Friday, September 28, 2007

Super Angie...Bellobration

Brennan Bello!
Dallin Bello

Bello Family! Bello threw this "hair" peice into the audience and Dallin got it. :) Its even autographed by Bello!

Two very tuckered out little boys...

Before the circus, we saw the elephants.

And we saw the Zebras!
Grandma spoiled the boys!!

The Flag was brought in on an Elephant!

Last night, my mom and I took the boys to the circus. This year, Bello was in town and had a BELLOBRATION. It was a fantastic night. (Just realized that some of you might not know who Bello is--he is the best clown ever. He is a dare-devil clown who does some really outstanding tricks. His orange hair sticks straight up, just like this hair piece we are wearing)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Super Angie...field trip time!

Fire man Brennan!

He loved sitting in the driver's seat!

He was a little monkey--trying out his rock climbing skills on the front of the fire truck!


The whole preschool class--minus Miss Lori--she had sick kids today, so she stayed home!

Today was the preschool field trip to the FIRE STATION! Brennan was soooo excited to go--he was actually a little mad that he had to go to his classroom first before the fieldtrip.

At the fire station, the kids got to climb in the trucks and try on the clothes. Brennan LOVED sitting in the fire truck, climbing on, running by and just being there. I took Tanith with and she loved the excitement that was all around here.

I won't forget the joy on Brennan's little face...

Signing off...Super Angie

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Super Angie...balloons, cake, ice cream and puke!

Mark and the boys.

AHOY MATEY! Dallin with my mom and Tanith.

Rick took this DARLING photo of Tan.

Ice Cream at Red Robin...can you tell he is THRILLED?!

Missy and Brennan at the party

Tanith...she loves to stand and hold on to things. Thatcher is in the background (a few minutes prior to throwing up).

Brennan tooting his horn!

Pop and Tanith...she loved to stick her tongue out at him.

What a wild 4th birthday this has been. On Sunday, his actual birthday, we went to Red Robin with Paul's family and my parents (who were only in town for a few days). It was so nice to be together as a family (minus Rick who was on Baker). Brennan's dad, Mark, was also in town, so he spent quite a bit of the weekend with him too.

The party was a mix of CARS, Dinos and throw up...poor Thatcher! Brennan's little friend Thatcher got sick all over our carpet. Poor little guy. Now our carpet has a pinkish hue to it. hmmm...interesting. The ice cream cake was yummy...most of the kids wanted more helpings. Interestingly enough, Thatcher only had a small helping.

Tanith loved looking at everyone wearing a party hat. She would crack up when I would tilt my head towards her. She must have though mommy looked so funny with a party hat on. The kids ran around using the hats as beaks. Our friend Missy came, which was so fun for Brennan. She works at the gym in the daycare, and Brennan adores her. I often go to the gym just so he can see her. What a sweetie! She was also a huge help in cleaning up the throw up. We also borrowed this great spray from Christie across the street. THANKS!

It was a fun birthday. It was really nice having Rick home, having cooler weather (this morning there was FROST!!!!) and having family here. We really are blessed!

Super Angie, signing off...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Super death on Baker...

Well, what I mean to say is, No, my husband isn't the one who died on Baker, but unfortunately, someone else did. A woman fell off a waterfall. I am not sure what she was doing by the waterfall, but it happened fairly close to where Rick was climbing and hiking. Scary!

I have been talking quite a bit today with Rick on the phone. I can't wait until his plane lands... :)

Signing off..Super Angie

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Super Angie...rain is falling all around

And Utahans everywhere are FREAKING OUT! Not I though. I am rejoicing! Its gorgeous and the temps are sooooo nice (although I do feel bad for my friends who had plans today to go trad climbing outside).

My parents arrived. Tanith was very sleepy and didn't take well to being introduced to them. She is now 10 months old and the last time she saw them was when she was 4 or 5 months old. She did enjoy showing her walking skills to them though. :)

I have yucky allergy problems today. I checked the pollen count-sage brush is high. Thats why I hate Utah. Sagebrush is everywhere. Its ugly and my body doesn't like it. ugh...

I canceled my babysitter for tonight. Gonna stay home and try to get better. I hope Tanith actually naps right now. She is kind of driving me nuts. She must not be feeling good either, plus Mark is in town and has the boys all day, so, she is missing them and daddy. I miss Rick too. He called from Baker--the guide's cellphone works in one particular spot on the mountain. He said it rained all night and he's miserable and wants to leave. I wonder if he'll summit tomorrow. Poor guy. When he climbed Rainer, the weather was beautiful and perfect.

Well...I better go read a book and feel cozy because of this un-usual Utah weather...ahh...its perfect! Now, if only there was NO sagebrush, I would be feeling better and be able to enjoy it more.
Super Angie, signing off...

Super Angie...missing Rick

My dear DH is climbing Mt. Baker right now. I love it when he goes climbing, but hate it it is, 1am and I can't sleep. I miss him. I don't mind so much when he is on a business trip because we can call and text, but when he is on some mountain somewhere, rarely there is cell phone service--I miss those texts!

Tonight, I went climbing with Sarah. We wanted to go outside since its perfect climbing season (no snow yet, but not hot either), but I don't know how to lead belay yet, so I'm not much of a partner for climbing. :( So, we went to the gym and had fun. I did on 5.9 (a new one that had a funky start--loved it!), two 5.10 (a and c--my favorites routes!!) and then I attempted three 5.11!! WHOA! Those were so tricky. I can see why its hard to make that jump from 5.10 to 5.11, but now I have some fun projects I can start working. The only technique goes right out the window when I'm trying to hold onto those 5.11 holds. YIKES!

Please pray I am NOT getting a sinus infection. My allergies are driving me nuts...time for another kleenex.

Signing off...Super Sniffely Angie

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Super aw of Super Sam

Okay, so I have been checking my blog daily and FINALLY someone made a comment. I was so thrilled to go read it, but I didn't recognize the name. But I did recognize the Team she was on. Its Sam, from Team Bury the Dragon. She climbed this past weekend at the HERA event. Talk about an amazing person.

Please, go read her journal. I linked it as SUPER SAM.

Reading Sam's journal really made me think... I am so lucky to be as healthy as I am. Yes, I am still wanting to loose some more baby weight. Yes, my allergies suck (especially while living in Utah). Yes, I have Asthma. But COME ON! I am just fine. Meanwhile, there are people like Sam and so many countless others who have gone through so much. What about my own mom? What about Kathleen's mom and John Thompson's mom? What about my grandma? and on and on ...

I remember back in 4th grade. There was a girl named Angie in the next classroom over. She was diagnosed with leukemia. I remember wondering about her. And then I remember having to visit her classroom one day and sit in her desk. OH MY GOSH. Was I gonna catch it? Too bad the education wasn't so great back then. I often think about Angie and wonder....

Anyway, thanks Sam for visiting my site. Its great to hear from another climber. How did you find my blog?

Love and Hugs to everyone...
Signing off....Super Angie

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Super Angie...climbing for the cause!

Chris Linder...nice reach! Leading the first route. ( I later did this route--5.9--I am so proud of myself that I was able to get over this bump on the wall. It was quite a challenge!)

Hard Rock 5.8--Thats Chris in the background belaying! ** notice my HERA shoes. I look kind of fat in this photo, but I do like my technique.

Look Ma! ONE HAND! (no, I'm not falling, just holding on with one hand as I shake my other hand out and re-chalk)

Perfect straight arm!

SMILE from on top!

Chris Linder, Dallin, Brennan and me! (Rick and Tanith in the background)

Whitney Boland...getting ready to belay me!

Megan, making her move on the Warm Up Boulder in Secret Garden, Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Almost to the top on HARD ROCK in American Fork Canyon

Eric Sculley, Noah Harper, Me!, Amy (I forget her last name) and Portia Menlove at the bouldering crag- Cabbage Patch, Little Cottonwood Canyon

My CRUX on the bouldering problem. A V1 on the Warmup boulder, the Secret Garden. I hit the move twice, but couldn't move past it. This is where I lost my skin. ** click on this photo to enlarge it. You can see I am hanging on with only 2 fingers! BUT that hand handled it. Its the other hand where I lost some skin. That granite is just so sharp!

This weekend I had the opportunity to climb for Ovarian Cancer.

I raised $750 to help support Ovarian cancer research. This is such a scary cancer. There is very little early detection--not like Breastcancer. And there is a really high probability of dying within 5 yrs of getting it! PLEASE, check out the symptons and take charge of your body if you feel like something is wrong.

Anyway, the weekend was two days of climbing, a slide show from a lady who climbed Everest, a breakfast and raffle. I won some great stuff in the raffle and met some cool people. Saturday was my favorite day of climbing. I top roped in American Fork canyon. I did HARD ROCK. My pros were Chris Linder, Joe Kinder and Whitney Boland. Talk about COOL people. Chris and Joe signed posters for Dallin and Brennan and Rick brought the boys to the crag to meet them. It was fun. This was only my third time climbing outside and it was awesome (although today, Sunday, I am still recovering. PHEW! It was rough!). I climbed a 5.7, 5.8, 5.9 and half of a 5.10!!! I got really scared on the 5.10 because the route was longer then the rest, plus it was windy and exposed. It was quite a challenge to climb outside--the holds are so different and for me, hard to see. Our volunteers were great too. Carla, Jenny and Agnass. Whitney was very supportive and helped me a ton. She had a saying, "Pitches Bitches!" which means, "Climb to the top Girls!"--in other words...stop screwing around and just do it. You know you can and I won't let you come down until you do! lol

On Friday, I made the mistake of signing up to do Bouldering. I like to watch bouldering, but my hands just can't handle it. I did one V0 and that was it. My friend Megan was with me and she rocks. It was fun watching her, but I just couldn't do it. Megan was a machine. She was trying some really difficult stuff. Just amazing! I lost quite a bit of skin off my fingers, so Saturday, I had to tape up. The pro for bouldering was Portia Menlove.
Portia was sweet to watch and had some interesting stories. Eric Sculley was the other pro and he just got back from a trip to Spain. We bouldered in Little Cottonwood Canyon where the Mormon Pioneers quarried for Granite. In fact, the boulders in Secret Garden had marks on them from the pioneers cutting and drilling etc. Very interesting and a nice shady area. Can't wait to go back there with Rick--although I am not sure I will boulder as much...I like my skin and hate loosing it! OUCH!

What a fun weekend it was. I love looking at my photos. My groups were fantastic. I met such awesome people. (I also met Joe's girlfriend, Colette. She was in a recent issue of ROCK AND ICE. They both climb at Momentum, so I will now say HI to them when I see them at the gym. Talk about sweet and down to earth people!)

I can't wait to climb outside again. I also look forward to doing another weekend fundraiser or clinic. FUN STUFF!

Thanks to everyone who donated money. It was awesome to raise $750!!!

--Super Angie... CLIMB ON!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Super Angie...a marriage propossal

Today my sweet little Brennan told me he wants to marry Me and Tanith (his sister!). He said, "Me kiss you and Tanith. Me married to you and Tanith...and Rick too! But not Dallin. He doesn't like it when I kiss him!"

What a sweet heart. He is growing so much as he is attending preschool and loving it. Today was "mommy and Brennan day at the gym". Tanith stayed home with a babysitter, while Dallin was at school. Just me and Brennan rock climbing. This kid is FANTASTIC! He got to the top of yet another route and this time, it was a route with a bell on top, so he had quite a bit of fun ringing the bell and then telling everyone that he rang it!

I love being a mom!
Signing off...Super Angie (with a clean house for once!!!)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Super Angie...super weepy

Today Dallin started 1st grade. Of course I cried...thats just me! He looked so grown up in his school uniform and was so excited to sit in his class. He also was pretty stoked that his class has a class pet! A small blue bird. :)

I love German traditions, so I always do an ERSTE SCHUL TAG TUTTE. Which is a First day of school cone--you put gifts for the child in it. The boys were excited to get theirs this morning. They got music CDs, candy, books, stuffed animals and scripture pictures. Dallin also got a new chalk bag for rock climbing. Brennan was really happy to get a bag of Swedish Fish--he loves those!!!

Tomorrow Brennan starts preschool.
Signing off...a proud super mom

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Super Angie...super busy

ATTENTION! I have added several new blogs and tons of new photos. Scroll down to see all the new ones. :)

Super Angie...I'VE BEEN TAGGED!!!

My friend Emily tagged me on her blog, so here goes...

Jobs I've Had: Microsoft (software Tester), Alpnet (software localizer), Sno-King ice arena- Edmunds (Skate Patrol and learn to skate class helper), Peaks Ice Arena, Provo (learn to skate class teacher).

Places for a Weekend Getaway: Colorado-- Keystone, Breckenridge, Aspen, Utah--Moab, Neveda--Vegas

Movies I Could Watch Over and Over: You've Got Mail, GOTCHA!, The Cutting Edge, Legally Blond, Clueless

Guilty Pleasures: Peanut Butter M&Ms, Reality TV (Survivor, Amazing Race, America's Next Top Model and now Dancing with the Stars), figure skating competitions and shows.

Places I've Lived: Redmond, WA, Rexburg, ID , Munich, Germany, Provo, UT, Cedar Hills, UT, Saratoga Springs, UT and finally Lehi, UT.

Places I've Been on Vacation: I love traveling, so I'm just gonna highlight my favorites--Munich Germany, Moscow Russia, Bratislava Slovakia, Prague Czech Republic, Sydney Australia, Tokyo Japan, Victoria BC Canada, Florida Keys, Estes Park Colorado, Wisconsin

Places I WANT to Go: (I ADDED THIS CATEGORY) Hong Kong, New England, Finland, Norway, Mongolia, Antartica, Ice Land, Romania.

What I First Thought When I Saw Rick: Super Talented, Super blunt! lol

If I am In a Jam with Rick, Tactics I Use to get out of the Dog House: oh gosh...I don't know. We bicker and disagree a ton, but like the Kirby Heyboure song, I know we are perfect together.

Favorite Foods: German food!!! Chocolate. No-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies (not made with peanut butter)

Websites I Visit Daily: ,

First Kiss Location: Oh gosh...Dan Alquist! (so funny since most people who visit my blog know him and grew up with him). He was my first "real" boyfriend, meaning I was 16 and allowed to date. Never kissed anyone before I was 16. Anyway, It happened on my trampoline, I think, or was it in my drive way after we jumped on the trampoline. hmmm. hee hee. First Rick Kiss: I surprised him by kissing him. Aren't I forward?!

Places I'd Rather Be Right Now: Anywhere but Utah. lol But seriously, anywhere that isn't HOT. I am sick of this stinkin' hot summer. I would rather be swimming in Lake Samamish or Lake Washington. I would rather be in Summit County, Colorado. I would rather be rock climbing or figure skating. I would rather be sitting on an airplane, flying somewhere really cool.

People I Tag: well, everyone I know who blogs has already done this once except Shannon, so SHANNON! I tag you!!!

Super Angie...snakes, campfires and fun

Here are some pictures from our latest campout, climbing, and from another reptile show the boys went to. ENJOY!Brennan at the top of a hard route in the gym!

Brennan having a blast climbing in Maple Canyon

Dallin climbing in Maple. I belayed him.

Brennan enjoyed hanging out in his camp chair.

Tanith enjoyed camping!

The boys, sitting with a HUGE snake!

Campfire fun. (I think Dallin is roasting a marshmallow here)

Brennan enjoying his new "friend" at the Reptile Show

Tanith loves eating!

Brotherly love--showing Tanith a snake.

Super Angie signing off...with a camera in her hands!

Super Angie....super Anniversary

Here we are at the top of Turkey Rock.
Turkey Rock as seen from the road. When I first saw it I freaked out. "We can't climb THAT!"

Scott (our guide) leading the route.

To celebrate our two year anniversary (August 19th), we went to Aspen, CO (where we were married). We stayed in the same cabin and ate at the same restaurants. And again, we wished we could move there--but seriously, who can afford a two bedroom condo for 2 million $? I think we can afford monthly rent on a parking spot in Aspen and that's about it! lol

Anyway, we hired a guide to take us rock climbing outside. It was our first time and we had a BLAST. We climbed TURKEY ROCK. It was amazing!!! Our guide was Scott and he was excellent. I learned to Repel and trad climb. We also found a huge area thats great for bouldering, so we did a bit of that the next day on our own.

The weather in Aspen was perfect. We enjoyed walking the city and enjoying the beauty. The wild flowers were out in full bloom. There were daily afternoon thunder showers which lasted for about 10 minutes. Shopping was fun too (don't worry, I didn't hit the Dior store or the Louis Vuitton store!). We found a great mountaineering store that had a HUGE sale going on on everything in the ladies department. I got a new winter coat and some pants to Ice Climb in. (I'm gonna learn to ice climb this winter.) The pastries in town were to die for. I really enjoyed the zucchini muffin and the banana chocolate chip one. :) They also have a dang good BBQ place right on main street--YUMMMMMMY! We also enjoyed the farmer's market on Saturday. The whole town is just picture perfect. be able to live there....maybe someday we'll be able to afford a carport! lol

Signing off...Aspen Angie

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping