Saturday, June 9, 2012

Super Angie...a day in the life

 Tanith and her bear--its so much fun to dress up your animals!
We enjoyed a picnic today and met a new neighbor. It was beautiful and peaceful out.

 Love being out in the warm sunshine.
 Then we went to Sapphire Point ...a nice little stroll
 and we enjoyed the gorgeous views
 Of Lake Dillon and Breckenridge
 But mostly....
 it was all about Alvin, Simon, Theodore
 Feeding peanuts to the chipmunks was the highlight
 I really did enjoy the views
 Such a beautiful Summit County day
 Buffelo Mountain!
 But for Tanith, it was all about these little critters
 She was fearless
 And they became friends
 Fat little guy
 She was so happy
 made lots of new friends.
 We're the Chipmunks!
 Lake Dillon
 Happy Girl
 Happy Me!
 Even while she was supposed to be posing for the camera,
she kept hoping for more friends to come and eat from her hand.
It was such a glorious day and fun to spend time with my sweetie!

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