Friday, March 20, 2015

Super Angie...friends

A friend recently said
"You know when you really want to have a friend to hang out with and then suddenly a friend comes into your life and you now have the opportunity to hang out, but then you realize, the reason you never had a friend before was simply because you are so crazy busy, you don't have time for hanging out".

Wow. Totally made sense and I totally could relate to this. Completely relate.

All my life, everyone has had close friends, except me. I would look in, seeing their joy, happiness, movie outtings, BFF trips, secrets, shopping times and inside stories and jokes. I always looked, longing and wishing I was somehow cool enough to have friends like that. I never did, which only meant...I wasn't cool enough.

In February, I went to Maui, where I grew close to old and new friends. Really close. Closer then I have ever been before. And since coming back home, I've realized...I need to BE a friend and MAKE THE TIME in order to HAVE A FRIEND.

And so I began...reaching out. Texting. Calling. Emailing. Sending a gift or a card. Meeting up for lunch, fitness, a much needed hug. Letting friends know I'm thinking of them, that I care. And in return, I have found, new friendships blossoming like Spring.

So my question for all of you to think about...who's life can YOU touch for better? Who will you text today, just to say THINKING OF YOU. Will you break out of your hermit life and take a chance? Will you open your circle of friendship to someone you haven't before? Will you compliment someone. Will you give LOVE freely--no matter if it's returned.

I was recently talking to a friend whom I admire. I asked her "What would you do? I have a friend whom I love and adore and I think she feels the same way towards me" (she cut me off before I could continue)  "BE VERY THANKFUL" is what she said.

And so yes... tonight I am overcome with gratitude for my many friends. Friends near and far. Friends old and young.  I'm beyond BLESSED

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