Sunday, July 7, 2013

Super time

We had the most delightful 4th of July I think we have ever had.

Our day started with Rick running the 10K trail race in Breck. While he ran, the kids and I walked down to mainstreet and I got them some drinks and pastries at the Coffee Depot. Love that small place. The kids placed at the Breck Elementary play ground and then we stood at the finish line, cheering for Dad! He did really awesome- finishing in 1 hour 9 minutes which is faster then two years ago. Way to GO!!

After that we headed up, decorated our bikes and headed to River Run in Keystone for the kid parade. As always, we had fun. The kids are old enough now that they can just take off and navigate the course alone. Rick and I just sat in the big wooden rockers, smiling and waving to the kids and yelling FFKR or GARMIN for our two boys. Dallin and Brennan got a lot of attention for being in their race gear. :)

Afterwards, the boys rode their bikes home, and we took Tanith's bike on our car bike rack.

Next came a few hours of laying out at the pool. Splashing, hot tub time, floating, laying out. We just enjoyed being together and doing nothing!!

The sun and the early morning made me sooo tired.

Next came a BBQ at Keystone lake. We walked over there, and enjoyed a great BBQ. There was also a live band that I really loved. early 90s type of dance music. So fun! :) The kids played in the sand at the beach for about an hour, until the clouds started getting dark and we knew we should head home. We got home in time to watch the storm off the deck. RAIN!

Again, sooo tired. How was I going to stay up till 9 for the fireworks? I took a short nap.

We decided we were all too tired to walk back to the lake for fireworks, so we drove and parked on the side of the road. Great view actually. We loved the colors and how long the fire work show lasted.

I loved spending the whole day with my kids and husband. I love America and I love my family!

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On Belay

On Belay
Brennan Top Roping

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Climb On!
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