Saturday, April 20, 2013

Super Angie...The Broadmoor

 While staying in Colorado Springs with the Gilles family, Bonnie took me to the historic Broadmoor Hotel.
 I really enjoyed this time with Bonnie and she knew a lot about the history of the area.

 I was taken by all the little details. My mom would have loved going there.

 And it was a GORGEOUS day! We ate lunch outside, right by the lake. Simply gorgeous.
 The grounds were beautiful.

 I just enjoyed all the little alcoves and hidden spaces. If I lived nearby, I would most certainly come weekly for a stroll around the lake.
 Bonnie and I. Love her! She is like a second mom to me.
Cheyenne Mountain

 What a gorgeous blue bird Colorado day!

 The memorial for the plane crash carrying the US figure skating team.

 Dorthy and Scott
Thanks Bonnie for the beautiful day out. I will always remember this special day.

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Climb On!
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