Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Super Angie...checking in

Well, we are here in Utah now. Allergies are insane, but I'm trying my best to ignore them. Sometimes it works, sometimes I just go insane. Asthma was really awful yesterday. Looking forward to fall.

Today the boys have testing at their new school. Yesterday we went school shopping. A few more things we need to get. We also got A LOT of cleaning done in the house. Its beginning to take shape although we still don't a kitchen table (its in Colorado) or a couch. Makes the house feel HUGE.

Its delightful to hear my children outside, playing freeze tag and laughing on the trampoline. I know I made the right choice to move home.

My friend Jen came over yesterday and helped me with some unpacking. We made a huge dent in things, have many many garbage bags waiting to go out (ordered another can--hopefully it shows up soon!) and many many bags to go to D.I. Getting things organized...still have a long ways to, but feeling good.

Rick has gone NUTS. He shampooed our bed room last night. He is working hard on getting our house sterile for me. This town is just bad for allergies.

Over all, today, I'm feeling hopeful and good.

The Lord is helping!
--Super Angie


Texas Boy + SLC Girl said...

So awesome That you are back!!! Can't wait to see ya!

JAnderegg said...

So glad you are home!!! I've missed you, but pray that you can survive the allergies. Yes, they are bad here! When can we come visit? We would love to see you!

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