Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Super Angie...just breathe

So Rick is gone right now. Which means, I'm freaking out. Normal, but its true. Managing the day to day life of a busy mom and busy kids and a busy household, is hard for me. I'm sure others just laugh and think I'm freaking out for no reason. And that's fine. Go ahead and judge, but don't forget what the bible says about judging....

Rick is climbing a mountain in Indonesia. Dallin is being a teenage. Brennan is doing great in school. Tanith gives great hugs. My boots are at Harlick being fixed, so I'm without skates. Allergies are HORRIBLE. I'm helping with a wedding tomorrow. Dallin is going to CO this weekend with some cycling buddies. I have to help him prepare for this. The breaks are going bad in the car.

I'm learning to take a deep breath and just focus on the moment. Its something my coach has been teaching me, and something he continues to teach me through skating. A skating lesson that is applied to life. I'm 37. Its never too late to learn these things.

This week I have: volunteered at school, taught nursery class at church, read scriptures and held devotionals with my kids. Said family prayers, cuddled, watched TV. Helped with biking, done laundry and dishes. Put a basket on Tanith's bike. Bought new tubes for Dallin's. Grocery shopping. Costco shopping. Helped a friend. Exercising. Handled online registrations. Yard work. Housework. Made phone calls. Gotten out of my comfort zone. Driven back and forth and back again. Blogged and managed some of Rick's online stuff.

When I look at it that way, I have been able to manage okay with my husband being gone. I'm still worried...is he ok? But I'm harnessing all my inner strength and remembering...


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Backwoods Woman said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. You're carrying quite a load and doing a great job handling it all. And it's not easy having your husband halfway across the world doing something so potentially hazardous. Kudos to you for keeping it together at ALL! :)

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