Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super few days

On Thursday, Rick put me through a very difficult but extremely fun routine for training speed climbing. I look forward to doing this training once a week and bettering my time for next year's nationals. :)

Speaking of Nationals... I got my trophy for placing first in Woman's Citizen Speed. YEA! I love my golden hold trophy. So cool! :)

Another fun thing was when we went with the Anderegg family (minus Jake who had to work last minute) to the Draper Temple open house. We had a wonderful time and didn't have to wait in any lines. My favorite: The celestial room...I love how small and cozy it is. And I love all the fabrics that were used through out. Simply gorgeous! Brennan said, "the baptism place, all the stairs (we had to climb) and I liked the place where whatever is in front of the mirrors--there a thousand of them". Dallin said, "I liked the cookies at the end, the baptismal font with the bulls (oxen), the chandalier in the Celestial room and I liked the bus because it had a toilet on it!" LOL

Right now Rick is in Ouray climbing Ice with Nate and John. I'm home alone with the kids. Last night went went climbing--I climbed with Jake and Julie and Dan and Lisa. Talk about a fun night! I climbed really hard and I love climbing with all these guys. Everyone pushes everyone to climb harder and harder.

The kids and I had a slubber party and slept in sleeping bags by the fireplace. And this morning, we went to IHOP and then back to the gym, where Dallin did some hard core bouldering in the adult area. Awesome. The kids went to Mountain room and I climbed with Dan and Richard and Michelle. What a blast.

Its been a great few days of good workouts and good friends!

--Super Angie

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Angie...coat drive

Our neighborhood is starting THE TEN CLUB and our first meeting is next Tuesday, Feb 3rd.

We are doing a coat drive.

Check out the link for location and more info. I'm excited to participate!

Anyone is welcomed to come, even if you don't live in my neighborhood. :)

--Super Angie

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super from nationals 3

This was the final route for my division. I give myself snaps for effort but at the time, I honestly had no idea how to mantle and couldn't get past this hold. :( Totally sucked! But yesterday, I went to the gym and after 3 tries, I got half way up the route (to the point most people in the comp fell from). Now I know how to mantle and if I ever come across a route like this again, I'll be better prepared. The hold off to the right was a sucky hold and was probably just put there to psyche everyone out. It sure tricked me, thats for sure. Arg!

It was nice having so much support--I could hear so many people cheering and I love the comments from my kids on this video. I am proud that I hung on for so long...there were others who also had troubles with this hold, but they fell off in 15 seconds.

Can't wait to compete again next year!

--Super Angie

Super from nationals 2

Here is the second route. A silly mistake and I fell. Oh well. I went back yesterday, and without any warm up, I climbed the whole route with no problems. :)

Super from nationals

Here is the first route I climbed. Nice and easy. Dallin shot it, which is why its kind of bumpy and you can hear Brennan yell GO MAMA! I loved the music playing while I climbed. :)

--Super Angie

Super Angie...chocolate covered friendship

I have been so blessed to find a wonderful friend in Super Julie. She is always happy, never moody (unlike me!!), so forgiving beautiful, full of praise, enthusiastic, smart, educated, wise and AMAZING climber and just plain SWEET!

Today, I gave her some chocolate covered strawberries, because, well, doesn't everyone love chocolate covered strawberries? :) And she was kind enough to share them with me. Thanks hon! :) It sure was yummmmy.

THANKS JULIE! I love having you as a friend. (And hearing Jake say RICOLA to Rick, just made my heart guys are so cute!)

--Super Angie

Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Angie...SCS Nationals 2009 in Review

STOP! If this is the first post you are reading about Nationals, you have missed a lot, so scroll down till the post with the video in it. :)

My top favorite things about Nationals this year:

**Keenan, Kevin, Mike and Molly....the USA Climbing judges and route setters (and PR person?) are just amazingly friendly, supportive and sweet. Thanks you guys! I could hear your cheers and support while climbing all weekend! THANKS!

**Meeting all the pros. So sweet. Special Thanks to Joe really are a great guy!

**Beating last years time in Speed and winning 1st place for Citizens. Yes, I know I only competed against 1 person, but I would still be happy if I had come in last in Speed simply because I know I beat my time.

**Seeing some totally awesome climbing. It was so fun to see everyone really pushing their bodies.

**Meeting Lisa Rands--my climbing hero!

**Feeling so great on my first route.

I had some very low points, but even those low points I am thankful for. I learned a lot about sportsmanship, about humility, about how awful it makes you feel when someone belittles you (it happened to me and I'm gonna make sure I never do it to anyone else!).

I sure did appreciate my fellow climber's support. When I was trying the starting hold of my third route, It was just awful. And yet, suddenly I heard like a million voices yelling support for me. It was wonderful to know that so many people cared and wanted to lift me up. Same in Speed...very cool!

I'm ashamed of myself for getting so worked up over not getting that stinkin trophy. I need to become a better person...

Overall, an excellent weekend that I loved sharing with my honey and kids.

-_Super Angie kids were a hoot. Lots of people enjoyed hearing them yell "GO MAMA!"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Super Angie...lessons learned

Tonight, I bucked up, put a smile on my face and in my heart and we went to the Open Finals. It did NOT disapoint. Kudos to Momentum for putting together a fantastic show. It was great. We had excellent seats because I had competed --they gave us floor seats! My favorites: Lisa Rands, Emily Harrington (she took this really wicked fall), Sasha, Sydney, Alex Puccio, Dave Grahm and of course Joe Kinder.

A very important lesson was learned tonight...even the big pros make mistakes that get them down. Joe took a fall tonight after only clipping the first bolt. But he handled it so well. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders and moved on. I found him later and told him about my fall today off the starting hold and he told he understand. How nice to know that someone understands, you know?

Joe had signed posters for my boys last year, and he has seen them a few times and even sent them an inspirational email. He is amazing. So we brought his posters with and he signed them again. And then he talked to the boys and told them some things about climbing that are cool or important to him--where he has climbed and many other things. Then Tanith wanted to climb, so Joe watched her and then the coolest thing...Joe climbed with the boys. They all bouldered and it was just so sweet. I swear, this guy has the biggest heart. After visiting with us for a while, we asked if he could grab his best friend, Dave Grahm, real quick to sign a poster for the boys. Dave is very popular right now and it was so nice of him to come out of the VIP seating to sign these autographs (in the meanwhile, tons of fans saw him and chased him for his autograph). Thanks Dave and Joe for taking some time out to talk with and play with my kids. Its a great memory I'm sure they won't forget. Oh yeah, and are welcome in the H2 anytime! lol

After the comp, I saw Mike, the head judge. He is such an awesome guy. Anyway, I asked him about the whole Speed thing and he said, "Hm, thats not right, let me talk to Keenen" so he took off to go talk to Keenen and then found me and told me to talk to Jeff. So I found Jeff and he apologized and said there was a mix up and that they are gonna me a trophy. I apologized too for getting all worked up over a silly trophy (come on! I'm 33, not 6!!!) and he told me he understood. I also told him that I had had a bad day because of my fall of that first hold. He told me "Joe Kinder totally understands how you are feeling right now".

I have learned so many lessons today.

Thanks Rick, for sticking by my side, even when I was not a very pleasant person. Thanks mom for saying kind words on the phone. Thanks Joe for helping me see that even pros feel awful when they make a mistake.

I can't wait to start working my new projects (the two routes I fell on!)

--Super Angie

Super Angie...and the loser is...

Me! Yea for me.

Lets see, I fell mid way up my second route.
I couldn't even get off the first hold of my third route.
And to top it all off...they decided not to give me a trophy for winning speed citizens...they decided to group me with the open, yea!

I got 6th place in Speed and last place in top roping. wow...steller

--super angie
PS...please don't leave me any comment about how this is such a great experience or how I'll do better next time, thanks

Super from SCS Adult Nationals 2009

** If you haven't read the post below, make sure you do!!

So, Rick has started calling me a fan boy because I'm not shy about going up and meeting all the pros. I think they are interesting people and I admire their lifestyle (training all the time etc), and their talent. Anyway, here are some pics..

Sasha and me...isn't she so cute? Shes 16 and just so sweet.

Dave Grahm and me...last year I didn't really like Dave, but this year, he was very personable and friendly. Very real too.

Joe and me...I LOVE Joe. He remember who I am. He will even comment on my blog occasionally and hes excited to meet the kids again.

Amanda Sutton...she ROCKS! This girl is sooo freaking fast and smooth. She won speed for the pros and is just amazing. **note to self, wear slimming clothes when standing next to someone this tiny

Alex Puccio...She is amazing. She is sooo strong and slow and thoughtful as she climbs. And when you stop to talk with her, she will stop everything to chat. I think she is a real people person and isn't shy. She is way strong!

And the highlight...Lisa Rands and me. This girl is freaking amazing. She is the world's best boulder...the very best in the whole world. It was so cool to see her lead climb. Her movements...she does stuff regular climbers don't even think about doing. She gets into these awesome positions. And shes not scared to downclimb a bit and change directions on a route. It was an honor to talk with her and have my pic with her. Thanks Lisa!

--Super Angie

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Super Angie...and the winner is..

ME! I won 1st place in my division for SPEED CLIMBING. What a fantastic day it was. I need to go to bed soon, so I won't blog everything, but some highlights: feeling so freaking nervous to the point of crying, but then suddenly calming down and feeling so relaxed, having asthma problems during the qualifinging round yet still beating my time from last year, and then having NO asthma probs during the finals and cutting my time even more. I don't have the exact numbers, but I think I beat 2nd place by 10 seconds! The USA Climbing staff were psyched to see me--Molly ran up and gave me a hug. Kevin told me a humours story about when he climbed in the X-GAMES. My BFF Julie came to the gym and recorded me climbing. She is sooo supportive and I just love her. It was great to have her there! THANKS JULIE! I think I had the largest crowd support during my climbs--my kids, my husband, friends, employees at the gym and the USA CLIMBING people were all cheering for me. Feels good. I think I over dosed on my Asthma meds because I was pretty hyper for several hours after. But its all good, right? lol

Tonight was the qualifiers for the pros. That was sweet. And to my total surprise...Lisa Rands was there! She is my all time favorite climber, but she is a world famous boulderer so it was sweet to see her climbing tonight. Holy snot! It was awesome seeing her in person. Some other favorites: Alex Puccio (talk about a down to earth girl and a fabulous climber!!! She is way strong!), Sasha (so sweet), Amanda Sutton (she won the pro speed!!), Emily Harrington (also very sweet and friendly) and of course Joe Kinder! Hes awesome and he is excited to meet my boys tomorrow. :)

Anyway, it was great day with awesome climbing. I'm way excited that I got 1st place and now, I gotta go to bed so I can get up early tomorrow to climb again. :)

--Super Angie

Super Angie...Student of the Week

I'm so proud of my sweet Dallin. He works hard each week and finally this week he was awarded STUDENT OF THE WEEK. His teacher told me that Dallin was praticularly friendly and helpful this week; picking up the floor, finding things that belong to other students etc.

I'm proud of you Dallin! You are becoming a great citizen!
Super Angie

Friday, January 23, 2009

Super Angie...butterflies

If you haven't seen any butterflies outside in a while, no worries...I have them my stomach! I'm getting nervous for speed tomorrow. Yes, I know I won't win (unless no one else enters! LOL), but I don't want to have an asthma attack doing it. I saw the routes yesterday and watched a test run...13 seconds.

Breathe in, Breathe out...


Super Angie...musical car

Growing up, I loved listening to old tapes of myself singing at Christmas time. It was funny how I would mis-pronounce stuff, or just plain sing the wrong words.

I love that my kids love to sing in the car. Here is Brennan today.

--Super Angie

Super Angie...pudding time

Our new babysitter, Tiffani, is fabulous. Yesterday, I cam home to find her and the kids painting with pudding. Everyone had a great time, licking, painting, eating, painting, and lots of smiling!!
Doing some finger painting
I got to join in on the fun and make my own masterpeice. :)

What a fun activity!

-_Super Angie

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Super Angie...reflections

Today was my last climbing practice before Nationals. It went great. Tomorrow is a rest day and I'm getting a massage! Yea! :) I met the head judge and the lead route setter and a few others. Really great people and I'm so excited to climb this weekend! :)

Here is a video from last year. ENJOY!

--Super Angie

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Super Angie...I've been pinned!

Growing up as a Waibel, it should be a no brainer that I love scouting. With my parents, how could I not be, right?

Tonight was our first pack meeting. I calculated my timing wrong and got home from gymnastics with only 10 minutes to go. Rick was patient with me, had dinner fixed for the kids and we made it just in time. The kids played a game where they had a balloon tied around their ankle and they ran around trying to pop each other's balloons. Dallin had fun and was sneaky for the first part of it. All Smiles. Brennan reminded me of myself--wanting to be a part of everything.

After the game, it was awards time and Dallin got his bobcat. I was called up and he pinned me with my very own bobcat pin. I am beaming and so is Dallin.

After donuts, we came home and I put his new badge on his uniform. He looks so sharp and is so excited and proud.

Dallin, I'm so proud of you and how hard you have worked in Scouts!

--Super Angie

Super Angie...SCS a few days

SCS Nationals is only a few days away and I'm getting excited. SCS stands for SPORT CLIMBING SERIES. This is the official USA ROCK CLIMBING adult nationals. Its quite an honor for Momentum to get to host it two years in a row and I wouldn't be surprised if it continues that way--Momentum is such a fantastic gym!

I got my schedule: I am competing on Saturday at noon in Speed climbing and I'm competing Sunday at 9:30am in Recreation. Last year I took 3rd place in Recreation. I hope to match or beat that this year.

Any of you out in blogland, if you wanna come support me on Saturday at noon, I would really appreciate it. The comp is free to visitors and its kid friendly too. YEA! I'm so excited!!!!

--Super Angie
**here is the current athelete list. I'm excited to see Alex Puccio, Amanda Sutton, JC Hunter, Stephaine Outland, Sasha DiGiulian, Tiffany Hensley and Emily Harrington climb again!















Puccio (cocca)











Mykael Ann








































































Super super mom

I was recently googling myself and found a link to a article about my mom.

I love you mom! And you still deserve a HIGH FIVE!

--Super Angie

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Super Angie... Plastic Fantastic

Like Mother, Like Daughter...

--Super Angie

Super before time

We have always loved going to Thanksgiving Point and taking advantage of our membership there, but we hadn't gone to the Dinosaur museum in a long time, so on MLK day we went (along with everyone else in the county). First, did you know its the largest dinosaur muesum in the world! Really, it is! So cool.

It was joy going on Monday. Dallin has matured enough that he actually likes to read about the different dinos and learn more. It used to be that we'd run through the whole place in 30 minutes and call it a day. But this time, we spent more time reading and looking at things. Tanith was really into it and can even say DINOSAUR MUSEUM! So cute. And of course, Brennan was busy acting like a dino the whole time. No, Brennan is NOT supposed to be hanging on this leg of a super saurus, but oh well, right? lol

It was fun to run into Elizabeth and Jill there too.

What a great day!
--Super Angie

Super Angie...walking in a winter wonderland

Today, Rick and I went snow shoeing again. What a wonderful time we had (AGAIN!). I love spending these peaceful times with him and he feels the same way. Its nice to walk in silence, only the crunch crunch crunch of our snow shoes, and then other times to walk in conversation, about life, problems, our surroundings.

I dropped my hat and he went back to get it. What a guy!

--Super Angie

Super Angie...united

Its fun to drive a Hummer. Its big and goes off road easily. I feel safe driving in the snow and love going over snowbanks! Despite what people think, the gas mileage is 14/15, which is the same as a land rover, a Subaru Tribeca, and most 4 wheel vehicles. I love that my car is bright yellow...its cheery. :)

This morning, while driving home from dropping Dallin off at school, I passed another H2--black. The guy driving it waved as we passed. Made me smile. Its nice to be united with another driver. :)

--Super Angie
its 12 degrees out! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Super Angie... pure happiness

What a fabulous day. Its late right now, so I will just blog about this evening. I am in charge of the WERC program at Momentum. I love this Woman only climbing program...its great! Tonight, Caroline George came and taught our class. FABULOUS! She is a world famous ice climber and rock climber. Shes from Switzerland and is just so nice.

The class was about being more independant climbers outside. We learned how to escape the belay, build trad anchor systems and so much more. It was an outstanding class! And it just made me so happy that I got to participate. I can't wait for Caroline to come home from Nepal (she is going there in a few days to work with a climbing school charity). When she gets back, she will teach some more class similar to this. YEA!

Another reason I'm so happy...its 17 degrees out! I love cold weather.

Tomorrow, Rick and I are going snow shoeing again. YEA!!!!

--Super Angie thoughts are on my friend Kelly. God Bless You Kelly!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Angie...smiling in the snow

For those of you who have been following my blog and have expressed some interest in renting our condo in Keystone, Colorado, here is a fantastic deal we just became aware of through our rental management company.

We are offering 50% off your weekday stay at Wild Irishman 1085. It's simple, just go to our booking website, and plug in your weekday stay. The system will automatically deduct 50% off if you are visiting Sunday - Thursday. in January only!

BUT HURRY!!! Only one week in January is available still.

Monday Jan 26th - Thursday Jan 19th.

A fantastic deal like this will have you smiling for a long time!

Since I know not everyone has a flexible work schedule and can take off days during the week, here are some ideas: Girls only, go with your mom or sisters, take just your kids and enjoy some resort fun....

--Super Angie

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Super Angie...EVIL

Yesterday, Tanith disappeared for a few minutes. We called for her (we were watching TV as a family and sitting on the couch). She answered and we knew she was in the extra room. No big deal. Then she said, "I exercising!" WHAT!?! The first thing that came to my mind was that my ice climbing tools were laying out. CRAP. Was she playing with my tools? YIKES!!! I jumped off the couch and ran into the room and started laughing.

We have this little step machine thingy and Tan was happily stepping on it. I was laughing so hard that everyone had to come in to see. Of course this made Tan happy and very pleased.

Later, after getting comfortable on the couch again and watching the show (with out Tan--she was still exercising), to our surprise, Tan ran into the room...without her diaper. This is how the conversation went...

-Dallin, "Tan has no diaper on!!"
-Me, "Tan, you took your diaper off!!!!"
-Tan, "I EVIL!!!!!!!!!"

Then she proceeded to dance around, with out her diaper, singing, "CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE" from the Chipmunks, all the while with a huge grin.

Brennan started yelling, "This needs to go on America's Funniest Home Videos!!!" too bad we didn't have the camera going.

We love our evil Tan!
--Super Angie
**silly pics of Tan from the past few months...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Super Angie... My big break

A few years ago, I landed a spot in a commercial and got paid for it. The commercial never aired and the company has since gone out of business, but it was so much fun. The auditions were one of the most fun auditions I have ever done (that and Errand of Angels but thats another story). I had my own makeup artist and even a chair with my name on it. We filmed for around 3-4 hours, outside in a parking lot. There were close to 70 extras dancing and rocking out. Rick was hired to do the filming and editing, which is why we have this copy. He created the goofy fun music playing in the background too. Ignore the copyright logo stuff.


--Super Angie

Super Angie...Let it go

One of my goals for this year is to relax and go with the flow more. I found the perfect thing last week at Dear Lizzie (if you haven't been, you gotta go. Its the cutest shop!). Its a little pillow (inside a small box) that says LET IT GO and it smells like Lavender. I keep it in my purse (its smaller then a cell phone) and when life is getting crazy, or I feel like screaming at my kids (OR WORSE!), I take it out, take a sniff, and relax. It really works and I'm already feeling like 2009 is gonna be a great year.

--Super Angie

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Super Angie... doe, a deer, a female deer.

Remember how I was talking my new found love for the state of Utah...well, here is another reason. Of course I know there are deer here in Cedar Hills....1st: you see them dead on the side of the road all the time. 2nd: when I lived here before and was up in the middle of the night with Brennan as a new born, I'd see them eating in my yard daily. 3rd: they poop in my yard.

Yesterday, while driving home from picking up Dallin at school, we found these deer just a few blocks from our house. They found a great spot thats in full sun, so there is no snow there...perfect for finding a nice bite of dinner. We stopped on the road, rolled down the windows and watched in aw. I love them!

Tonight, on the way home from the rock climbing gym, as we turned onto our street, we saw some 3 deer enjoying the front yard across the street from our house. They were cautious because they knew there was a car by them (a big scary yellow hummer!). I gave them space and they took it, crossed the street and happily walked through my yard and found some grass to enjoy. We watched and watched. Rick got out and followed them a bit. The kids and I drove around the block and followed them as they went into another neighbor's yard to eat. We saw 5 deer. It was awesome.

--Super Angie

Super Angie...SOLD!

SOLD. Our old house in Lehi finally sold. We enjoyed living in this house--this was the house Tanith came home from the hospital to. But we LOVE being in our current house, neighborhood and church ward.

I think its neat that the people who bought it have family just a few doors down. That will be fun for them.


--Super Angie

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Super be an American child

I'm so blessed to have Dallin go to a private school. American Legacy Academy in American Fork is a wonderful school with small classes (there are only 12 kids in his 2nd grade class!!) and all subjects are taught with the Lord's help.

One wonderful thing Dallin's school does is TEDDY BEAR PROJECT in December. Throughout the month, the kids bring bears and on the last day before Christmas break, an A.F. police officer comes to the school, the kids line up and give each bear a hug before placing it in his trunk. The police department then uses these bears to give to frightened kids during a traffic accident etc.

I recieved this picture of Dallin from my friend Super Julie. I sent the photo via email to my dad in Russia. Here are two emails he sent back (the first one to me, the second is what he sent to some of his Russian employees)... These really made me think about all my friends and how we are raising our children to be examples for the rest of the world... LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE....

This beautiful picture arrive at just exactly the right time. I was
involved in a meeting with Boeing Russia people today exploring ways to
get employees involved in the community. I told them that in the States,
we have a tradition of charitable giving that we try to instill in our
children at an early age.....

A picture is worth a thousand words!


Masha and Olga,

Further to our discussion about charitable activities, the tradition of
charitable giving is instilled in American children at an early age.
Here is a picture of my eight year old grandson making a teddy bear
donation at his school for hospitalized children. As you can see, the
trunk of the police car is getting filled. It teaches children two
things, one is to "give" the other is to "trust".


--Super Angie

Super Angie.. "i'm a toodle!"

Yesterday Tanith Top Roped and got to the letter D all by herself! She amazes me. (in this pic, she is screaming. She wanted to come down, but I had to find the camera, so she thought I wasn't gonna let her down, so she started screaming. Before this, she was showing off for my mom, "LOOK GAGA!!!"
Another pic...look how high she went all by herself! A future Christ Linder? Age 2...
Brennan was excited to go to Charmaine's house yesterday. He has been there before, for dinner, so he knows his way through the house and all the fun things she has. :) He took a Speech test. He is so smart! He knew all the items in the pictures and is such a charmer.
Tanith and Brennan were pretending to be dogs. Brennan was a new born dog. I thought Tanith looked like a poodle with her fluffy pigtails, so I said, "Tan, are you a poodle?" and she yelled, "YEAH! I'm a toodle!"

Yesterday at Climbing Team, Dallin did so awesome. He climbed the black speed route and rang the bell. He raced Michelle and beat her doing that. He also did some V0 and V1s in the adult bouldering room and he climbed the bouldering ladder. He is doing so awesome in climbing. I'm so proud of the way he has grown and how much confidence he has. His coach says he is still the ONLY one on the team that can traverse the whole kid's bouldering wall, and go around the corner without falling off!!! GO DALLIN GO!!!

Brennan also did great climbing. He did a 5.8 and stuck it well. There were some really reachy spots where he wanted to cheat but he didn't give up and sent it! GOOD JOB BUDDY! All three kids were rewarded for their good climbing with a cookie and chocolate milk. Yum!

I climbed as well. Rick had me do one-handed climbing. Its so incredibly hard and really takes everything out of you. Its crazy climbing a 5.6 with one arm behind your back! Seriously, it makes it feel like at least a 5.10!!!

--Super Angie

Monday, January 12, 2009

Super Angie...the F word

The F word..FOOD!

Tonight, we had Elizabeth and Jeron Paul, Amy and Tyler DeHart and Jill and Cory Griffiths over (with their kids of course). Elizabeth and Jeron really wanted to see Rick's slide show that he did at the gym about his travels in Ecuador, so we planned this evening. It was awesome. Elizabeth did a beautiful job on a little lesson about Faith. And then Rick presented his slideshow. The kids all got wild, babies screaming, crawling around, kids wrestling, Brennan and Tan getting nervous and jealous if someone touched their was awesome!

It was really nice having other families over, getting to know others, sharing Rick's adventures and seeing all the kids having fun.

Everyone brought a treat...Jill brought my all time favorite treat: No bake chocolate oatmeal cookies. Really, these are the best things on earth but they are my downfall...i can not just eat one! Jeron brought ice cream...several small pints of YUMMY flavors. My favorite was the pepermint bark. Again, another reason we don't have ice cream at our house...mmmm. And the DeHarts brought donuts which were a HUGE hit for all the kids.

Anyway, it was so much fun and if anyone is interested in participating in another slide show night like this, we are already planning another one.

--Super Angie bake cookies...mmmmm

Super Angie...My favorite teacher

My favorite teacher of all time was Frau Stroud (Ms. Stroud), my German teacher at Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, WA. I remember my first day in her class, 10th grade. German 1.

"Guten Tag! Ich heisse Frau Stroud. Wie heisst du?" she said. We all sat their staring. WHAT THE HECK? Doesn't she realize we have no idea how to speak German? She walked around the classroom saying this over and over. Finally, I figured it out and raised my hand and said, "Angela". And so is my first memory. "Hello. My name is Frau Stroud. Whats your name?" I was hooked.

German is a hard language and I was not at all thrilled with some of the rules. In fact, for about a week, I refused to learn the articles that go with all the nouns. Then it dawned on my that millions speak this language around the world, and they didn't care if some little 15 yr old didn't like it...rules were rules and I wasn't going to change this language.

I loved Frau. She was so interesting and had great stories and experiences to share. Her class room had shopping bags from German stapled to the ceiling. All the bags had German written on them. I spent many of classes staring at the ceiling reading the signs.

I remember "Hore zu, und Wiederholen, Listen and Repeat". I remember some of the tapes we listened to. I remember "Sie liebt mich" from the Beatles. I remember the friends I made in the class. I remember when she would drive her Porsche to school, bring her doggie or wear her beautiful Dirdel (one of the prettiest I have seen!). I remember going to German camp with her and doing a skit (oh my, my German was horrible in that skit, but at least I had fun!!).

Like many other language class, we got to pick a German name to be known as in our class. I picked Katja (after Katia Gordeeva) and I started using Katja as my preferred name in other classes, email addresses and even adopted it as my middle name, since I didn't have one.

In 1994, after graduating, I went with Frau to Germany for 2 weeks (and then I stayed for 4 more weeks with Knut Hannemann--my German exchange student ex-boyfriend). It was so much fun traveling through Germany, Austria and Switzerland with Frau. I remember cruising the Rhein river with Frau. I remember walking the streets of Innsbrueck and Munich. Frau and I took off from the group and explored Rottenburg on our on...we found so many neat "hidden" places. So many great memories.

In 1995, my parents moved to Munich, so I moved there too. :) I attended Ludwig Maximillion Univeristaet. I traveled and just fell in love with everything. My German skills were great, thanks to the firm foundation that Frau planted for me.

Later, on another time visiting my parents, Frau was in Munich at the same time with another student group. We met up and went to an art museum together. Shes just great.

After marriage and moving back to Seattle, I started working in the Theater department at LWHS. I quickly found that Frau was no longer there. I had attended her wedding just a year prior but didn't know where she was. I talked to the Spanish teacher who, after learning that I had gone to Frau's wedding (and thus must be a good friend) was told she had Breast Cancer! HOLY CRAP!!!! Frau was okay and infact started runing in races for the cures etc. How incredible!

We have always sent Christmas or Thanksgiving cards to each other, but this year, I lost my address book. Luckily Frau still had my old address and thankfully, the postmaster forwarded her card to me. Now we are emailing and its so fun to keep in touch. She sent me this email today:

Life is too short to wake up with regrets..
There comes a point in your life when you realize:
Who matters,
Who never did,
Who won't anymore...
And who always will.
So, don't worry about people from your past,
There's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.

I love the fact that through email and my blog, I have been able to re-connect with people from my past.

--Super Angie Katja Waibel Miske

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Super Angie...the 11th ward

I love our ward and am so happy to be back in it. I love singing in the choir. I love teaching the 9 yr olds with Rick. We have such an amazing class. The kids are awesome! I love seeing friendly faces and getting to know more people. I love my "old" friends and the "new" ones I'm making. I love the fact we meet at 9am in a new building. I love how wonderful sharing time is in primary. I just love going to church and that feels good. :)

--Super Angie

On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping