Friday, May 30, 2008

Super Angie... Leukemia

I just got word that my friend's son has Leukemia. His name is Hans and he is 8 yrs old. (Dallin is 7 and I just can not imagine!!)

I am so upset and emotional over this...


--Super Angie

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Super Angie...true charity?

One of my neighbors left a massage on my voice mail today, "...and we know you are really busy getting ready to move, and my husband would like to help by  mowing your lawn if you'd like--for $20..."


Okay, if you are trying to earn money by mowing people's lawn, then thats one thing. Start a business, pass out fliers and good luck. BUT, if you are trying to be nice and help a neighbor because you know they are really busy and in the process of moving right now, then just do it out of kindness--don't ask to be paid.

Last week, our other neighbor (who doesn't go to church at all), showed us just how Christ like they are, when they mowed our lawn WITHOUT asking!!!!!

Recently, my kids have given some of their toys to the first neighbor--out of the kindness of their heart. They could have easily just placed it in the garage sale box, but instead they thought of the first neighbor. I guess, to be kind and such a nice friendly neighbor, I could go to their house now, and ask for payment for the toys. Nah...that would be lame.

--Super Angie (with the wild lawn, full of weeds)

Super Angie...moving day

We are moving!!!

Our truck is coming on Tuesday and I can't wait. We have been taking small loads up to the new place, daily now for about 2 weeks. (like most of my clothes are there, the kitchen is all set up etc.) I am in love with the new place. We are moving to Cedar Hills--I actually used to live in the neighborhood when Brennan was born, so I already know a lot of people. My neighbor, Lisa, is amazing. She brought over home-made cookies yesterday and a frozen Lasagna! She also helped me do some moving and un-packing.

I am a bit stressed though, because since so many of our babysitters have recently quit (most recent is Tuesday and Thursday AM girl--gas was too expensive for her to drive to our place), I don't have anyone to watch the kids on moving day! UGH!

But the thought of living in the new house is motivating to me and I'm getting so much stuff done. YEA for organization!!

--Super Moving Angie

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Super Angie...big quitters

OH MY GOSH! We have the worst luck with nannies.

Last summer, fall and part of winter, we had two awesome babysitters--Whitney and Tiffany. Both ended up having to quit (school and pregnancy), so we hired some new ones. Two of the new ones were good (Anne and Keri), but the others weren't so great. Then those two had to quit (got married, got a full time job), so we again, interviewed and hired a hand full of nannies. One by one they started quitting--new job, family emergencies.... AHHH!!!!! We had to fire two of them--one for letting the kids ruin some things at our house and the other for shoving Brennan and knocking him off a chair. Oh yes, and one of them never fed the kids!!! At the start of last week, we had 4 nannies, now we are down to 1!!!! The worst part is, one of them quit a few hours before she was supposed to show up to watch the kids--and we had RESERVATIONS for that night that were very difficult to get out of.

Very frustrated...

--Super Angie

Super Angie...playing Tag

My friend Julie tagged here goes nothing!

1. being married to my soul mate--FINALLY!
2. doing stuff together as a family...singing, dancing, climbing, eating, shopping, reading scriptures together....
3. rock climbing and seeing my kids really excel at it!
4. creating beauty on the ice. I love being artistic through ice skating. Wish I had more time to skate like I used to, but family and rock climbing have taken away most of my free time. But my heart still loves skating!

1. tight spaces
2. breathing
3. change

1. drop my last 10-15 lbs!!!
2. keep my new house organized
3. become a stronger climber with rockin' technique (Pet Peeve is seeing people climb stuff thats too hard for them--they muscle their way up it instead of using good technique)

1. travel...but this isn't really anything new. Been obsessed with this since '94 when I first went to Germany.
2. purses and trip to China got me really interested in fashion, but I refuse to buy expensive stuff, so I have lots of fakes! lol
3. chocolate...again, nothing new, but still obsessed!

1. I've been to 23 different countries around the world, but have never been to Mexico, Hawaii, Sea World or on a cruise--something most Americans have done!
2. I love the smell of German beer, but hate the smell of coffee. (never had either!)
3. Both my boy's names have double letters: Dallin Timm Bartlett and Brennan Bjornn Bartlett

I tag...any friends who want to play along!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Super Angie... a loss of innocence

Ever since I can remember, Dallin has been a huge fan of Thomas The Tank Engine. We go each year to ride on Thomas when he comes to a train depot near us. We even visited Thomas in Australia. We have a big train table (thanks Santa Jeff) and every train from the series. Although the boys don't watch Thomas much on TV anymore, they still play trains at least once a week.

So, this year, we went up to Heber to ride the train. Tanith instantly got excited when she saw the train. Brennan was excited too, but Dallin...suddenly it dawned on him, that he isn't that into Thomas anymore. (although he really wanted to buy something in the toy tent!!)

Tanith had a blast riding on the train, looking out the windows. Brennan loved his temporary tattoo of Thomas on his face, and enjoyed riding on the train as well. Dallin sat on the train, grumpy. "this is dumb" he would mutter.

While on the train, we ride past a stream and on the bank of the stream we see a dead cat. Suddenly life is good again for Dallin. "Thomas hit the cat! toot toot...meow...splat! LOL LOL LOL"

Goodbye to Thomas, hello big boy stuff...dead cats and all...

--Super Angie (with a tear in her eyes)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Super invite to you

I am looking for friends (girls) who want to join me in Colorado at our condo for a weekend this summer. I really want to climb (hike) a 14ner near the condo, called Grays Peak. I have hiked the peak right next to it, Torreys, which is also a 14,000 foot peak. When I hiked it, I had not been training, nor doing much of any type of exercise program. It was challenging, but totally doable. The hike is steep and at altitude, but not tricky. The hike is actually only 3.5 miles long. No special equipment is needed, but a pair of hiking boots is always a good thing. I did see people doing it in tennis shoes though, but boots would be better. 

My condo is in Keystone, which is 1 1/2 hours from Denver and close to Boulder as well. Besides hiking, there is great outlet mall shopping near by, a pool at the condo complex, bike and walking trails and a lake where you can rent paddle boats. This would be a girls only weekend--no kids. :)

Anyway, anyone want to hike with me this summer? I was thinking mid-July to mid-August.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Super Angie...1989

An excerpt from my journal in 1989...

Today I talked with Tara Jasperson. She is nice. We did a crank call. "Hello is Marvin there?" then we would hang up and do it a second time. Then we would call a third time and say, "Hi, this is Marvin, did I miss any calls?"


--Super Angie

Friday, May 16, 2008

Super with Dallin

Last night, Dallin and I had a fun mom/son date. We went to a Grizzleys Hockey game. I have been several times, but this was Dallin's first experience with hockey.

At first, he was timid and full of questions. He was very upset with how mean some of the players were. We were playing against the Las Vegas wranglers. He kept saying, "stranglers".

He really liked Grizzbee, the mascot. I took their picture together and Grizzbee even sat by us a few times. We were front row, right by the penelty box. We laughed so hard when Grizzbee offered some popcorn to the wrangler player sitting in the box and when he shook his behind at him. Dallin thought this was great, so the next time a guy was put in the box, Dallin went and told him off...something to the effect of, "You really are not being nice out there." Everyone around us cheered him on as he mouthed off to the player. Totally funny!

We saw one guy have to have the medic come out on the ice. Another guy had a bloody nose. And another guy got nice big slice on his cheek from a blade.

Dallin got a toy zamboni and a foam grizzly claw that you where on your hand. He enjoyed yelling and waving it around. "Go Grizzleys!!" He also liked dancing when they played music, and his dance moves were good enough to get him on the jumbo tron screen. I taught him YMCA and he enjoyed trying those dance moves as well.

I had such an awesome time with my sweet boy. I am so happy he is my son, and I'm happy that he is still innocent. Its really special to introduce him to new experiences. And we can't wait to go to another game!!

--Super Angie

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Super Angie...mother's day from a preschooler

Brennan came home from preschool this week with a wonderful little book he made. In it was the following list. He filled in the blanks verbally and his teacher wrote his answers in the book:

My mother is very nice.
She is 2 inches tall.
She weighs 200 lbs.
She has red eyes
She has black hair.
The food she likes best is meatballs.
Her favorite color is pink.

And his favorite food I make is Mac & Cheese. Heres my recipe according to Brennan:

Mac and Cheese things with some water then cook it. Cook 5 minutes and then eat it.

I sure do love my sweet little Brennan.

--Super Angie
(and I sure do love Miss Melva. She is the best preschool teacher ever! )

Friday, May 9, 2008

Super time

GUESS WHAT!!! I learned to lead, and got certified at the gym! Rick bought me a special gift...a beautiful Petzl fuse rope! Thanks honey! :)

Tanith enjoyed having a REAL tulip in her hair. :)
I know this photo is dark, but I LOVE this smirky look.
Brennan took a class at Farm Country and enjoyed riding this huge horse!
While shopping at Lowes, an employee gave Tanith some flowers...she loved them.
Visiting with my parents, the kids took a ride in the wagon my grandpa made about 10 yrs ago. This was Tanith's first wagon ride and it surely won't be the last.
Brennan celebrated HOBO day at preschool.
Notice all the "dirt" on his face...darling!
Family time in Keystone.
Enjoying a playground in Keystone.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Super time

We had to cancel all our plans this weekend and head to Colorado to take care of some business. While we were there though, we made the most of the fast trip (left Friday evening, came home Sunday evening). We went swimming Saturday morning in the hot tub and outside pool. The weather was gorgeous--sunny and in the 40s...maybe a bit in the 50s. Tanith enjoyed the hot tub, but didn't like the regular pool that much. Brennan and Dallin loved jumping cannon-ball style into both pools!

Tanith took a nice long nap, while the boys played and I caught up on some books...finished two books on this trip!!! Rick took care of more business during this time and when he came back, we all went for a walk around the lake. He is such a wonderful dad and the boys loved playing with him on the playground. Tan really enjoyed being in her stroller and kicking her feet. We finished the evening with a nice dinner, watching a movie and then roasting marsh mellows in the fireplace.

We tried to make the drive home more exciting by stopping a few times (usually we only stop for gas). We had a nice relaxing time at rest stop by Glenwood Springs. The boys (Rick included) jumped around in the grass, and Tanith talked to a cute little doggie. Dallin is such a good big brother and was very helpful in the car with his sister.

On this trip, we saw horses, cows, crows, blue birds, eagles, deer, elk and antelopes!

It was a fast little trip, but cherished family time. I'll post pictures soon.
--Super Angie

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Super Angie...a very quiet morning

Why is so it so quiet? 

Because my voice is gone...AGAIN! It better not last as long as it did last time! This came on suddenly. Last night I had a voice, but I woke up this morning with nothing but a whisper again. JOY!

--Super Angie

Friday, May 2, 2008

Super Angie...why be so private?

I love blogging. I know full well that there are people out there reading my blog that I would rather not have reading my blog, but for the sake of my friends and the people I actually do care about, I keep it open, so all can enjoy. PLUS, through my various friends, some people find me listed on their blog and its great we can re-unite.

SO, my question is...WHY do people change their blog to private and then refuse to talk to you anymore? Example: I was good friends with this girl when suddenly one day, she changed her blog to private and won't allow me to visit. I email her, and she ignores me--oh yeah, except to chime in that she still enjoys reading my blog. Wowsers!

Anyway, just a stupid Friday rant...

--Super Angie

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Super Angie...happy May Day!

snowflake photo from: Just Karl

May 1st, 2008...we woke up to an inch of SNOW! NO JOKE! Two days ago it was 80! Now its snowing...crazy stuff. And its been off and on snowing all day. In fact, Brennan was outside playing in it and had to come in cause he was so cold. Brrr... I can't beleive its snowing. But I'm actually thrilled because my allergies have been horrible the past few days, so any break is good. :)

--Super Angie
PS....prayers going out to my brother Jeff.

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping