Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Super Angie...late night visitor

I had just gotten done with my 4th workout for the day (two 40+ minute sessions on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the bike and 15 on the row machine). I was sweaty and gross and laying on the floor to watch Dancing with the Stars when suddenly the doorbell rang. Rick was kind enough to go see who it was...it was MY CRAZY FRIEND LESLEIGH! Her darling and ultra sweet daughter, Kayleigh, made me a cupcake! She did the rose herself--PRETTY DANG GOOD, especially considering that she isn't even 9 yet (her birthday is in a few days). WHOA! I think Lesleigh might have a great helper on her hand--her first employee? ;)

Anyway, the cupcake is beautiful--Tiffany Blue--who doesn't love something Tiffany Blue, right? And its a JUMBO size cupcake...fabulous! I am sure this cupcake will keep my tummy very happy on the drive to Zion tomorrow.

Thanks so much my dear sweet Kayleigh and Lesleigh.

--Super Angie

Super Angie...and the winner is!!! DALLIN!

Yesterday Dallin came home from school wearing a GOLD MEDAL for having read the most amount of minutes in the whole second grade! The read a thon lasted for two weeks (14 days) and Dallin read over 700 minutes total!!! He won this medal and a blue bouncy ball, got to eat ice cream, got a certificate and I think he got some candy too. But the coolest thing, to him, was the $15 gift card to TOYS R US!

Dallin, we are all soooo proud of you! And we really appreciate everyone who sponsored Dallin and pledged money for the read a thon!
--Super Angie

Super Angie...ready set GO!

Today I am busy getting ready for our trip tomorrow to ZION to stay in the cabins. I can't wait! :)

But amidst the hussel and bussel of packing and getting menus planned ect, I was able to escape this morning for breakfast with my dear friend Lesleigh. I just adore this girl! Its like one giant Seinfeld episode when the two of us get together. LOL We ate and ate and talked about gaining weight and how depressing it is, so we ate and ate and ate some more! LOL

Afterwards, I made my way to the new Cedar Hills Walmart. This was my first trip there and I have to say I'M IMPRESSED. I'm NOT a fan of Walmart, but this one is tiny, clean, well lit, not cluttered or over stocked. And miracle of all miracles, there wasn't a single line to check out! I think I may go more often to Walmart, since its so close.

Other news: Yu-Na Kim won the figure skating World Championships. While I really respect her skating and there is no denying that she did fabulous and is the first person to score over 200 points, I just don't care much for her skating. On the other hand, I LOVE Rachel Flatt of the US, Fumie Suguri and Mao Asada of Japan. My rant: NBC, USFSA, ICENETWORK.COM and THE ISU all need to do some serious thinking. How totally stupid that NBC only broadcast the ladie's long program and didn't even show both American ladies who competed. I mean COME ON! Worlds was held in LA this year. Sure the commentating was well done and in many ways is better then ABC but only the ladies long?! They did show Evan's free skate that won him the gold, but what about our dance teams and pair teams? Frustrating. I sure hope they all get their stupid act together so we can enjoy the Olympic year and get to know the skaters better with more coverage leading up to the events. For NBC to only show one night of WORLDS and not much more covereage of Nationals is just plain stupid! No wonder TV viewership is down from years past!

Okay, enough rant. lol But still speaking of skating, I'm taking my primary class ice skating on Saturday April 11th at the Peaks Arena in Provo. Originally it was gonna be only for my primary kids, but now I have decided to just invite everyone and anyone...so if you want to skate, come! Noon. And make sure to dress like a skater! :) (and if you want to learn to spin or jump, I will give a mini lesson)

Can't wait for Zion tomorrow!
--Super Angie

Monday, March 30, 2009

Super Angie.... WERC

Last year Rick filmed me at Momentum for a hopeful segment on Good Things Utah. They were running a contest where viewers could send in a video about "Their Good Things"--things they enjoy doing around Utah.

So, with the help and co-operation of the gym, we filmed this segment. It turned out sounding more like a commercial for the ladies program at the gym, but it was still fun to shoot. But look at me! I have lost so much weight since then.

--Super Angie

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Super Angie...dancing with the stars--fantasy season

Rick and I were talking about Dancing with the Stars and came up with this fantasy season.

Ashlee Simpson
Mylie Cyrus

Justin Timberlake

What do you think? Who would you add to the line up?

--Super Angie

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Super Angie...a beautiful day for a baptism

Today was a beautiful day for a baptism! Dallin's friend Ryann was baptized this morning. We went to the wonderful event and saw many friends from school and met some of Ryann's aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins.
Then Ryann's mom, Super Julie, invited everyone back to their house for a huge beautiful luncheon. This was a very nice spread; three types of meat to choose from, two green salads, on pasta type of salad (I think), chips galore, as many strawberries as there were at the moment in the whole state of Utah (I SWEAR! I have never seen so many berries! and man oh man...they were fresh and yummy!). Oranges, crackers, dips....it was really nice. And then the centerpiece of everything was a gorgeous cake fit for a queen. Julie had spent all week preparing for this cake which she made from scratch. The rolled fondant turned out great, as did all the fondant flowers. But the cake tasted even better then it looked. I mean, I really felt like I was a wedding, rather then a baptism party. Fabulous!

It was nice visiting with Super Julie and Super Shannon. Classmates of Dallin's were there and everyone just had a wonderful time.

Thanks Julie for inviting us and CONGRATS to Ryann. I'm proud of you for making the choice to be baptized!

--Super Angie

Super Angie...double date

Last night our friends Super Tiffany and Tyler took advantage of our monthly free passes and joined us for a hot date at Momentum. Tyler used to climb a lot, so it only took him a minute to get back in the groove and I must say, he was pretty dang good--especially in bouldering! Tiffany has climbed a few times, but since she had played tennis earlier in the day, she was already wiped out. She had fun, none-the-less.

We worked some top rope routes and then went to the bouldering room and had some serious fun. Tyler did this wicked V5! He had a lot of fun working a V3 that started in the mini cave and climbed up and over the room. He almost finished it...so close. I started a few projects--V2s and V3s. TONS OF FUN.

I'm really enjoying working some of these extremely overhanging/upside routes.

Unfortuantly the pics I have of Tyler climbing are all bad butt shots (typical of climbing pics), so forgive me if this post seems geared towards Tiffany and me!

Thanks TIFF AND TY for joining us last night. We had a blast!

--Super Angie

Friday, March 27, 2009

Super Angie...JAPAN here we come!

Our summer plans have changed...

May 22...school is out and we're heading to our cabin in the woods. Going to Keystone for a week or relaxation.

June 7th...Teva Mountain Games in Vail. I'm competing in this international bouldering competition.

June 18th...travel to Seattle so Rick can climb Mt. Rainier. We have decided that instead of me climbing Mt. Rainier, we will go to Mt. Baker after Rick's climb on Rainier. On Baker, we will hike, ice climb and Rick will teach me some glacier training, including cervase rescue.

July 23rd (or there abouts)... take the boys to SINGAPORE, to visit Mark.

July 25th (or there abouts)....Rick and I travel to JAPAN to climb Mt. Fuji and hang out in Tokyo!!!!!

I am so looking forward to this summer!
--Super Angie

Super Angie...Die Welt Gehort Mir!

Last night I climbed 1000 vertical feet on the treadmill at Momentum in 20 minutes. Then I boudered with Dallin, so this morning, I was still in the recovery zone, so instead of doing a 45 minute session on the treadmil at 6am, like I usually did, I did a 40 minute session on the bike. --wow, what a run on sentence that was! lol

I usually can only stand riding the bike for 15 minutes, but this morning I was so caught up in my music that I just kept going.

Wham Rap
Barbie Girl
Dancing Queen--performed by A-Teens
Come on Eilee--performed by Save Ferris
Murder on the Dance Floor
Bubble Pop Electric--Gwen Steffani
Around the World-- ATC
and so many others!

I just had such a joyful workout...dancing as I'm riding. Smiling. Sweating.

My favorite line from a song today: ENJOY WHAT YOU DO from Wham Rap.
--Super Angie

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Super Angie.. You are so UGLY!

Yesterday Brennan celebrated UGLY day at preschool. The kids are encouraged to come dressed up miss-match clothes. They make an UGLY BUG puppet and just have a crazy day. He had so much fun picking his "ugly" clothes and posing for these pics. Tanith had to get in on the action and posed as well.

--Super Angie

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Super Angie... China pics!

Finally I am getting some of my China pictures up. The trip was my second one to China, and was so much fun that I'm going again in November. There are spots open still for this tour, so let me know if you want more information. the 2009 tour will be Nov 1st-10th. we will go to xian and beijing.
The corn wasn't very good, but the candies berries on a stick were soooo yummy! (even though Dallin doesn't look too thrilled to be holding them)My ex-husband, Mark and his girlfriend Fenny came to Beijing and went sight seeing with Dallin for a few days.
Look what Jordan found!!!
Scorpians and Sea Horses on a stick...yes, I ate two scorpians. YUM!
A Lama monk and I.
We loved visiting the Chinese National Gardens...its a park featuring villages from the different regions of china.
With some Chinese dancers at the park.
Dallin with our tour friends.
We LOVED seeing the pandas.
Me with Amy...notice she is holding the photo of the two of us from last year!
We went to a Kungfu show and afterwards, Dallin got to pose with some of the actors.
We also got to go to a grocery store with our special tour guide. It was fasinating to have a local explain and point out things to us.
Forbidden City!
Isn't she so cute?!

On Dallin's 8th birthday, Celeste and Kelly French (Celeste was our American tour guide).
At the Summer Palace.
Dallin at the Summer Palace being very silly!
David lifting Dallin up to touch the top of the doorway at the Summer Palace...good luck!
The BALDALING section of the Great Wall of China.
Look how bundled we are. 5 degrees outside! Brrrr!
Dallin and I with our Gold Medals for climbing the Great Wall
Yes, we ate at McDonalds. It was cheap and fairly easy. We took a taxi, which was interesting and met some wonderful people there.
We enjoyed seeing the Hu Tongs area of Beijing.
It was one of the coldest days when we took a Rickshaw ride. I think it was 10 degrees!
Dallin at the Temple of Heaven.
Dallin and Jordan on the bus after Jordan scored a serious deal on those army hats!
Dallin and our Chinese tour guide, David, at the Temple of Heaven.

Dallin at the Bird's Nest, standing in front of one of the Olympic Mascots!
The ceiling inside the Water Cube.
Dallin outside the Water Cube on the Olympic Plaza
Me and Dallin, on our first day in Beijing, standing in front of the Bird's Nest.

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping