Saturday, August 20, 2011

Super Angie... trombone

Well looky here. Dallin decided to join Band this year and picked the trombone. He had all sorts of options and finally decided on the 'bone". I must admit...pretty excited, considering I played it too!

Back to School night was awesome. We REALLY love the new school and are so thankful they were accepted. Rick and I took turns taking the kids to different rooms etc. Dallin got his locker assignment and was soooo excited. Brennan met his teacher, Miss Baker. Dallin met his teacher, Mr. Hatch. Both were awesome and we are so excited for them. This school is like H.S. or Jr High were for me--the kids have their teacher, but they move around to different classrooms for all their we went and moved around too and met some of them. It was fun. Rick looked at the lists of after school Enrichment classes and signed Dallin up for School Newspaper. Dallin was very excited about this.

Both boys went to bed saying, "I wish tomorrow was Monday! I can't wait for school!"

Everything is falling into place and I can feel God blessing us.

--Super Angie

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JAnderegg said...

Yea, starting school tomorrow! It has been nice to have my kids back! Now, I'm just trying to figure out Lizzie's schedule, which is hard because I like to be on the go!

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On Belay
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Climb On!
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