary class and made a new friend in the process.
5. We went for a bike ride--just me and the kids.
6. We played at the Fish Park and rode our bikes through the sprinklers.
7. I took a nap!
8. We went rock climbing and I did 5 laps on an 8 and 5 laps on a 10. :) Plus finally finished an 11 thats been kicking my butt.
9. Rick and the kids hung out on the couch, looking so cute and watching cartoons.
10. Rick and I cuddled on the couch and finally watched the last episode of The Amazing Race.

--Anything Super happen for you yesterday?
--Super Angie

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Super Angie...No Doubt

Last night I took my nephew Tyler with me to see No Doubt, with Paramore and The Sounds. Our tickets said we had floor seats, but it actually turned out to be general admission floor seats, which meant TOTAL CRAZINESS! We were able to get a spot against a side board, which was nice because we got so tired of standing and having something to lean against was nice!
The opening band, The Sounds, were AWESOME. They are from Sweden, and just really really cool. I gotta buy their CD. Awesome band.

Ty is 16 and is just the best kid. He was SOOO pumped to see his favorite band, Paramore.
Heres the lead singer of Paramore. I'm not a fan of this group, but the singer is a cutie and they did a nice job performing.
Paramore and The Sounds performed pretty far down stage, which a black curtain as most of their backdrop. When No Doubt was ready to start, a white curtain suddenly appeared at the front edge of the screen and the black curtain was dropped behind. The white curtain then had shadows of the No Doubt band members posing on it. It droped to show the totally awesome white stage.

The stage was simple but very very cool. Everyone was dressed in white, with white instruments. Very 90s!
A lot of my pics of Gwen were blurry, but she looks cool non-the-less.
She took off the jacket to wear a tank top with green bra straps sticking out.
Shes so buff!
A good shot of how being short doesn't benefit you in a situation like this. Lots of hands and jumping fans in front of me! But I did like the lighting, the colors and the images on the screen.
Gwen changed again into this checkerboard hot pants get up. Very very cool!
Ah, how sweet. She brought out her son Kingston and we sang Happy Birthday to him!
Another nice shot.

This was my third concert seeing Gwen and I must say, she really is a great performer and very inspiring. I wanna be like Gwen! ;) I can't wait for her next concert!

--Super Angie

Monday, May 25, 2009

Super Angie...girl weekend out

Yes, you read that right...not GIRLS with an S, but GIRL--singular. Turns out no one can come on my Girls Weekend to Keystone, so I'm going anyway--and taking the kids and hubby with. We just found a sub for primary (phew!), so we are GOOD TO GO! Yippee! Yes, there will still be diapers to change, and kids in general to deal with, but there will also be hot tub time, shopping, and most certainly, roasted marshmellows and smores.

Eventually all the stars will line up perfectly and one of my girls weekends will actually happen, but until then, I am looking forward to my time in Keystone.

--Super Angie
(no this pic is not from Keystone. Its from the Seoul, South Korea airport--I sure love Burberry! )

Super Angie...flipping around

The day my parents left to head up to Sun Valley last week (and then home to Seattle), they came to Tanith's last gymnastics class. My mom has been a few times before, but my dad never has. Tan totally showed off for Pop. She was all smiles.

Tan has never enjoyed the rope swing like she did while Pop was watching!
Doing a back summersault (?) with Miss Jodi. She will do ANYTHING for Miss Jodi--her favorite coach!
Tan's favorite! THE BARS!
Doing her stretches at the beginning
Standing on her hippo mat and loving her new leotard!
Dallin took this picture of me with my parents. Tan and Brennan had to get in the pic as well. lol
Gaga and Pop with Tanith, Brennan and Dallin. We let Dallin stay home from school half day so he could come to gymnastics and spend a little bit more time with my parents before they left.

It was so great having my parents here for so long. My mom really REALLY helped me while Rick was gone, and my dad helped me with somethings aroudn the house, including getting all my German clothes pictures framed. THANKS DAD! THANKS MOM! I really loved having you both here. It was nice to just sit around and chat and have fun together. And thanks mom for staying with the kids so I could run errands without them!

I love you both!
Lieblings eltern!
--Super Angie

PS. Dallin's last day of school was last Friday, so now its officially summer! YEA

Friday, May 22, 2009

Super Angie...pretty princesses

Tonight, Julie and I went out for dinner at Paradise Bakery. I just adore this girl and we had so much fun together. It was nice to have a GIRLS NIGHT OUT.
YUMMMMM. Turkey and cranberry on croissant... nothing better. I was a good girl. I only ate half and brought the other half home for tomorrow. I did eat the cookie though. BAD ME! lol
The purpose of our evening out (besides that we are good friends and needed some girl time) was to buy prom dresses for 2nd Chance Prom. We went to Alysse's Bridal in American Fork because they have several rack of dresses under $100. We tried on a zillion dresses and both decided on these.
So, we are both felt like total princesses. I was in heaven. I simply love huge ball gowns and this one was just perfect. :) Julie put hers on hold because she wasn't 100% on the color but after talking to her hubby, she will return tomorrow to buy it. YEA! She looked awesome.

I was so giddy, I had to call my mom. She thought I was pretty silly to have done this. :( Oh well, can't make everyone happy.

I got quite the reaction though when I came home with the dress. One look at the dress on the hanger and Rick said, "Oh you'll be a princess!" Tanith got excited about me being a princess and wanted me to put it on. Dallin just gave me a funny look. Then I put the dress on and Rick was gushing. "You look so pretty. A pretty princess". Ah...hes so sweet!

I'm so excited for this dance. We will have such a fun time. I got the perfect dress!!

--Super Angie

Super Angie...girls weekend

I'm inviting everyone I know to join me next weekend for a Girls Weekend in Keystone, CO.

Friday May 29- Sunday May 31st.

It takes around 7 hours to drive there, so I like to leave around 3pm (or if we can swing it, noon is even better) on Friday. We'll arrive back home around 10pm on Sunday.

Its a last minute trip, so I can't call everyone, but if you want to go, let me know!!

--Super Angie
If you want to see pictures of the condo, click here!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Super Angie...explosions

The kids wanted to sing Reindeer Boogie, but they hadn't practiced it since Christmas, so most kids didn't remember the words. lol
Such a cutie!
this look says it all--total mischief!
this just totally cracks me up!
This was Zip-e-do-dah.
He really got into the actions of all the songs.
Marching to the commencement music.

He said he wanted to be a Scientist when he grows up. We later found out he meant a MAD SCIENTIST! lol
Miss Melva and Brennan

Brennan graduated from preschool Monday night. As always, we love going to these little events. The kids sing classic songs and everyone is just so dang cute! Last year, Brennan just sat there. He didn't sing or anything. This year was QUITE DIFFERENT!

Brennan was the loudest singer. I was so impressed. He started the evening out singing so loud. I was proud. Then suddenly, the true Brennan started coming out. He got crazy and silly and starting making random explosions. It was HILARIOUS! All the parents were cracking up and some even came up to us afterwards and complimented us on having the kid that stole the show.

Thanks Brennan for making us all laugh!

--Super Angie

Here are a few really short videos of him exploding and being silly during the songs.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Super Angie...the fish park

The other night, to celebrate Rick being home, we all went to "the fish park" by our new church. What a great evening. The weather was perfect. We took a picnic dinner with and just enjoyed running, hanging, and of course, climbing.

--Super Angie

Super Angie...a visit from Uncle Jeff

My brother Jeff and dad came down to visit (my mom is still here) and go to the Utah Grand Prix races with my other brother. We got to spend 2 days with him and just had a great time.

Brennan went on a hike to Timp Caves with Pop and Uncle Jeff. Tanith enjoyed cuddeling on the coach and Dallin enjoyed learning all about "GRAVEYARD" drinks (mixing all the sodas together in one cup). It was a fun time and we hope he can come to visit again.


On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping