Sunday, January 15, 2012

Super Angie.. German thoughts

My trip to Germany was incredible. I loved stepping back and enjoying my dad enjoy reliving his childhood. It was an awakening of sorts for me. To set aside my selfish nature and instead, let him decide everything. Of course I did drag him into a few stores and make him watch me try on clothes. hee hee But I really did just enjoy being with him.

Top thoughts:
Food. Need I say more?
Walking. I loved walking everywhere.
Trains. It was a new experience to take the train everywhere for 10 straight days.
Architecture. I had several friends comment that they wish they could someday go to Germany. And so this was on my mind a lot as I took pictures--trying to capture the spirit of the things I was experiencing. The buildings. The signs. The people. Life

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On Belay

On Belay
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Climb On!
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