Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Angie...Sunday catch up

I'm going to use Sundays as my blog catch up day.

This week, I skated and I skated and I skated some more. I tried out my Elvis costume (pictured here) and am very pleased with it. I think it fits the program and looks fun. I felt really good skating in it. Yup, life on the ice is going well.

Dallin had an over night winter camp out with the scouts. He was exhausted and took a long nap afterwards. He has fun stories of potatoe guns, sledding, and roasting bacon in the fire. He is really enjoying scouts and young mens.

Brennan had scouts and gymnastics this week. I see improvements in his gymnastics. Its so good for him. Makes him focus. I also volunteered in his classroom. That was fun.

Tanith also had gymnastics and is getting better each time. I helped in her class as well. I am very blessed to have some wonderful teachers for my kids.

Tanith had a out with one of her good neighbor friends, which is always hard.  I hate it when kids fight and say mean things.

Rick went ice climbing on Wednesday with Ryan. They had a blast climbing two pitches. Really enjoyable night climbing. I'm proud of him.

The smog and inversion in Utah is still HORRIBLE. My asthma is getting worse each day, so I am going to leave on Tuesday and go back to CO. Ahhh clean air and altitude. Should fix me right up.

Right now, Rick and Todd are doing a winter camping trip on some 14ners in CO. I hope they summit all the mountains they have planned.

Life is moving right along. I feel much more at ease on the ice. I feel like I know what I'm supposed to do during practice, and I just get it done. I also have received some compliments from other skaters. Apparently I look more calm and settled on the ice. Good deal!

I have 9 more skating days until I compete at Utah Winter Games. Tomorrow I will test out my new artistic dress. I'm excited...its such a pretty dress.  I'll post a pic of that tomorrow.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Super Angie...lake time

Skating on the lake has really "healed" me. So have lessons with my new coach. I think I have found a good  combination of hard work, challenging new choreography and building my skating foundation mixed with lots of laughter. Lessons are always fun.

Here I am yesterday on Keystone lake. Simply beautiful. There is still work to be done on this program, but its just so refreshing to skate outside. I love looking up and not seeing a ceiling and pipes and lights. The sun, the mountains, the moon. Its just incredible really. And very freeing to my soul.

I feel like I am becoming a new skater, a new person.

My coach says: The only constant in life is Change.

I am learning to feel secure in Change. I am learning to be OK with feeling vulnerable on the ice. I'm learning to break down my prideful walls, and be open to change-- even when it feels stupid.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Super Angie ...Super Powers

 I often talk about Super Powers. We each have them. Whether we are great at cooking, talented in singing, or a master in the office...we each have those elements that make us shine. Its who we are.
 And its VERY unfair to compare our super powers to someone else's. Maybe someone else can spin really good. Maybe someone else is just naturally thin, no matter how much they eat. Maybe someone else can dance really well. Maybe someone else knows how to give a good presentation
 In skating, its hard NOT to compare your skating to someone else. We all want to get better, be the best, improve, win the Gold. When I hurt my back, all hope was dashed. I wouldn't be able to do the back bending extension moves that I had dreamed of. I was a failure.
But as I started skating more, I realized that I have my own super powers on the ice, that are unique to me. It was up to me to find out what those super powers were, and then to go out a magnify them. So what that someone else can do a Sasha Cohen inspired layback. I can not. But I have things about my skating that makes it special.

Win I will the gold? I don't know. Thats up to the judges. But for now, I need to focus on my super powers. 

What are YOUR super powers?

Super Angie...Holiday Band

I'm so proud of Dallin

Super Angie...Gingerbread men

  As part of our December fun, we bought this package of HUGE gingerbread men at Costco
 The kids and I each had one
 I wrote RICK on mine. :)
 We all shared the candy and frosting
 Dallin really got into character
 and really enjoyed taking a bite!

Lots of laughing and giggles
 A lot of work went into making them just right...and then eating them just right!
Memories we will never forget!

Super Angie...Christmas extras

 While dad and Jeff were here, we had a few min Christmas celebrations. Of course, chocolate covered cherries were involved!
 I found a few old play sets that mom had saved.

 The kids were pretty excited to get these new toys

 I also gave everyone mugs.
 Rick's was from Starbucks

 Everyone else got homemade mugs

 Castle fun and Indian village fun

and always yummy!

Super Angie...Deacon

On December 9th, Dallin became a Deacon and received the priesthood. I'm so proud of him for the choices he has made thus far in his life. He is such an outstanding young man. I love seeing him pass the sacrament and love how serious he is about it. I'm so proud of Dallin

Super Angie...Waibel Christmas

 In December while my dad and Jeff were in town, we all met at Paul's condo club house
 We had a lot of good food, treats and family fun
 Of course Cohen was the highlight!

 Gifts were given
 Cohen was played with!
 And everyone grew a mustache!

 except Rick--he didn't need to grow one! lol

 Saddie was there and got all wrapped up
 Homemade gifts were given

and of course...Cohen!

Super Angie...Uncle Jeff, Pop and some snow

While Jeff was in town for our Sealing, we went to Thanksgiving Point.
Snow Angel time!

Pop in the snow

Jeff and Pop
me and Dad
so happy
She loves her uncle and he loves her
my cute girl!

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping