Monday, July 28, 2014

Super Angie...Origami Owl living

Good Monday Morning ladies! I'm running and rushing around- unpacking, cleaning, packing my lunch for work. PHEW! One thing I learned at convention is...SLOW DOWN!

The "founding fathers of Origami Owl talked about hard it was in the beginning. Did you know they personally sat at their dining room table, HAND STAMPING every single plate? Amazing dedication they had. Sacrifice is apart of being a business woman, but so is striking a balance. Finding a balance in life is so very important.

Have you read the START LIVING YOUR DREAM booklet that came in your starter pack? If not, find it and read it this week. Start filling it out. Start scheduling yourself- How much time will you spend on your business each day? Find your balance! Striking that balance in your life is so very important. One of the speakers at Convention was Dr. Casey Reason. He talked about Knowing your Priorities and Knowing your Purpose. Today, please draw 6 circles on a paper. Write in each circle, ONE THING that is most important in your life. Our minds and physical bodies can only manage 6-8 things at a time. If you try to do too much stuff, you will burn out. You'll over heat. You'll fall into depression. My circles: Family. Spiritual Life, Origami Owl, Fitness/health, Human networking and my work at Keystone.

Notice how keeping my house Martha Stewart clean wasn't on that list? Making sure I was in perfect shape for a figure skating competition wasn't on that list. Cooking gourmet meals was not on that list. Those things aren't bad. Infact those are all really great. BUT they can't be on my list right now because I physically and mentally can't handle it. If I tried being in top form right now to skate and compete, something else on my list would need to go away. It's about balance. Love you ladies so much. I'm here for you!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Super Angie...get control

Lesson for this week... when life is spiraling OUT OF CONTROL and you feel like everything is fighting against you, turn your focus on what's most important.

Example:  I've been working 8-10 hour days (on the 4th of July I worked 13 1/2 hours). I'm so tired. My schedule is such that I go to work at 9am and come home at 7:30pm.  I don't have time to run the errands I need to and I feel like everything is slipping away from me.  I want to do laundry and shop, and go to the post office and get my hair cut and I haven't skated in a month (I fired my coach) and and AND!!!!  But there is no time. And I just start freaking out.  Then I remember- What matters most. Prayer. Scripture Study. Church attendance. Family.  When I put my focus on THOSE things, suddenly everything else takes a back seat and I can handle life. It doesn't mean I suddenly have time to skate, or that my errands get done, but what it does mean is that my soul is at peace.

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping