Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Super Angie...counting fish

 Tanith's teacher asked for a volunteer to do a craft she found on pinterest. I volunteered, so she sent home the instructions and some supplies. Basically, cut out twelve fish, label them and add an eye.
 We used foam pages to make the fish. Tanith and practiced drawing a bunch of fish on plain paper, and finally agreed on this white one. She then cut it out and it was then my turn to trace them. I wanted a distinct boarder line on each fish, so I used a sharpee. If you look at the two yellow fishes, you'll see that the first one I doesn't have a boarder--I went back after and drew the boarder on.
 I'm a figure skater, so I always have some bling and E-6000 glue laying around. The teacher had given me permission to be creative, so... 
 I also used a glitter paint pen to write the number on.
 After a while, Tanith decided she wanted a try making some of the numbers. I think she did a good job!
I really like how these fish turned out. Super fun. Super easy. A bit time consuming but worth it!

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Tiff said...

Super creative and way cute! Way to go. I don't get on the computer as much these days and Im really missing reading other peoples blogs! Fun to catch up.

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