Friday, November 25, 2011

Super Angie... USFS Pacific Coast Sectionals- Day 1

On Thursday, I took Brennan out of school to attend Sectionals in Salt Lake. Its not often that a big skating comp comes to town and it was so cheap to go watch. Brennan packed his backpack full of snacks and his DS, which he played during Zamboni time and during some of the upper level skaters. He really loved watching the young pairs and ice dance teams. It was fun to have a Mommy/ Brennan day!

Remington Burghart-- we had fun watching Remington because he trains at our rink.

Jr. Pairs was a lot of fun to watch.

Split double twist!
Anthony Ponomarenko and his partner. Can't believe he is only 10 and in Intermediate Dance!
Elizabeth and Johnathan. Brennan really liked these two, and after they were awarded their gold medal, he bought them some flowers. They were both very very nice and so were their moms and coach.
Anthony and his partner.
Brennan with some more pair teams. The girls were sooo cute with him. And the boys kept saying "Do pairs, not dance!" lol
He really enjoyed the comp!
Brennan with one of the Sr. Men competitors.
I think these were Novice pairs. Nice lift!
Brennan and I with the famous Todd Sand. L
Another young Pairs team
Brennan with Johnathan and Elizabeth
We had so much fun together!
Brennan with a young team from Seattle
Festive balloons!
Emily Samuelson and Todd Gilles when I picked them up at the airport. Talk about two very nice people. I had an enjoyable time chatting with them.
Elizabeth and Johnathen from California. So much fun watching these two.\
I'm so glad I took Brennan out of school to go to the comp. It was a fun Mom and Son day. We started by going to Starbucks and sharing a snack. I tried to introduce him to as many skaters as we could. He really liked the young dance and pairs teams. Over all, it was a great great day!

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On Belay
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Climb On!
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