Monday, February 11, 2013

Super Angie...changing into wonderful things

 The past month has been a journey for me. I got a new coach and have really been pushing.
 I'm realizing that if I want something, I just have to work extra hard. I have to get out of my comfort zone and do it.
 I have learned to be OK with looking silly. Its okay to make mistakes. Its OK to not take myself serious and step outside the box. I can't progress if I'm not willing to do something I can't do.
 Admitting I can't do it.
Admitting its hard.
Admitting that I can't get it perfect the first time
pushing on and on and on until progress starts happening.

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On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

Climb On!

Climb On!
Dallin top roping