Thursday, July 28, 2011

Super Angie... Tanith and Tanith Belbin

Yesterday, we went to Colorado Springs to get my skates sharpened. Jack is the best and so the 2 hour drive is well worth it. Plus the kids enjoy seeing wildlife along the drive-- on this trip: a pronghorn and a coyote. While we waited for my skates, Brennan and I enjoyed watched Max Aaron and Rachael Flatt practice. That session was many triples.

Anyway, while paying for my sharpening, I said something to the kids like "Brennan, leave Tanith alone". Jack said, "What is her name" Me- "Um...Tanith, like Tanith Belbin. I have loved that name since I saw Tanith and Ben in 2000. Beautiful!" Jack - "Well, you know she is here" Me- "SHE IS!???!!!" So he said he would go find her.

He looked and looked but couldn't find her. He checked the schedule and guessed that she would come to the next session to coach. So the kids and I sat outside (they were eating chocolate chip cookies and it was warm= chocolate all over Tanith's face and hair and shirt! So I took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up). Then we saw Max, so we chatted with him. The boys LOVE his skating and how nice and down to earth he is. Meanwhile, Jack had found Tanith Belbin, but couldn't find us. LOL We kept missing her. So I told the kids we should just sit outside the proshop and then.... she walked by. OH MY GOSH!Me- Hi Tanith. My name is Angie and I'd like to introduce you to my daughter, Tanith.

It was so adorable. Her face lit up. She mentioned that she would have to tell her parents. I told her how much Rick and I love their skating and how I had wanted to see her in 2001 at 4CC but that year they competed at Jr. Worlds instead. She was sooo sweet and wanted to know if the kids skate. Brennan did a waltz jump- Tanith said "Take that to the ice!" and he said, "I do!" lol Tanith did a Spiral for her.

Tan was so excited. She has seen Tanith a lot on TV and each time she always says, "Thats me when I'm bigger". She loved meeting Tanith Belbin and today was talking about it a lot. "There are two Taniths!"

Tanith Belbin just tweeted: Met a mini-me today! Mom came to the rink with her 3 year old named after me. Never met another Tanith face2face before + she skates!

We are thrilled to death to have introduced Tanith to Tanith. And I was so excited to have finally
met her. Now I have met my four all time favorites: Katia Gordeeva, Tara Lipinski, Johnny Weir and now Tanith Belbin.

--Super Angie

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lvs2dance said...

What a great story! I love it. How cool for Tanith to meet her namesake. Awesome!

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