Saturday, June 30, 2007

Super Angie...adventures in Babysitting

Saturday night! Yea!

We hired a really awesome BYU student to watch the kids tonight. After they went to bed, she ironed some shirts, started some wash, folded some clothes, cleaned the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher and started it...USING LIQUID DISH SOAP NOT DISHWASHER SOAP!

I heard something strange, so I opened up the dishwasher to find bubbles and bubbles and well, like Dallin would say, "150 Bubbles!" But seriously, there were more then 150 bubbles. We are talking super jumbo bubbles. Imagine dumping a box of detergent into a public fountain and then watching all the bubbles bubble out, onto the sidewalk and down the street...yeah, thats what this was like. DH went down stairs to grab something and noticed the bubbles had found their way under the kitchen floor and down into the basement into some of his boxes and electronics. Oh fun.

Well, all is well now. We got it to stop making bubbles, we cleaned up the floor and now we just have a very fresh smelling kitchen.

Ah, the adventures we go through...
Signing off..Super Angie

Friday, June 29, 2007

Super Angie...summer vacation screaming

So my ex took the boys to the CA for a week, so Rick and I decided to go to his homeland of Wisconsin and take the baby. We flew and she did fabulous! She didn't even cry! turns out she doesn't like rental cars or hotel rooms. She SCREAMED the whole time. Some have told us that maybe she missed her brothers and thats why she screamed...I don't know. All I know is that we stayed for two nights and came home. (Originally we were gonna be gone for a week!!!)

Ahhh, the fun of traveling with kids.

Signing off..>Super Angie (super tired of screaming kids!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Super Angie...back yard splash

Today I sat in the tiny little blow up back yard swimming pool with the boys and had a blast. The kids enjoyed showing me all the many ways (looked the same to me) they could jump into the pool and splash me. There was the "Dragon Splash", "Giraffe Splash", "Power ranger splash" ...the list goes on and on.

I remember as a kid never wanting to get out of our back yard pool. I remember a bright orange snorkel and mask and how I trained myself to use it (meaning, I could actually breathe through it!) and I would snorkel for coins and toys in the foot and half deep water.

I also remember my mom always being outside with me while I did this; sitting in a lawn chair reading a book.

Ahh...summer time. It was 100 degrees today and I actually sort of enjoyed it. GASP!

Super Angie signing off... wonder if my WHITE legs will ever get even a tiny bit tan...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Super Angie...super barfing

So, what do you get when you mix a three year old with a plate full of pasta and then 20 minutes later, physical exercise in the middle of Nordstroms? BARFING!!!

It was fantastic. We had a great lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and then we went shopping in the mall. Everyone was well behaved. It was so harmonious! I found some great deals and got some really pretty new shirts. Then we went to Nordstroms. I guess the escalators there act like dog whistles to kids--when a kid sees the escalators, they can't help but want to travel up and down on them, often going the wrong direction, but only kids can hear the escalators calling to them (just like only dogs can hear those whistles).

There I was, in heaven. Dh had charge of the kids and I was ALONE in a changing room, trying on fabulous clothes--one in particular that my DH had found for me. It fit so beautifully and he told me to get it. Just then I heard Brennan (3) screaming. Instantly I thought "he fell down" or "he lost his way and is trying to figure out where in the store I am" (meanwhile, DH is thinking, "his shoe lace got stuck in the escalator and hes scared hes gonna get gobbled up by it" or "
the employees are yelling at him to stop running on the escalator" ). So off I went running to find Brennan. Suddenly a blond lady turned to me and said, "hes over there. hes throwing up". OH WONDERFUL. Sure enough, I reach my sweet Brennan just as he empties his stomach onto my feet. Crap! He is screaming and very stinky. I start walking him towards the bathroom. Some employees come over to offer help (I apologized a million times for the mess...they were sooo nice about it and even brought him a water). Barf again by the cute dresses. Barf again by the drinking fountain. Barf as we walk into the bathroom. Barf into the toilet. Scream, barf, scream, barf...sob sob sob. I got him all settled down and cleaned him up the best I could (and cleaned my foot). What a day. Dh ended up buying me the beautiful top and we left the mall..walking slowly with a very stinky three year old.

Yea for Super Moms and Super Employees and Super DH and Super kids!

Signing off...Super Angie

Friday, June 15, 2007

Super Angie...a proud moment

Today was the last day of Rock Climbing Camp for Dallin. He was invited to come an hour early to class and enjoy a reptile show. I thought Brennan would enjoy seeing this too, so we all went. Glad we did because Dallin was picked to hold a snake! He had an interesting look in his eyes...I couldn't quite tell if he was scared, nervous or just wanting to be careful with the snake.

What a great kid!

Super Angie signing off...

Super Angie takes on the movies, LOWES, and visiting teaching!

I rarely take my kids to the movies...they won't sit still, they whine about the movie and its just easier to rent the DVD and watch it at home as a family. But with my DH being gone this week, I decided to treat the kids. So we took my 9 yr old neice and off we went to see SURF'S UP. First: its a cute movie...for older kids and adults. I loved the documentary styling. But the following will tell you what my 6 yr old really thought... We were getting into the car afterwards and he said, "Mama, what was that movie about?" Enough said.

My three year old enjoyed the movie...well, I should change that. He enjoyed sitting next to me, eating popcorn. As long as the big tub of popcorn was in his laugh, he sat. One peice at a time. It just kept being piled into his mouth. I did enjoy watching him laugh and giggle even though he clearly had no idea what the movie was about.

Tanith was bareable. It would have been better if she had fallen asleep in her carseat like I told her to, but she didn't, so I made the best of the situation. She pooped and of course I had left the diapers and stuff in the car, so I sat with her in my arms the whole movie, hoping and praying that she couldn't leak. Luckily she didn't leak and I was able to enjoy her and the movie.

Earlier in the day, I had the overwhelming urge to go to LOWES. I swear, ever since I got those Scnetsy candles, I have been doing home improvements. My house has never looked so good. So, I took Brennan and Tanith and off we went to the lawn and garden section. We bought 4 big planters and a hanging basket, plus a staff thingy that you stick in your yard and hang the basket from. I didn't get stressed. I didn't yell at the kids. In fact I had a good time. And get was actually 90 something degrees and I didn't mind walking around in the heat. WHOA!
After the flower adventure, it was time to go visiting teaching. I piled Brennan and Tanith into the double stroller and actually walked to my lady's house. (Of course I live in Utah, so her house is in my neighborhood, but still!!)

Whoa! I did some super amazing things yesterday. I wonder what I'll accomplish today...

Happiness to all...Super Angie

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Super Angie...super monster

So, we all have those days, mornings, nights --whichever, where we just loose it and instead of being a super mommy, we turn into MONSTER MOM. Well, I am confessing, I had one this morning and am now feeling very guilty.

Why is it that my first reaction to stress is to yell? Am I the only one who yells at her kids? I don't think I am--infact I know I am not. But why do I over react the way I do?

Some questions...maybe someone can answer some of all of these:
*Why does my 6 yr old think he can carry the baby all over the house and even outside?
*Why does my 3 yr old think its okay to turn the outside hose on and off?
*How can a child get yelled at and then 5 minutes later not remember at all and come running up and give you a hug?
*How can a jelly sandwhich and a backyard pool calm all the troubles in the world...for a child anyway?
*Can a jelly sandwhich and a backyard pool calm all of my troubles too? Or is it just for kids?

All, the many life questions of a super mom....

Signing off while eating some Salmon (cooked on a George Forman grill. YUM!)...Super Angie

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Super my house smells great!

Have you ever heard of Scentsy? (My consultant is Staci Little 801-766-2135) I recently had a party for these and now my products have arrived and I LOVE them. Scentsy sells wickless candle wax that you melt in these adorable candle warmers. There are soooo many fabulous scents. My current summer time favorites are "Skinny Dippin" "Lucky in Love" and "Lime Sublime". The fall scents are just amazing too.

Anyway, right now I have a baby nursery scent in Tanith's room, a fresh scent in the boy's bathroom, a sage in my front room and Skinny dippin in the kitchen. Oh yeah, and Lucky in Love in my bedroom. My house smells so great and guess what..AMAZING SUPER MOM MOMENT>>>>I am actually cleaning and decluttering everything because I am so motivated by the smell.-- gosh they should add that to their marketing... "smell our stuff and get motivated". Wonder if it works with weightloss too...hmmmm... ;)

Super Angie does it again!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Super Angie...doing what super moms have to do

So, Dallin had his first day at Rock Climbing camp today. Brennan wasn't happy that big brother got to do something and he didn't, but everything was going okay--no crying or fits. Well, none until Brennan got his finger closed in the door to the rock climbing gym. OUCH! The employees tried helping him--he wouldn't ice it, just a band aid. I bought him a smoothie, hoping this would help take his mind off of it. It did...sort of. He wanted to stay and play and be with Dallin. I told him he couldn't and the big fit began! 3 yr old Trantrum! So, I sent him outside to sit on the patio furniture, where he screamed and screamed. I told him several times, "stop crying and you can come back inside" or "stop crying and you can say good bye to Dallin". Well, of course he didn't stop crying and when I put him in the car, he got worse--"I MISS DALLIN!!!" Give me a freakin break.

After 20 minutes or so, he was "fine" and life was peaceful.

I laid down at 2:30 for my daily afternoon nap. Brennan was watching "Thomas" and Tanith was taking her nap. Perfect...until the gym called at 2:59! Dallin had tripped over a table leg and knocked a tooth loose plus cut his lip pretty good. So, off I go, being a super mom to rescue yet another son in peril.

Now we are home and all is well...except for the yelling of Brennan "I pooped in the potty!! Come wipe my butt!!!!". I guess there are worse things I could hear.

Signing off...Super tired Angie

Super Angie...sleepless in Utah

So, here is the deal...usually I take a small nap around 2pm, or at least I rest. Well, with church starting at 1pm, I couldn't very well lay down on the pew and take a snooze, so I toughed it out. After church, DH told me to take a nap, but I thought, "oh, If I just nap now, I'll be up all night". So, instead I went to bed at 7pm. MISTAKE. Its now 1am and I have been up since midnight. Ho hum...what to do. Surf? Read? Watch TV?

I already wrote a few long emails. Surfed a ton and watched a midnight episode of Hannah Montana (lol)...I think I'll go lay down and will myself to sleep.

Signing off from a not so super night...Super Angie

Friday, June 8, 2007

Super Angie...another amazing feat!

NEWS FLASH EVERYONE! I vacumed! Yes, its true. You can see the floor now in much of my house. Its truely an amazing site. You might be laughing, but seriously folks, with all the things that us moms have to do everyday--diaper needs, clothing our kids, trying to take care of ourselves, being a good wife, cooking or preparing meals, screaming at the kids when they turn on the hose and get soaked right before we are supposed to run some errands......shouldn't we celebrate all the small things that we do accomplish--like vacuming? Sometimes we can get so bogged down with how "perfect" everything should be that we get depressed and feel like we aren't worth anything.

I have been reading lately a great book called, "Better then you think you are" by Ardeth Kapp. I recomend it. She talks about how we actually do have worth and in God's eyes, we are special and cool and awesome and all that. A friend recently reminded me that we are all different and have our own special course in life and that we shouldn't spend time comparing ourselves to others--"Shes better at scrapbooking then me" or "Her cookies taste so amazing" or "she is so fit and strong" or or or.... Instead we need to realize that we have our own special course to be on. I am still learning what my course is all about. Its hard sometimes, but worth it in the end. And its fun for me to see the course my friends are on and how different and yet the same we all are!

So, for me...vacuming is a SUPER thing.

What SUPER thing did YOU do today?

Signing off...Super Angie

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Super Angie..dark and dreary day

HIP HIP HORAY! For the second day in a row, the weather here in Utah has turned Godly. Yes, only those who were raised in the Pacific Northwest will truely appreciate this, but ITS CLOUDY today! Of course my native Utahans complain and wonder how life can continue, but for me, a cloudy day is truely heaven sent. The kids are outside riding bikes without complaining "its so hot!!". The blinds in my house are all open. The pollen count is DOWN! I feel chipper.

So many people complain about summer and about finding a schedule with their kids. I have found a great schedule. Run some errands in the morning, visit "Coffee Creations" --they have THE BEST Carmel Apple Cider ANYWHERE, and their flavored hot chocolates are soooo yummy, visit Rick (from here on out he wants me to refer to him as DH= dear husband) eat lunch, take a nap, read stories to the kids, eat dinner, go rock climbing and go to bed. Seriously...the nap is the kicker! I get Tanith down (she is now 6 months) at 2:00, turn on a TV channel that will play endless hours of cartoons for the boys (Dallin 6, Brennan 3) and off to dreamland I go. Ahhh...mix all this with a cloudy day like today, and its paradise.

Last week I took the kids to Colorado. This is another peice of heaven on earth, in my opinion. We go to Summit County (Breckenridge, Keystone, Dillion, Silverthorne, Frisco). The altitude is 9000 plus feet. It actually snowed on Tuesday and A-Basin was still open for their last weekend of skiing! Crazy, but paradise. I like Summit county for the beauty, but also the weather rocks. Sunrise at 5:30. Bright and sunny but still only 30-40 degrees. Warms up to the 50s-60s and then daily thunder or rain storms in the afternoon. Just heavenly.

I do seem very happy today, don't I? Perhaps its all the drugs. Yeah...I think the drugs do play a part in it. (on heavy Asthma and Allergy drugs right now) Buts thats least I am happy.

Well, thanks to Tara and Emily for inspiring me to make this blog. And thanks to Lori for being my "middle of the night" email buddy. Love ya tons!

So, signing off from another Heroic day...

Super Angie

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping