Thursday, November 1, 2012

Super big rush

I had an incredible lesson yesterday with Genia. I really enjoy working with her. She humors me, compliments, corrects, makes me do stuff again and really teaches. I have learned so much and she is happy to see how much progress I've already made.

Having a back injury is forcing me to slow down, not rush things. Something Genia mentioned time and time again in my lesson. Slow down on that three turn. Don't rush that. SLOW DOWN!  Its not just my coach that is saying this, but also my body. And both are taking to my mind and body.

I am finding great peace in my life when I slow down other parts as well. Scripture study--slow down, think, ponder. While driving- turn off the music. Or change the music. Something different. I'm attending the temple and feeling great peace there- quiet. Shhh...peaceful, slowdown.

This injury has also helped me slow down my skating- and not focus on getting bigger and better skills. I am at peace with the statement "I will not jump above a lutz". I actually feel so FREE saying that. My coach is really happy too. She keeps saying "There is nothing wrong with that!" and she understand that we are all human and we need to watch our bodies.

I am still doing PT, Massage and Chiropractic. I'm seeing big changes. I'm seeing new strength. There are set backs but the best thing is, you stop, and look back to see how far you've come. I've come A LONG WAYS since July!

No need to rush.

Joy in the Journey.

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