Sunday, March 23, 2014

Super Angie...being mom

Its hard you know. Its hard to be super mom, super wife, super neighbor, super cook, super homemaker, super volunteer, super skater, super homework helper. Its a full time job!

Lately, scripture study has been going well. We mostly always study 10 verses or so before school...most mornings. We try. That's all you can ask for, right? TRY.

Homework has been a struggle but I'm happy to report that the kids are doing great. Fantastic in some cases, just ok in some classes, but over all-- Great. They TRY.

Housework-- well, i found this cool thing called 40 Bags in 40 Days. I'm doing it with a FB friend and its awesome. Google it. Its cool. I'm TRYING to do it and stick to my calendar. I mostly do well. I've made a lot of headway and gotten quite a few bags of trash taken out, and so far, two bags of donation stuff. Plus just felt good. That is the best outcome.

Skating is progressing. The lake closed early March so now I have free time to skate and train. Six weeks until Skate for Hope. I'm really excited. I'm TRYING to lose some lbs for that- gotta look good for the show, right? I'm counting calories, training hard, and making progress. Working moves and dance right now. Hardly any freestyle- doctor's and coach's order. My knees are doing good and my back is happy.

Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna TRY to do Family Home Evening. Its important. I firmly believe this.  I'm making it simple though- just reading an article from The Friend.  Its a good start. Give it a TRY yourself...let me know how it works out.

I feel like life is all about trying. Try new things. Try to be a little bit better. Try to be nicer. Try to eat less. Try to move more. Try to not yell as much. Try to train harder. Try try TRY.

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