Friday, February 17, 2012

Super year

Today marks the one year anniversary since my mom died. She was my best friend. We talked every single day. She was my biggest fan and supporter. I still miss you mommy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Super Angie...getting healthy part 4-- your family

special occasion pizza on the last day of vacation

So you have decided its time for a change, but how can you get the rest of your family on board for changing their diet and their routine? After all, can you handle it when they are chowing down on that nightly bowl of chocolate chunk ice cream while you eat an apple?

First, remember step by step. Don't change everything at once or else a riot will break loose!Fun plate full at a Christmas party- some healthy, some not. Servings kept in check and this was considered our meal--we didn't have a burger after the party. This plate is clearly enough calories to be considered a meal!

Second, don't buy the bad stuff. PERIOD. If its in the house, someone, somewhere at sometime will want to eat it--including you. So...if you are trying to eat better, to eat CLEANER, then the whole fam needs to do it. Got it?
Summer trip to the ice cream parlor-- complete with costumes!

If your kids currently snack on chips, ice cream, candy, red bull...then you need to make some big changes and STAT!

Changes that aren't too scary to make:
Instead of Fruit Snacks, choose natural fruit leather.
Instead of greasy chips, choose whole grain crackers and cheddar cheese or pretzels.
Instead of ice cream, choose Non-fat plain yogurt with frozen fruit mixed in.
Instead of cookies, choose granola bars, protein bars, trail mix
Frozen Yogurt after I won the GOLD medal at the Utah Winter Games

Other staples to have on hand:
  • Individual apple sauces
  • Individual peaches and pears
  • Yogurt--not the gooey squeeze type
  • Veggies- already cut up and ready to grab. My kids love having baby carrots in their lunch and guess what...NO DIP. Yes, we are talking about a 2nd grade BOY who LOVES to eat carrots with nothing on them. Your child can be next!
  • Yogurt covered raisins--such a treat!
  • Frozen grapes
  • Turkey sausage
  • Veggie sausage
  • Salsa- we add real salsa to lots of things. Eggs, black beans and yes even Tortilla chips.
  • string cheese

Easy Peasy after school snack- plain yogurt with banana mixed in. Notice the serving size is correct-- 1 cup of yogurt

Now before you start imaging a horrible childhood with out all those favorite treats, STOP! You don't have to! Just don't keep those in the house. Make those special treat. Our family LOVES going out for frozen yogurt. We pile our bowls high with all the best treats...but that's the thing--its a TREAT. Its a special occasion.

MY favorite treat- Frozen Yogurt with all the toppings!

What about going out for milkshakes? Pie at your favorite diner? SURE! But make it special. Your kids will LOVE that, I promise. Put the phones away and have a fun night out where everyone talks. Good for your health and good for your family--bonus!

YOU can take control and change not only your health but how your kids view food as well.

--Super Angie

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Super Angie...getting healthy part 3- eating

I have a lot of friends who are trying to lose weight. Its one thing to look at someone who has always been super fit and healthy and take their advice, but I get more inspired by someone who WAS overweight, changed their life and now are fit and healthy. I get a lot of inspiration from my husband who has lost 50 lbs in the past 3 years. I follow much of what he has learned through numerous fitness and health seminars. Its his hobby.

I don't proclaim to know it all. I have my eating faults and my eating failures. Its a journey and each day is new--ups and downs. I'm not perfect but I'm learning.

So with all that said... here are some tips to get someone started, or help someone who needs a boost.

WATER. Drink water. AND ONLY WATER. Did you know that Diet sodas have been linked with cancer and heart attacks? Don't be fooled. Fake sugar in Diet drinks does horrible things to your body. Just say NO! Drink water all day. Drink so much that you have to use the bathroom all the time. Its GOOD. Flushes out toxins. Helps keep you full and is good for your skin.

VEGGIES. Don't put sauces and stuff on your veggies. Americans have this horrible habit of taking something heathly and smoothering the health out of it with sauces and dips. Re-train yourself to enjoy veggies raw or steamed with nothing added. Chances are you get enough salt in other parts of your diet, you don't need the added salt on your veggies. And remember... the more dark veggies you eat, the better. I like to think of veggies as being free- so eat up. The calories in Veggies won't hurt you.

FRUITS. Apples and berries are so good for you. Filling and good fiber. Here is some great info about why you should eat more berries! I buy a bag of frozen berries and add them to a bowl of non-fat plain yogurt. I actually just have 1/4 cup or less of yogurt with a TON of berries. Its like a yummy treat. Really takes the edge off if I'm feeling stressed or I'm having cravings. Berries are my GO TO SNACK!

. I am ON THE GO. I drive 40 minutes each way to the ice rink and M-F I often go there twice in one day. So I am in the car A LOT. I plan out my eating for the day with a food journal. I write down what I am taking with to eat. This way, I have already scheduled to eat those things. I also take with A LOT of stuff so that there is NO WAY I can be hungry and run out of food--thus I won't suddenly feel the need to go somewhere and grab a sandwhich.
Things I take with:
  • apple slices
  • hard boiled eggs
  • nuts
  • protein shake
  • berries
  • raw veggies

Other possibilities (things I don't take with but you might like)

  • string cheese
  • banana
  • chocolate milk
  • deli meat
  • protein bar
  • frozen grapes
  • trail mix
  • air popped popcorn

Having things easy and ready to go is the key. Pack stuff that is filling but low in calories, so you can eat more. The snacking bug gets me fast. I just like snacking. So I pick things that are "free" to snack on--like veggies. Pack a small cooler if you need to keep perishables cold. And always remember to pack extra water.

I don't care if the commercials tell you they've changed their recipes and they have something super healthy. JUST SAY NO! If you pre-plan, there should be no need to go to McDonalds or someplace else. You will save money and improve your health. Try it for a week. Give up all fast food for just 7 days. Write down your moods and how you physically feel. I promise you, you will see health improvements.

So there are some starter tips. Pick one or two of these. Don't over burden yourself by changing everything at once. Line upon Line. Here a little, there a little. You will be far more successful if you approach weight loss with this attitude.

--Super Angie

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Super Angie... Valentine's Day 2012

My biggest Valentine!
I gave him this box of truffles from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. mmm
love love love
Dallin chowing down on his Hersey Kiss
LOVE STINKS! hee hee
Rick and his bear
Tanith got a monkey
yea for goodie bags!
And princess kitten cards
Silly Brennan
He was SOOOO excited to get this Hersey Kiss
This kid cracks me up!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Super Angie...getting healthy part 2- GET MOVING!

We have all heard the saying "EAT LESS MOVE MORE". and believe it or not, it actually is that simple.


Stretching!- Before any workout, make sure you stretch and warm up. This can be as simple as bending over and touching your toes (doing stretches on your own) or meeting with a trainer, taking yoga, or doing a pilates video. Some people really love doing a warm up jog before they start their workout. Others like to skip rope. Do yourself and your body a favor and warm up properly before you do any type of exercise. Even sitting on your living room floor, watching the morning news can be turned into a nice stretching session. (pic- Emily Samuelson and Todd Gilles- US figure skaters)

Get Active Together! No matter what you do, doing it with a buddy is more fun, right? So find a friend, or talk to your spouse. The sky is the limit on what you can do together. (pic- my friends Laura and Doug- husband and wife)

Try something NEW! I live in Utah and because of the 2002 Olympics, we have LOTS of venues here that offer classes. Wanna try Bobsled? you can! Wanna learn to Speed Skate? YOU CAN! I have tried Luge and Speedskating--super super fun. Check your local area and see if there are any special sports you can try. Even if you decide its not for you, its still something you can check off your bucket list. (pic- my friend Jen when she competed internationally in bobsled)

Team Sports- my kids are not into team sports but they love to just kick the ball around. Running around in the park, chasing a soccer ball with your kids is something anyone can do--whether you have ever played the sport or not. Lots of cities have local rec teams you can join, if you want something a little more organized. Check with neighborhood churches as well. Many have a set night a week for group basketball or volleyball and they don't charge for you to come join them. (pic- my son Dallin playing with members of the REAL SALT LAKE pro soccer team)

We all know I LOVE Figure Skating. Did you know that some rinks have really nice discounts on a seasons pass to a public session? Why not go skate for 30 minutes during your lunch break? Noon day publics are rarely crowded and crazy. Even if you have never taken a skating lesson, just renting skates and giving it a try will give you a great workout. For an extra workout, take your kids. Friendly competition can get you skating faster and keep your heart rate up longer. (Pic- me and my Skate for Hope friends- Becky, Stacey, Carrie and Sammi)

Walks. Going for a walk down by the river, or just around your block. It gets you outside and gets you moving. Try walking around a mall if the weather is bad. Walks are something you can do as a family too. How about an evening walk after dinner?

Treadmill workouts! I know people often call the treadmill the DREADMILL but I really like it. I use my treadmill workout as the time I catch up on TV shows or movies. Make a date with your treadmill.

Biking. I grew up biking long distance with my dad and brothers. My brothers still do races and have a lot of fun doing it. They enjoy the challenge of setting a goal-- like the Seattle to Portland ride. They also have fun joining biking clubs or riding with a friend. (pic- my brother Jeff and his friend Scott)

Running. I have lots of friends who run. Some of them only run for exercise--just a few miles a week. Others love the challenge of races. There are so many races, if you want to set a goal to try one. 5K, 10K, Marathons. There are also down hill races, up hill races, back country trail runs. There are also lots of fun obstacle races--like the Muddy Buddy. I personally can not run. My knees are not made for it. But I know lots of people who love it. One bit of advice. If you are really over weight, don't start running. Walk first and build up to it slowly. Running can be really hard on your joints. There are lots of great websites out there with training schedules for runners. (pic- my friend Brad- in the yellow and my husband Rick with his very muddy shoe after runing the Aspen Backcountry Marathon) Here is one good one.

Needing some inspiration? Read my friend's blog-

ROCK CLIMBING/Mountaineering! Rock climbing is actually what got me on the fitness kick. We joined a local climbing gym and I took classes. I highly recommend taking climbing classes. I have seen too many people walk into the world of rock climbing and think that they are so cool and end up teaching themselves horrible technique. I'll talk more about some good training tips for rock climbing in a later post. Rock climbing is so good for your whole body and despite what people think, its not about hand strength, its all about your feet and legs. Core strength comes into play as well. In the first 6 months of rock climbing, I lost 15 lbs. Rock climbers as a whole tend to be a very green group who like to live more healthy. Great people.

Is climbing Mt. Rainer on your bucket list? If so, what is stopping you? Did you know there are online training courses designed to get you shape so you can do it? There are numerous guide companies who lead reasonably priced weekend trips. Check out this blog for great tips and inspiration. (pic- my friend Ann - rock climbing in Colorado and my husband Rick- high altitude mountaineering)

Dancing! There are endless possibilities for dancing. Community classes, studios, videos, dance clubs. Zumba is insanely popular right now, as is Ballet Barre classes. Love the TV show, Dancing with the Stars? What is STOPPING YOU from trying it? (pic- my friend Kellyn)


Make one small change today. Try something new or get back into something you did as a teen. Find a buddy, schedule a class. Join a club. Or buy some running shoes and then feel committed to use them instead of letting your money go to waste as they sit in the hall closet?

I have some really amazing friends. Friends who get up at 5am every day so they can run to the YMCA and do a bootcamp class before their husband goes off to work. I have friends that despite never being active as a child, have now experienced the thrill of running 26.2 miles. I have friends who have overcome physical challenges by joining a local dance class.

If they can do it, why can't you?
--Super Angie

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Angie...getting healthy part 1

Recently people have been asking me how I have lost weight in the past several years and have kept it off --within basically 5 lbs. How I went from a size 12 down to a size 4/6 (at one time even a size 2). How, even though I weigh the same in the above picture as I do in the below picture, my body has completely changed.
August 2005
A lot of my success was due to following the advice from Seven Summits Body. This blog and also counseling sessions with the founder have given me the tools I have needed to change my diet and exercise. I have also found the counseling to be useful in re-assessing my goals and what is working and what doesn't work. There is not one sure-fire way to lose weight and get healthy. What works for Mary might not work for Sarah. I have loved that Seven Summits Body recognizes that I am my own unique person.

Everyone knows that I figure skate. But that is not the secret to me losing weight.
It is HARD being a mom. I know this first hand. There is so much to do. So many hormone changes. Often, you are just tired. I have also been on medication that has made it hard to lose fat. So I understand what many woman go through.

I hope that by seeing these before and after photos that others can see that despite being tired, despite being a busy mom, despite being on medication that makes weight loss really difficult, its not IMPOSSIBLE!

Stay tuned for more on my journey to becoming a Healthier and smaller Super Angie!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Angie...happy belly

I have been having intestinal problems for a while now. Finally this weekend I changed my entire diet to a more natural way of eating and I'm happy to say...intestinal problems are solved and I've lost a bit of weight. Its so nice to have a healthy body again and not feel sick all the time.

--Super Angie

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Angie...Utah Winter Games 2012

My freeskate program. Even with the mistake on the lutz and camel, I still placed 1st out of 6.

Super Angie...Utah Winter Games

Last night I competed at the Utah Winter Games. I have wanted to compete at these for a long time but was never eligible. Finally this year I took the tests that made it so I could. My dad threw this beautiful bouquet on the ice for me. Gorgeous!
Paul, Trish, Andy, Tyler, Kylee, my dad and my kids all came. It was so nice having such a huge group of family support there.
Brianna Hatch is such a loving and wonderful coach.
My little Tanni and me!
Even with two mistakes (Camel spin apparently didn't get the memo that I was doing it so it failed to show up and Lutz/Loop/Loop didn't happen) I still earned the gold medal. I was shocked.
This is Amy. She got the bronze. Such a sweet competitor with a strong program.
Charlene came and supported me. I'm so glad she was there. What an awesome friend! And she even threw a tossie on the ice.

This competition was a lot of fun. My asthma was REALLY bad, not sure why. I got a lot of compliments on my dress, which was very nice. I hope I made the audience and judges happy.

--Super Angie

Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Angie...Pandora Unforgettable Moments of Love on Ice- Backstage!

Last week, Rick and I had front row seats for LOVE ON ICE. It was a great show, full of so many champions. My heros. The best part was we got to go to a reception afterwards and mingle with all the skaters. I told them all that I skate and that I just landed my axel and they were so supportive and excited for me. :) Great evening!

Kimmie Meisner
Steven Cousins
Ben Agosto
Joannie Rochette
Nancy Kerrigan
Kristi Yamaguchi
Sasha Cohen
Katia Gordeeva
Miki Ando
Illia Kulik
Ryan Bradley

Kurt Browning

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping