Sunday, November 30, 2008

Super Angie...Deck the halls

We spent a HOLLY JOLLY morning, putting up our Christmas decorations. Its a winter wonderland of marshmallow dreams. What Child Is This, we ponder as we set up our Little Town of Bethlehem which reminds us of that Silent Night so long ago... Feliz Navidad we sing as we enjoy the new nativity Rick brought us from Ecuador. Oh Tannenbaum...such wonderful memories from Last Christmas. We are really Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree as we hang up our ornaments that we have collected from around the world. JOY TO THE WORLD! Since 1995, on my Grown-Up Christmas List , I have wished to have a German Advent Wreath hanging in my entry, and this year, my wish finally came true! Santa Baby (rick), helped me put it up! I can now truthfully sing O Du Froehliche...I am so happy!! I think I heard Dallin say "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" and well, it was true--Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and I celebrate this with my collections of Santas from around the world--particularly my Russia Santa with a stick. Frosty the Snowman and his friends sit playfully in our front entry hoping for a White Christmas this year. It truely is The Most Wonderful Time of The Year! My red bulb Christmas tree makes me think of Christmastime in Tinseltown and a little bit of Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer. Up on the House Top of all our neighbors are lots of lights, but all we did outside was hang garland--and now it just feels like Christmas.
Do You Hear What I Hear? Hark the Herald Angels Sing...or is that just my kids singing The Chipmunk Christmas much fun! :)

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!
--Super Angie

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Super like its 1999

A few days ago I posted about the 20 lbs I have lost and my new watch I got. That took me down to a weight I hadn't been since I got married to Rick (which only lasted a few months--I think it was divorce stress weight loss), but before that, I hadn't been that weight since before I got pregnant with Dallin. Phew!

Now, I have moved past that weight and now I'm back to my weight in 1999! LETS PARTY! (thinking of Prince of course).

Loosing weight in 2008 sure feels great!

I leave for China in 2 days (Monday night).

--Super Angie

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Super Angie...Happy Turkey Day

Brennan is such a funny kid. He was so excited over different things on the table.
He ate and ate and ate.
and ate and ate...
Look at that dimple!
Isn't this the funniest face?
Look at those eyes!
Tan is happy about Thanksgiving! (She loves olives)
Our family minus Tanith--she was napping at the begining of dinner.
One of Dallin's cookie creations.
It was fun decorating cookies with my boys.
Notice Brennan's mouth is all red from the frosting.

Our plans for Thanksgiving this year were up in the air. We are allergic to dogs, so we can't go to my brother's house, so we decided to go to Vegas to visit Rick's mom and our great friend Sarah. But then with all the traveling (to Ecuador and next week to China), we decided it would just be too crazy. So we planned on staying home and not really doing anything big. But then a nice couple in our ward invited us over for dinner. Yea! BUT then we found out they have a dog too, so that was out of the question. They felt bad, so they brought us all their fixings--A turkey, gravy mix, stuffing, olives, cranberries and a pumpkin pie!

We had a wonderful family day--we went out in the morning, got warm drinks from Beany's (pumpkin hot chocolate was actually good today--amazing!), did some shopping at Walgreens and Smith's and then came home. I helped the kids decorate cookies and then we enjoyed a slide show of Rick's travels to Ecuador. The pictures are incredible! WAY TO GO BABY!

Lunch was great. Rick cooked the turkey and it tasted wonderful. The kids were all good eaters, even Tan. Afterwards, Rick mowed the lawn, I weeded and together we did a few Christmas decorations and Rick replaced some light bulbs outside-THANKS HONEY!

This evening, we all watched the last two episodes of The Amazing Race which Rick had missed while on his trek. It was just so nice to all be home together with really nothing in particular that had to be done...

--Super Angie

Super Angie...a jumpin' birthday party.

Dallin turns 8 while we are in China next week, so we had his birthday early at Kangaroo Zoo. All the kids had so much fun, jumping, running, screaming, playing and laughing. The cake was an Omnitrix cake, from BEN 10, which was a huge hit.


--Super Angie

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Super Angie...20lbs BYE BYE!

I did

I have droped 20 lbs since September and I have reached my reward weight. So, what did I reward myself with? A Dolce & Gabana Watch. --last year when I went to China, I bought an awesome fake D&G watch and loved it so much. Of course, it broke (as all fake watches do). I'm so proud of myself and so excited about my new watch. Heres a pic of me right after my morning workout and weigh in wearing my new prize and holding the cute box and bag the watch came in.

Now on to my next goal and my next reward....

--Super Angie

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Super Angie...Super Julie

My dear sweet friend Julie surprised us tonight by coming to Dallin's birthday party with an extra gift---freshly homemade whole wheat bread. We could hardly wait to dig in. Rick and I shared a slice with jam, Brennan had his with butter, and Dallin had a PB&J sandwhich. Mmmmm...

Thanks Julie!!!

--Super Angie
PS...when Dallin found out that Julie had made it, he exclaimed, "SHE JUST MADE THIS?!!!" --I think he thought that couldn't be done.

Super Angie...cute pics

Tan got spoiled by both of my brother's and their spouses. The hair bows are from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Laura.
The dress if from Uncle Paul and Aunt Trish (Ah Fish--thats how Tan says it)

The tights are from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Laura. They have candy on them and Tan LOVES that.
Rick brought so many gifts home. Here he is (SKINNY!!!) with Brennan and the funky fun rainbow hat he brought him. Brennan loved it so much that he slept with it!
Tanith got a hat too. She loves it as well, although last night she was very tired and cranky.
She screamed last night about this sweater her daddy gave her, but today, she gladly put it on to go play outside.

--Super Angie

Super Angie...where oh where did Rick go?

5% body fat lost...he aparently left it in Quito! He looks awesome. Climbing high alpine mountains is a great weightloss program. Burning 7-8 thousand calories a day and being above 15,000 feet--well, it just makes ya skinny, and BOY OH BOY is Rick skinny! He actually gained muscle while he was down there too.

My baby is back and everyone is so happy at our house. The kids are talking non-stop to him. He came bearing gifts. (I took pics and will post later.)

I'm just thrilled to have him home.

--Super Angie.
PS...on Antisana, it wasn't that they were sinking in snow, nope. They were falling into the cervasses!!! Good thing they turned around. The conditions made it almost impossible to see the cervasses...scary!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Super Angie...Germany's Next Top Model

When I work out on the treadmill in our basement, I like to watch reality shows--especially Next Top Model shows, so Rick has gotten me the Aussie seasons which I LOVE and tonight, I watched Germany's Next Top Model. It was in German, with English subtitles. I was amazed at how I understood...very fun! :) Its hosted by Heidi Klum and her German is just so easy to understand. Love it! Anyway, in honor of the show, here are some pics the kids and I had done this past week at Costco in Lehi. Abelia Photography was there for a limited time and Nicole just took fabulous pictures. Danke!

--Super Angie

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping