Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Angie...Beluga encounter

For Brennan's 8th birthday present, he wanted to go pet a Beluga Whale. So this past Friday, we made that happen.

We went to the Beluga Encounter at the Vancouver, BC aquarium.

It was such a special experience to share with my big bear.

First we went to an education class where we learned all about whales. We got to examine a skull and do some fun experiments about echolocation.

Then we got to go to the kitchen and pick up the fish for our whale. We got to meet Aurora. She is not the oldest whale but she is a mom. In the kitchen area, we also were able to see the different schedules and lists of toys for all the different animals.

Then it was time to go out and meet Aurora. Brennan was very excited because she is his favorite whale. He even got to carry the food for her.

We had our life jackets on and entered the tank area.

We learned hand controls for having her make different sounds and do different things. she waved to us with her fin and tail. She opened her mouth so we could see her teeth and tongue. We got to feed her too. We touched her melon (the top of her head) and she moved it around for us. So cute. We also got to touch her side and her tail. She spun around for us as well.

This was the most amazing experience. I love sharing it with my sweet Brennan.


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Charles Miske said...

It was so totally special to be there watching.

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On Belay
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Climb On!
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