Sunday, August 17, 2014

Super Angie... watering yourself to grow

Blessings come in GOD'S TIME  not ours. 

Let that soak in. Absorb it. 

The best things in life take time to grow.  You have to water your plants as seeds or else you will never see the blooms, right?

It's easy to get anxious and want blessings to come quicker. This is human nature. If we sing to the Lord with Thanksgiving, and count our blessings, we will change our focus from "what we think we deserve" to "what we already have received".

Start a gratitude journal. Write in it daily.  Not just when someone on FB challenges you. Not just during November.  But do it daily!

The greatest blessing I've found is... FIND THE SILVER LININGS IN YOUR DIFFICULTIES.
 Last week, our family went to Winter Quarters, the site where the Mormon pioneers spent the winter on their trek west.
 It was cold. It was snowy.  It was yucky! They were on the banks of the Missouri River. There was sickness. They lived in small cabins.  There were many deaths.

 And yet, with all these trials, they never lost their gratitude.

So, don't get discouraged dear friends. Life is hard. There are ups and downs and more downs and some ups.  Its tricky.  It always has been. But if you take time to water yourself, count your blessings and find the silver linings in your problems, life DOES get better and you will notice God's blessings showering down all around you.

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