Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Super Angie...being Anne Shirley

 I took one of those silly Buzzfeed tests today. "Which character from Anne of Green Gables are you?" and....I'm ANNE!!!
"You live more inside your own dream world than out; you're imaginative, intelligent and always look for the best in each person you come across (unless they’ve personally insulted you, of course). You're a dreamer who makes the best of every situation even when there doesn’t seem to be much hope. While you put on a happy face to the world, you often find yourself in the depths of despair where you struggle with loneliness. And while you can talk the hind leg off a cow, you do need time for inner reflection so you can recharge. You are loyal, hot tempered, and the most idealistic kindred spirit."
 This made me so happy.  I LOVED growing up watching all the Anne movies on PBS. We recorded them and I watched them all the time.  I read the books, but I REALLY Loved the movies. I really connected to Anne. I'm not an Orphan. I didn't live back in those days. I don't have red hair (well, I don't have red hair right now.. hahah).  But I have often felt like Anne.
Just in the past two months, I have broken out of my shell here in Summit County and I've started meeting more and more people and making more and more "Kindred Spirit" friends.  I haven't been this happy in a long time. 

I love this quote by Anne.  When I lived in Utah, I felt out of place. While I did make lots of friends whom I am thankful for, I felt like an outcast and like I didn't belong.  I no longer feel that way.  I never knew I could make so many amazing new friends...right here in Summit.

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