Sunday, July 10, 2011

Super mom

Today I'm thinking about my mom a lot. I love this picture of her. She is beautiful. This smile is so her. And she loved wearing fun cardigan sweaters, like this snow flake one. She always looked nice when she went out into public--never wearing sweats or jammie pants. She always did her makeup and hair. She loved jewelry and scarves too.

Since skating in SKATE FOR HOPE, I have felt myself healing from her death. In fact, somedays go by without me even thinking about her...which I know she is okay with. Other times, I still cry, but not like I did before the show. The show really healed me. Talking to all the stars backstage, sharing with them my story and her all really helped. And I KNOW she was there watching and enjoying my big moment. She is so proud of me. I just wish I could still talk with her on the phone. I LOVED our daily phone conversations. I loved being able to call her and just tell her anything and everything. She was truly my best friend.

If she were alive right now, I'd be talking to her about the Tour de France. I know she would have been watching it with dad at home. I would tell her about how I just painted my toes. I'd tell her about church and how nice R.S. was today. I'd tell her about dinner I'm cooking and about the mountain Dallin climbed yesterday. I'd talk with her about little things that don't matter as well as huge life changing things.

I really miss her. I want to be more like her.

--Super Angie


Tiff said...

I love catching up on your blog! What a beautiful post about your mom. I am so happy for you that you have been able to heal. I agree with you I think your mom would want you to heal and I know she is proud of you!

JAnderegg said...

Call me any time! I can't imagine losing my mom. You are strong and I admire your faith and courage. I love ya tons, girl!

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