Friday, August 1, 2014

Super Angie... believing in Self


Let's be honest here. Satan doesn't like your accomplishments.  He hates it when you are happy and feel good about yourself. He LOVES selfdoubt and HATES Self confidence.

So I have been a competitive figure skater for not very long. And yet I have accomplished all my goals. Why? Because I didn't let self doubt creep in.

Self doubt comes in slowly-- often as stress and panic.
"I have so much to do! "
"That's an impossible task"

Often self doubt comes from our "friends"
"That wasn't very pretty"
"Why did you pick to do that?"
"You won?  That didn't seem very difficult"

FACT- All self doubt, no matter who is bringing it into your life, is based in Satan.

Everyone faces self doubt. Everyone gets freaked out or panics because of an upcoming event or goal. Its natural. If it were easy, everyone would be accomplished.  Look around many true SUPER STARS do you see? Not many, right? Why? BECAUSE IT'S HARD!!

So here are some steps to believing in yourself. Try one or all. Let me know how it changes your hour, day, week, month, life...

1.Stop taking yourself so seriously and stop trying to please everyone!  Here I am with two time Olympian, Johnny Weir.  Johnny is well loved because he skates for himself and the fans.  He goes against the grain of the stereotypical figure skater. He fights the status quo. Johnny isn't afraid to put on some makeup and perform.  BUT at the same time, he isn't puffed up and vain. He is so down to earth and humble.  Johnny stopped trying to fit into everyone else's mold and found HIS voice. 
2.Try Something NEW!  You will be amazed what happens when you break out of your day by day and try something new. Now I'm not saying you have to go to extreme and try ice climbing. But how about try a book club? A cooking class? Visit a ceramic painting place and learn to paint! Pick up a new hobby. You'll meet new people AND your self confidence will grow. Be Un-stoppable!
3. Participate in a Charity.  Giving your time to a charity just feels good. Here I am with National champion, Max Aaron.  By participating in Skate for Hope every year, I raise money for Breast cancer, and I meet some incredible people who continue to inspire me. Serve others and find yourself!

4. Remember past accomplishments. Here is a pic of me from 2009. I competed at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, CO and I won the bronze medal. Amazing!  Wow. If I could compete at such a huge and inspiring event, and do so well, what else can I do?

5.  Focus on those who are uplifting and who believe in you.  Here I am with Olympic bronze medalist, Jason Brown.  I have the extraordinary opportunity to train with him once a week. Jason LOVES my skating. He tells me everytime he sees me. He isn't so caught up in the fact that he has an Olympic Medal and I'm a 38 yr old housewife. He seems me as a beautiful skater- no matter that I only jump singles and he jumps triples!  There are so many people around us that LOVE to tear us down. Stop hanging out with them. Just stop it! You don't need that toxic attitude in your life. Focus on those that uplift and believe in you!

6. Be a friend to ALL!  Can you have too many friends? No way!  Open your heart to all-  no matter the age.  Here I am with my sweet friend Rachael.  I have known Rachael for 4 years now and I just adore this girl. I get to see her when I attend SKATE FOR HOPE in Ohio.  She sees the beauty in me, and I see the beauty in her. Try branching out in your friendships. Who out there has something that can add some sparkle to your life? And in turn, watch how the friendship blesses both lives!

7. Walk on Sunshine! Too often people walk around glummy, finding fault in all situations and just being miserable.  Learn to be happy. Fake it till you make it, like they say. If you aren't happy, put a smile on your face anyway.  Learn to see the beauty in ALL things!

Start focusing on the beautiful, wonderful things you have done and accomplished. Stop focusing on what you can't do, or what hasn't gone right in your life. JUST STOP IT!

You are a beautiful child of God.
Believe it. Live it.
Stop letting Satan tell you are otherwise.

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