Sunday, January 15, 2012

Super Angie... 2012

I have gotten behind in blogging--mainly because I'm hating uploading all these pics from my recent trip to Germany. I may postpone posting more so I can catch up on life.

Goals for 2012~!

Continuing my weight loss, toning up, getting better in shape
Reading the scriptures each morning with the kids
Making more real meals for our family
Landing an axel (which I just accomplished!)
Getting more organized in the house.

So far so good.

I have lost a few months (3 to be exact). I've upped my intensity at the rink to make my skating stronger. I'm working again with my marvelous coaches and growing a lot. My stamina is getting back on track. Its hard to get back into the competitive mood but I have a comp soon. UTAH WINTER GAMES- Feb 2-4th.

So far we have been reading scriptures each school day morning. I have a hard time on the weekends because our schedule is so different. But I feel good about our weekday mornings. Its a start!

Making more meals. I have done better about thinking about meal time in advance. Yes, we still have those random meals of cheese and crackers and fruit, But we also have had baked chicken, cassaroles, soups. I'm not into making homemade, from scratch yet, but I'm making baby steps. And its ME making the meals, not Rick, so this is another positive move.

Landing an Axel. I did it! I am landing axels. Most are from stand stills but I have done some moving. My coach is thrilled. My next goal is the have an axel in my Skate for Hope program. I also think maybe I want to try to have one in my Valentine's show program. Hmmm...... :)

Getting Organized. YEA! I am totally doing this. I have made specific goals for January so as to not get over whelmed. I got my computer desk organized, bought another book shelf (and built it) and got the toys organized. For the rest of January I want to get my shelf in the guest room organized- which includes old desk stuff, bills etc. I will tackle that this week.

Its not a lot, but its me and I'm very happy with the progress I'm making.

That's me...being Super Angie

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