Sunday, August 3, 2014

Super Angie...being super doesn't happen over night

RELAX!  Growing up in this day and age, we are used to things happening RIGHT NOW! We are accustomed to drive throughs, fast internet, instant test results. We freak out (or at least I do) when our computer is slower then we think it should be.  And we ever try to rush a sun rise? Do we force a baby to grow up fast? Do we take our cake out of the oven early? (well, if you do, it certainly won't be cooked the way the directions say to)

Life moves at the speed GOD wants it to.

Yes, I said it.  Life isn't in our control. It's in God's.   
  Let's for a moment think about this pic. Its Gracie Gold. 2014 National Champion.  This was Gracie's second year competing as a senior lady at the US Nationals.  If Gracie is this awesome, then why didn't she win Gold at her first Nationals?

Simple... it wasn't meant to be! God is in charge.

If Gracie had walked into her first nationals in 2013 and won, would she have worked as hard as she did in 2014? Maybe...but maybe not.

OUCH!!  That just hurts!
But...its true.  To be SUPER....well, it takes time. I mean, I'm sure some people are just born awesome. Like immediately, as soon as they are born, they are just a darn awesome little baby.

But for the rest of takes time. It takes effort.

Stop it. Okay? Just stop doubting yourself.  You CAN do this. You CAN go forth in life and WIN. That's can get the Olympic Gold Medal in LIFE!

(1998 Olympic Gold Medalist Tara Lipinski)

Satan installs SELF DOUBT in us.  He wants us to wake up each morning thinking we are so much less then we are. He wants us to think that things should come easy...but guess what. They don't.

God has a plan for each of us.  And being SUPER is part of that plan. Trust me. It is!

Question for you... did you wake up one day, reading?  Did you suddenly, one day, without any instruction ride a bike?  Was the very first cake you baked, your very best one ever? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please close your browser and go forth in life. You already got this. lol
BUT...if you are like me, You answered no.  You didn't just hop on a bike and suddenly you were the best in your neighborhood. The first cake you made wasn't perfect. You didn't start reading the first time you picked up a book.  Life doesn't work that way.

Second question... Do you know how to read now? Well..I think you do, otherwise you wouldn't be following this blog post.

Third Question...did you give up on reading?

Fourth question...did you have struggles along the way with reading?

Are you following what I'm saying?
Great things in Life TAKE TIME. They just do.

(hahaha ^^^^ but true!)

You want to be a great skater? It takes time!
You want to be a great mom? It takes time!
You want to be a great business owner? It takes time! our fast food, drive through, instant movies on Netflix life, are we moving at God's pace, or are we forcing ourselves to move our journey at a rate it's not supposed to?

 Final words... The other day, these teenage girls came to Keystone Lake. They were INCREDIBLE! They were doing all these amazing things on a SUP. They made it look easy.
 So I tried it. Here I am trying to lift up my foot. A second later, not caught on film, I fell in. Why? Because I was trying to do something my body wasn't ready for.

But I didn't let that fall into the 40 degree water stop me. I got back on my board and tried again. 

Being super doesn't happen over night. It takes blood, sweat, tears and sometimes, falling into a very cold mountain lake. But its through these experiences that your Awesomeness starts to develop.
Stop letting the fear of success stop you.
Continue finding joy in YOUR journey.
Pat yourself on the back.
And look forward with faith.

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