Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Super love you more

Do you ever just dance (like the most grandest dancer in the world) around your kitchen? Leaping, twirling, perfectly sure that your kitchen taught technique is perfectly fine? You are just in the zone. in the music. Your toe point is great. Your hairography is on pointe.  Your choreography is out of this world. You are a star! 

I do this multiple times a week. Probably multiple times a day truthfully.  I joke that my kids are the only ones one our block who's mom wears a skating dress around the house to cook dinner or watch TV.  You don't know do that? What a shame. You should.

I'm being serious.

The 2018/19 Figure skating season saw the incredible Mariah Bell skate a short program that EVERYONE fell in love with instantly. It doesn't matter if you are a die hard Celine Dion fan or you can't stand her and have no idea how she still continues to sell out shows in Vegas. Regardless, Mariah Bell skated this short program to TO LOVE YOU MORE with such joy, happiness and freedom, you just fall in love. Maybe it's the costume? Maybe it's the pure joyful expression on her face. Maybe it's the jumps and spins. I think it's all of this and more. Here's the program. Be prepared to fall in love. 

So I added this song to my play list. I have several playlists. Skating, Christian, December and yes, even a playlist for my camper-- don't judge. Well, I made a playlist called WARMUP. This is my "I'm freaked out and need to calm down, chill and get ready to compete" playlist. Typically my days skating start with me driving 30ish minutes to my rink. During this time, I listen to two or three Conference talks from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. These are like the ultimate podcasts full of self help, love, and all things Christian values. After I get off the freeway and start the long daunting task of driving 15 mph several blocks down Provo Center Street (seriously, 15 mph. And don't you dare even think of speeding. The cops will find you. Trust me. I know), I turn on TOBY MAC and jam out to one or two songs before arriving at the rink. I've found that this centers me and puts me in a great mood to skate.

When I arrive at the rink, I put on my rose gold headphones (I'm considering adding crystals to them) and I turn on my SKATING PLAYLIST. I jam out to LONE DIGGER while doing all my cardio off ice jogging. After I'm completely out of breath and wonder if I'm actually an athlete or not, I turn on my WARM UP PLAYLIST so I can calm down, do yoga poses and find my balance. I LOVE this time. It's almost sacred to me. I try to not get annoyed when someone wants to talk to me during this time. This warmup just feels so good. 

Okay, back to the topic. TO LOVE YOU MORE helps me find my balance, joy and remember who I am and why I LOVE skating.

A few things have come to my mind. 

Do YOU have a warm up in life? Maybe you aren't a skater who needs to run laps to get his or her legs prepared to work out on the ice. But I bet you are a mom, wife, daughter, co-worker, neighbor, friend. You are a waitress, a mailman, a lawyer, a nurse. A dad, husband, son, uncle. There is SOMETHING you are doing in your life that would benefit from a warm up.

Do you ever just let go and dance in your kitchen? I'm not saying you need to have on yoga pants or a skating dress (but hey, skating dresses do look pretty good in the kitchen, just saying). I'm just saying-- do you ever let go? Let go of worrying "what would my children/roommate/neighbors/ girlfriend think if they saw me dancing by the dishwasher? "  Let go of "my form/ choreography/ toe point isn't perfect"  Let go of " I'm not good enough/trained/skinny enough/ strong enough/happy enough". Just let go. Like Mariah Bell does in this program?

True story.  I used to be so embarrassed to warm up off ice. I'm not an elite athlete. I'm not super skinny or buff or in my own eyes, gorgeous. But I knew the benefit of warming up. I had been taught by a very smart coach and was even given his elite off ice training plan.  I knew it was important.  So I started. I would go to a far corner of the ice rink where no one would see me and I'd do my warmup quietly and timidly.  I never fully let go and I never owned it. So shy.

I don't know what changed but suddenly one day I felt powerful. Maybe it was the red lipstick I had one. Or maybe it was a good hair day. But regardless, I felt so amazing. My rink has two Olympic size ice sheets (it housed the 2002 Women's Olympic Hockey games). We usually skate on the south rink but up by the north rink, there is a new fitness center on what used to be an indoor soccer turf. There are free weights and classes. Looks bootcamp style. Usually at 8 or 9 am it's pretty packed with awesome adults getting stronger and enjoying each other's company.  Well, on this particular red lipstick morning, I decided I would do my full warmup down by that fitness area while gazing meaningfully at the Olympic rinks that hang by the Olympic rink.

I turned on Lone Digger and started jogging. I stretched, I kicked, I skipped, I freestyle danced. OH MY GOSH! Suddenly I was an Olympic figure skater (after all, I had the rings over my shoulder in my selfie. Must be true, right?). My point- I was EMPOWERED!!!!

So how can YOU apply this to your life? Maybe you skate, maybe you don't. Maybe you are sick in bed. Maybe you are sick of life. Maybe your husband left you, or maybe you really want to be a dad but you haven't found the right person yet. Maybe your community doesn't accept you or maybe you don't accept yourself. Have you tried dancing in your kitchen?

The Celine Dion song talks about LOVING YOU MORE. Do you love yourself more? Do you think you can try to love yourself a tiny bit more? Just a smidge more today than yesterday?

Let go of worrying what others will think if they see your warmup and just do it. Play that Celine song and dance like the principle dancer you are. Be your own Star!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Super Angie...Zwift

My husband got himself and the boys a ZWIFT account. This is pretty awesome.  Now instead of just watching a movie while on the trainer in the basement, they are doing awesome courses all over the world.

Rick has also been doing ZWIFT running.

Do you like any programs like this?

Too bad there isn't a ZWIFT skating. lol

Monday, February 4, 2019

Super Angie... God has a plan

Do you ever stress yourself out thinking "what if"? I do. All too often actually. I worry. But I firmly believe God is in charge, so I always go to Him. And he always says the same thing. "Angie, I have a mission for you. Don't worry. I'm in control and I have this covered".  Over and over. He let's me know what my mission is and that he will take care of the rest, so long as I focus on my mission.

But like most mortals, I freak out and get anxious. He never fails to comfort me, "Remember, I have a plan. Be patient".

Today I saw some amazing things happen.

My oldest son got back his test scores and HE PASSED THE NATIONAL EMT TEST! Yessss! It's official. Dallin is now an EMT.  I have watched Dallin go to the Lord in prayer and ask time and time again what his mission on earth is, and each time, he has moved in the direction God sends him. This is just one of the many things God has prompted my son to do.

Another amazing thing is that I got a small job. It's not much but it is something I've been praying about and God has just been saying "Have's coming. " Today it came.

If you find that life is too much right now, turn to Him in Prayer.  And then sit and listen. He will answer you, I promise!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Super Angie... writing

I love writing. I mean, look at my social media and you can tell..I really like communicating. I'm not a super social person but rather, I'm a communicator...I like to communicate online. I'm not sure that makes any sense.

Anyway... I've been doing stuff online since the late 80s. Yes. I was a Compuserve girl. Not AOL (although I did like getting all those free AOL coasters, eh, I mean DISKS in the mail). But really. Prodigy and Compurserve and those message boards is what I liked. I would chat everyday with people all over the US. We'd talk about skating. Gordeeva and Grinkov in particular. I remember once, some dude (who was a professional photographer) sent me a gorgeous framed pic he took of G&G performing in STARS ON ICE right after Daria was born. Amazing.

In HS (early 90s) our school district had a inner web chat room for students. I was asked to work with the district and kind of be in charge. I guess that's when it all started going down hill for me. Just kidding. I loved chat rooms and I still do love chatting online with friends and family.

Later I started using yahoo message boards. In fact that's how I met my husband Rick. I'll tell that story another time. I was on an adoption message board for a year. I still have a rooster Christmas ornament someone from that board mailed me. Amazing the generous, kind people you can meet online. I also got many acting gigs from message boards.

In 2001, I was on a skating message board and I met a bunch of really fun skating fans, some of whom were going to go to the 2002 Olympics. We decided to meet up at the games in Salt Lake City. We actually met up the year prior to the games and attend 4 Continents Championships. I often wonder if I could locate those people now on FB. Hmmm....

Super Angie...unboxing

There is a strange fascination in watching people unbox a product they get on the mail. I'm guilty. I've watched famous skaters on Instagram unbox everything from makeup to sport drinks.

My husband recently has gotten into Unboxing. He LOVES training. I mean, like really loves to train. He wakes at 4am to run and then after work he does a bike ride. He also likes to lift weights.

He recently got SWIFT for him and boys. They seem to really love it. Anyway, here is a fun video of Rick unboxing the Stryd Footpod.  Hikercize- Stryd Footpod.

Do you like watching unboxing videos? Maybe I'll make one. :)

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Super Angie...Living

I've always loved writing. In Elementary school I would save up money, bike to the local bookstore (the one by QFC in Redmond that always had THE BABYSITTER'S CLUB new released books and always had a big fat cat in the window). At this store, or Lakeside Drug next door, I would find THE PERFECT blank hard back journal. I would thoughtfully pick one out- usually with kittens on the front and then write a full blown novel based on that picture. I wrote so many "books". I doubt any of them would be interesting to read now but my point is, I loved to just write.

Fast forward to Junior High.  The late 80s, early 90s. I loved logging onto Prodigy and writing on message boards. I loved social media from an early age. I met friends all across the US.   I loved writing hand written letters too. Countless pen pals. I love connecting with people. I'm a people person.

Life is so funny how it has swells of highs and the tide of the Puget sound. Sometimes the water is so inviting- like running to the beach at Fort Casey on a hot August day, but you would NEVER go in that same water on a January matter how sunny it was.  Writing sort of turned that way for me with my blog. I felt judged. I knew "certain people" were reading my blog and hating me. So I stopped. It's time to jump back in...after all, it is August...and 100 degrees in Utah. Bless.

I've been a long time fan of Jennifer Kirk. Brilliant Ice skater from years ago. But now she is just a fun person to follow on Instagram. She talked recently about how HAPPY she is because she's truly living.  I feel the same.

My concussion, broken foot, tendinitis, weight gain yada yada really took a toll on me. I was so sad. So depressed. So lost.  But skating in Sun Valley helped me feel ALIVE again.  And now that I feel alive, it's time to start LIVING again, which includes blogging or journaling. And to be honest...I type a lot faster then I write with pen (and it doesn't cramp my fingers) so blogging it is. Typing. :)

In June I was thinking- I might always been "sick". There might not be a real future. I had given up on recovering from this concussion. I didn't want to live. Then I went to Sun Valley with my friend Libby and I met some amazing coaches. The challenge of learning new things and having people believe in me, mixed with skating outside in such a positive environment helped me be brave enough to touch that Puget Sound water-- it was July after all.  I came home from that trip changed. I had a light. A new light inside me, or maybe it was my old light was back. Regardless, I was changed and so happy. 

Then the first weekend of August I went back for five days of hard choreography and lots of inspiring lessons. I met new friends and found myself again. I was HAPPY. How long had it been since I was this happy? I was living again.

So my question...have you gotten stuck? Have you stopped LIVING because the water is too cold or you got a cramp in your hand? Have you stopped shining because of a failed relationship, the judgment of others, a death in the family or change in your job?

Micheal Jordan said:  I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Super Angie...full of joy

It's Sunday.  It's dark and cloudy. There is lightning and thunder. And RAIN! It's a perfect Seattle evening in Utah. I've been praying for pray. Our state really needs it. Fires, smokey skies, dusty mountain bike trails, allergens. Yes, indeed we have needed it. And I've been praying. God delivered.

July in Utah is HOT. Like way too HOT.  So hot that most native Utahans complain about it being "too hot". 

I'm thankful for Air Conditioning.
I'm thankful for early morning sun rays coming over the mountains, lighting each nook and cranny of the mountain range. 
I'm thankful for warm smiles at church and friends who can sing really well (who tend to sit next to me).
I'm thankful for kids who bake brownies- even if other family members eat them all before we can deliver them.
I'm thankful for a husband who works so dang hard so I can stay home and "just be a mom".
I'm thankful that my mom, so many years ago, put together a photo album of pictures of me growing up. Some are formal family pics. Some are funny things we did in the yard or me shooting a nerf gun at Grandma's house at Easter (complete with me wearing my Easter dress!). 
I'm thankful for
I'm thankful for my dog and that I'm not allergic to her.
I'm thankful for helping hands around the house.
I'm thankful my brain handled church today.
I'm thankful for the book of Mormon. I know it's true. I testify that it is the word of God.
I'm thankful that God hasn't left us without a prophet on the earth in these latter days. I know Russel M Nelson is a prophet- just like Moses was!
I'm thankful for repentance. I'm not perfect. I make so many mistakes. I'm so thankful I can go to my heavenly father and ask for forgiveness and guidance.

I've found that life is sometimes sooooo very hard. But it's when we recognize our blessings and show God our gratitude AND when we serve and help others, that when we find true Joy.

I'm so full of Joy as I continue to recover from this concussion. It's not easy but I'm finding the joy in the journey.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Post Concussion Syndrome - outside my brain

I'm recovering from Post Concussion Syndrome. It's such a complex thing and no two brain injuries are the same.  I choose to take more holistic approach to my recovery. Here is my journey.

The first two weeks I experienced the worst headaches I have ever had. I also had nausea, confusion and depression. Suicidal thoughts were normal- because the pain from the headaches were so bad. I just wanted it to end. I think it's important for people to understand PCS recovery. It's not "just in your head" or something you can "get better soon" from. 

I remember laying in bed, in my dark room, unable to function.  I am thankful for kind neighbors and of course my husband and kids for running errands.  I couldn't go grocery shopping. I tried and it was just sensory overload.  I''m so thankful two sweet friends made trips to the store just to get me oranges. If you know someone suffering from PCS, don't ask them, just do it. Go grocery shopping for them. It will be so appreciated!

The first real turning point came when my sweet and patient husband suggested we go for a walk on a nearby recpath.  We walked REALLY slow. I mean, like painfully slow to anyone watching. One might have thought I was actually 90 yrs old. It was THAT slow. We sat on benches several times. Our focus was on nature. We notices bushes, flowers, trees. The sun set, the mountains, birds and the creek.  Rick wasn't in a hurry, which was nice. We weren't out there to exercise, do cardio, complete a segment on Strava or anything else. We were on a mission to HEAL MY BRAIN. Slow and steady.

I noticed that night that my head wasn't hurting as bad. 

The next day I laid outside in the sun. Again, I choose to focus on the sun, the wind in the trees and the birds. My dog cuddled up on my lap. She wouldn't leave my side.  The sun felt so good. I had never really liked being in the sun- must be the ice skater in me. I preferred inside, air conditioning and staying away from all the plants in Utah that cause my allergies and asthma to flair up. But after seeing how nature was helping my head, I knew I HAD to go out every day. I started craving it!

The headaches were still there but not as bad. And the nausea was far less. I started walking every day. Sometimes on a rec path. Sometimes on mtn bike trails. And I even started visiting a campground near by. I would park in the picnic area and then walk up and down the road. The smells, sounds and environment were so calming. I took my dog, daughter, husband and even my dad when he came to visit.

Being outside became my new normal!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Super Angie...friends

A friend recently said
"You know when you really want to have a friend to hang out with and then suddenly a friend comes into your life and you now have the opportunity to hang out, but then you realize, the reason you never had a friend before was simply because you are so crazy busy, you don't have time for hanging out".

Wow. Totally made sense and I totally could relate to this. Completely relate.

All my life, everyone has had close friends, except me. I would look in, seeing their joy, happiness, movie outtings, BFF trips, secrets, shopping times and inside stories and jokes. I always looked, longing and wishing I was somehow cool enough to have friends like that. I never did, which only meant...I wasn't cool enough.

In February, I went to Maui, where I grew close to old and new friends. Really close. Closer then I have ever been before. And since coming back home, I've realized...I need to BE a friend and MAKE THE TIME in order to HAVE A FRIEND.

And so I began...reaching out. Texting. Calling. Emailing. Sending a gift or a card. Meeting up for lunch, fitness, a much needed hug. Letting friends know I'm thinking of them, that I care. And in return, I have found, new friendships blossoming like Spring.

So my question for all of you to think about...who's life can YOU touch for better? Who will you text today, just to say THINKING OF YOU. Will you break out of your hermit life and take a chance? Will you open your circle of friendship to someone you haven't before? Will you compliment someone. Will you give LOVE freely--no matter if it's returned.

I was recently talking to a friend whom I admire. I asked her "What would you do? I have a friend whom I love and adore and I think she feels the same way towards me" (she cut me off before I could continue)  "BE VERY THANKFUL" is what she said.

And so yes... tonight I am overcome with gratitude for my many friends. Friends near and far. Friends old and young.  I'm beyond BLESSED

Friday, March 13, 2015

Super Angie...freeing myself

This winter has been hard. Coaching in 10 degree temps for hours on end. Freezing.

Freezing was something I hadn't expected. "I'm a figure skater! I love the cold" I always say.  But this winter, I froze in a new way. I let stress and worry and doom and gloom get to me. I let it all freeze me to my soul. I was happy- smiling, laughing, kissing, hugging. But I was frozen.

I earned an all expense paid trip to Maui with Origami Owl because I was in the top 1% of designers for sales for this past fall. Out of 60,000 people, I was one of around 350 who got to live at the Sheraton for just shy of a week.  Maui was good for me. I thawed out. I met some incredible woman who helped break me of my frozen fears. The daily reminders of "You are so beautiful Angie" was just what I needed. These new friends (besties) didn't care if I won a medal. They didn't care if I had been in movies. They didn't care how big my house was or what I drove. In fact they didn't know much about me other then that I had worked my butt off to earn this trip- just like they did. But some how in a matter of minutes, we became closer then I ever have to a group of woman.

Breaking the cold out of me took more then the warm sun of Hawaii. It took more then pineapple juice, or long walks on the beach. It took more then swimming with Terry the Turtle (#terry #turtlechicks). It took more then holding a friend's hand and more then good meals. Breaking the frozen out of me was taught to me in their actions. Their words. The love they showed me. The "Let it go".

After returning back to my frozen tundra of Keystone, and returning back to skating and coaching on the frozen magical lake, I paid my money and entered my name to compete at US Adult Figure Skating Nationals in April. And what was I going to skate to? Let it Go from Frozen.

Now that training has set in and Nationals is 4 weeks away, panic sets in. Am I prepared? No. Not really?  Am I working hard? I try. Am I determined? YES!

Yesterday was particularly hard a the rink. I'm learning a new skill, to perform at Nationals. Did I mention how soon Nationals is? Freaking out! As I skate to Let it Go (and I hear the groans of skaters and coaches everywhere of the overused music), I find myself repeating "I suck". "Wow. That was horrible". Demeaning, degrading things, because I can't skate it perfect.

Then I am must fall to rise. You must travel through pain to enjoy the bliss. You must stumble to get better. You must slide across the ice (freshly zammed so not only was I on the ice, but in the fresh zam water) face first, in front of everyone in order to learn balance.

I cry on the phone to one of my Maui besties. I talk with my husband. I chat online with a few friends. And then I pull up my big girl panties.

Remember in Frozen how FREEING it was for Elsa to March up that mountain, freezing everything in her path? Letting Go of everything inside her and...just being her? I feel like this Spring, I'm learning this. I'm learning to LET GO of fear. LET GO of insecurities. LET GO of pain and sorrow and let the tears flow. AND THEN to pick up and move on. I'm breaking out of my shy self (stop laughing! I actually am quite shy and non social) and tackling new friendships, new service opportunities, new tricks. I'm finding Angie...the Angie that was frozen.

The cold never bothered me anyway

(I have been very inspired by one of these new friendships formed on the frozen lake. Please enjoy the blog of my new friend Jaci.   )

Friday, December 19, 2014

Super Angie...Super 39

I only got one material gift- this cute scarf I'm wearing..  But Tanith made me an ornament, Dallin got 100% on his math test and Brennan drew me a penguin pic. I was able to skate for a bit in the morning and a longer time at night- while it was snowing. MAGICAL! Had lunch at my favorite place with Rick...the owners are on FB so when I walked in they said happy birthday! It snowed on my birthday. :) My deTerra oils came...perfect timing because poor Dallin came home really sick from school. I was able to volunteer in both Tan's and Brennan's classes. Made muffins for and got sang to by Brennan's class. Made a few sales with Origami Owl. Made muffins for my co-workers and got lots of smiles and happy birthday wishes. Got over 250 birthday wishes on FB including from Nicole Bobek, Laomi Lang, Mary Beth Marley and Alexe Gilles. Was told some really amazing, sweet, and very special things in greetings on FB, texts and private messages. And then my box of gifts for all my Origami Owl designers arrived, I was able to see a friend for a few minutes, go to Walgreens and Target with Rick, get another scarf (in night time video I posted on FB

), Hat and new mittens, plus buy some Christmas gifts for the kids.  AND Rick has another interview for a new job. It was a GREAT birthday and I'm feeling so happy to be 39.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Super Angie...Keystone Ski Resort: skating on Keystone Lake

 It's almost that time again when Keystone Lake Freezes and the magical world of Lake Skating starts!

With three Zambonis, Keystone Lake is 5 acres of CLEAN SKATING. This isn't your traditional Midwestern pond skating. Keystone lake has lights, music, hockey boards and at 9330 feet, it's the highest Zamboni maintained skating lake in North America.


8 weeks of group lessons.   Hour long classes.  8 student maximum
$90 includes rental and admission

MONDAYS: 3:30-4:30 **5th and 6th graders

TUESDAYS: 11-12: Homeschool class (all ages)
4:30-5:30 Teen Class (7th grade and above)

WEDNESDAY: 4:30-5:30 3rd and 4th graders

THURSDAYS: 4:30-5:30 1st and 2nd graders

FRIDAYS: 4:30-5:30 5th and 6th graders

** advanced class (these students took from me last year)

Classes run for 8 weeks starting the week of January 5th.
At the end of February we will have a recital where all the students get to skate in group programs.
Private lessons are also available if students wish to have a solo in the recital. Date of recital TBA
Don’t see a class time that works? I am happy to work with your schedule to put together a group class. You are responsible for finding 4-8 students for the class. Contact me for more information.

If you are interested and want to pre-register, please email Angie Miske at:    Subject SKATING
Please mention: Name of skater, Age and Class desired

Angie Miske is a two time US Adult National Champion. She has been coaching off and on since 2000. She is a proud mom of 3 kids. Keystone Lake is the largest, Zamboni maintained lake in North America. 5 acres of fun at 9300 feet.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Super Angie... Kindle books

I'm so proud of my sweet husband. He has written so many books in the past year. And a lot of them are available on kindle basicly, free books!  Please go check them out.

Remember, when you shop small, you support a family. :)

"Author Charles Miske grew up with a love of reading inspired by his mom, who sometimes seemed to never put her books down. As a youth he read youth classics and science fiction. Since then he's been a fan of mountaineering and exploration tales, self-help and how-to books, young adult, paranormal romance, thriller, and horror.

His writing history goes back to the 90's with regional health and new age publications, and fanzines. With an extensive list of autobiographical mountaineering books as well as fitness books to his credit, he's now branching out into fiction. Keep an eye out for his upcoming series, a post zombie apocalypse dystopian romance

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Super Angie...things I've learned

This past year has been a year of trials.  I found this quote this morning (which is great because I just heard Elder Scott speak on Sunday at our Stake Conference broadcast).  I can even hear his voice when I read this quote.

I have learned this year, that it's time to RAISE THE BAR. It's time to stop being complacent. It's time to make new goals. Make new realities for my family. It's time to put God before everything else.  Often I think we get set in our ways. We get lazy. We have a testimony for sure, but we let the things of the world get into our life. It's time to step out. It's time to show MORE devotion. To develop MORE peace.

In Mosiah, in the Book of Mormon, we read that in the Church of God they preached Repentence, Peace and Faith. What more do you need?

I'm thankful this morning for the peace God brings to my life through living Apostles who speak today. I'm thankful for a prophet who leads our church in ways of Righteousness. I'm thankful for the holy spirit that speaks to my heart.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Super Angie.. Family

To do...Family history.
Family Home Evenings
Family prayer
Family scripture study
Family temple attendance

Friday, August 29, 2014

Super Angie... we did it!

Today, something incredible happened. I promoted to SENIOR TEAM LEAD (STL). And one of my team members, Barb, promoted to TEAM LEAD.  I am so thrilled for both of us. And for our entire team. 

Write down your goals.
Let other's know your goals.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Super Angie... words

I gave Tanith a picture of Jesus holding a lamb.
Tanith- Did Jesus marry Mary?
Me- Mary was his mother
Tanith- okay, but who was Mary who had the lamb?
Me- umm??
Tanith- you know, "Mary had a little lamb"

Super Angie...Super mother nature

 Today on the way to school, we saw this beautiful moose
 It was so exciting!
After we saw the moose, the day continued to get great. A rainbow. An Eagle. And a sea-gull with a fish.

Mother Nature is awesome

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Super Angie...SUPER CAUSE

Dear Friends. My 19 yr old nephew fought hard and won the battle against Hodgkin's. I'm raising money for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk. Please consider buying something from this origami owl link. Even a $5 charm goes a long ways. I will be giving 100% of my commission to this foundation.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Super Angie... watering yourself to grow

Blessings come in GOD'S TIME  not ours. 

Let that soak in. Absorb it. 

The best things in life take time to grow.  You have to water your plants as seeds or else you will never see the blooms, right?

It's easy to get anxious and want blessings to come quicker. This is human nature. If we sing to the Lord with Thanksgiving, and count our blessings, we will change our focus from "what we think we deserve" to "what we already have received".

Start a gratitude journal. Write in it daily.  Not just when someone on FB challenges you. Not just during November.  But do it daily!

The greatest blessing I've found is... FIND THE SILVER LININGS IN YOUR DIFFICULTIES.
 Last week, our family went to Winter Quarters, the site where the Mormon pioneers spent the winter on their trek west.
 It was cold. It was snowy.  It was yucky! They were on the banks of the Missouri River. There was sickness. They lived in small cabins.  There were many deaths.

 And yet, with all these trials, they never lost their gratitude.

So, don't get discouraged dear friends. Life is hard. There are ups and downs and more downs and some ups.  Its tricky.  It always has been. But if you take time to water yourself, count your blessings and find the silver linings in your problems, life DOES get better and you will notice God's blessings showering down all around you.

Comments?  What do you think? Find me on FB.

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping