Sunday, September 4, 2011

Super Angie... so much going on

Gosh, I have been slacking at my blog.

I'm back on the ice. Skating with my former coach, Brianna Hatch. She is a gem and so enthusiastic. She believes in my skating and is just a cutie. She was a member of the US Junior international team and trained in Co Springs. She has a lot of experience and knows a lot of my favorite elite skaters--so often she'll say, "Let me teach you the warmup Rachael Flatt does" etc. It just makes skating fun.

School: The boys are in school at Quail Run and loving it. Dallin is enjoying playing the trombone and they both LOVE riding the bus. Dallin does an after school class each Thursday for the school News paper. So far he likes it.

Knee: I saw Dr. Heiden (yes Eric Heiden-- 5 time Olympic gold medalist for speed skating). He says I have some derangement of my knee. And a possible tear in the Meniscus. I had xrays and an MRI done. He wants me to continue to skate and do PT at the same time. Last week I skated
3 days feel pretty good. I am being dilligant in my PT at home and trying to stretch more and more. Dr Heiden mentioned it could be arthritis..which would suck. But I'm NOT gonna let this stop me. Mind over Matter.

Marathon: Rick ran his first marathon last weekend. I need to post pics. He did AWESOME. it was the Aspen Backcountry Marathon. HARD CORE! His starting elevation was 7,000 and he topped out at 10,000 ft. This aint for sissies. I'm so proud of him. He is a great trail runner.

Pair skating: Tanith and Brennan started working with their new coach- Cosette. Unfortunately, their first lesson DID NOT end well...Tanith cut her coach pretty bad--bad enough that she had to have 16 stitches. :( BUT...they did really enjoy their lesson.

Cleaning: Rick has been so busy around the house. He has shampooed most of the carpet. We have cleared out furniture and bought new. The house feels less cluttered...probably because most of our stuff is in the garage in boxes. Ugh... when the weather cools down, I will start going through those...but most stuff I'm just gonna give away.

Bellatina's: Tanith won a FB contest was honored to be one of the models for BELLATINA's. We had such a great time at the photoshoot. I saw a few pics and can't wait to see more. Stunning. I want to buy a lot of the cute headbands etc. The photo shoot was in an apple orchard. It was so much fun.

Gymnastics: Tan started gymnastics again at All American Gymnastics in Lindon. We love being back and being in Miss Nola's class. WE LOVE NOLA!

Playing: the kids are really enjoying being back in a neighborhood with friends. They play CHASE a lot. Tanith loves having her best friend Molly next door. Often the two girls will insist on dressing the same or having their hair the same. So cute.

Bikes: Yesterday, Tanith and Brennan both got new bikes. They were very very excited.

Soccer: Rick is excited. He scored an opportunity to take Dallin a special REAL SALT LAKE soccer practice for the team and kids. So, we bought Dallin a ball, shorts, shin guards and shoes. He is getting more and more excited. I believe this will happen on September 14th.

Life: life is going great. It is wonderful to be back as a family unit. With all the cleaning, I am feeling healthier day by day. I am finding beauty everywhere and learning not to let cliques and attitudes get to me. I'm happy and content and I have learned...I really am happier when I am just with my skating friends and my family. I don't need to be social.

--Super Angie

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On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping