Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super Angie...Sewing Tanith

 Argh.... the pictures uploaded backwards and since I'm far too lazy to fix it, you'll just have to endure.

I bought this boxed sewing Raccoon kit about a year ago and finally gave it to Tanith. SHE WAS THRILLED. And it was sooo fun to teach her how to sew. This is a very simple craft but to her, it was everything. She let Brennan take a turn and he loved it as well. 
 We spend the entire evening sewing. I would thread the needle (or PIN as she calls it). I would also do all the knots. She did the rest.
 They worked together so nicely. No fighting. Only supporting each other.

 Mommy, take more pictures!! She was so happy to be doing this craft

I'm so glad we spent the evening sewing together. It was a bonding moment. She really was proud of herself...and I'm proud of her too!

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On Belay

On Belay
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Climb On!
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