Saturday, February 11, 2012

Super Angie...getting healthy part 2- GET MOVING!

We have all heard the saying "EAT LESS MOVE MORE". and believe it or not, it actually is that simple.


Stretching!- Before any workout, make sure you stretch and warm up. This can be as simple as bending over and touching your toes (doing stretches on your own) or meeting with a trainer, taking yoga, or doing a pilates video. Some people really love doing a warm up jog before they start their workout. Others like to skip rope. Do yourself and your body a favor and warm up properly before you do any type of exercise. Even sitting on your living room floor, watching the morning news can be turned into a nice stretching session. (pic- Emily Samuelson and Todd Gilles- US figure skaters)

Get Active Together! No matter what you do, doing it with a buddy is more fun, right? So find a friend, or talk to your spouse. The sky is the limit on what you can do together. (pic- my friends Laura and Doug- husband and wife)

Try something NEW! I live in Utah and because of the 2002 Olympics, we have LOTS of venues here that offer classes. Wanna try Bobsled? you can! Wanna learn to Speed Skate? YOU CAN! I have tried Luge and Speedskating--super super fun. Check your local area and see if there are any special sports you can try. Even if you decide its not for you, its still something you can check off your bucket list. (pic- my friend Jen when she competed internationally in bobsled)

Team Sports- my kids are not into team sports but they love to just kick the ball around. Running around in the park, chasing a soccer ball with your kids is something anyone can do--whether you have ever played the sport or not. Lots of cities have local rec teams you can join, if you want something a little more organized. Check with neighborhood churches as well. Many have a set night a week for group basketball or volleyball and they don't charge for you to come join them. (pic- my son Dallin playing with members of the REAL SALT LAKE pro soccer team)

We all know I LOVE Figure Skating. Did you know that some rinks have really nice discounts on a seasons pass to a public session? Why not go skate for 30 minutes during your lunch break? Noon day publics are rarely crowded and crazy. Even if you have never taken a skating lesson, just renting skates and giving it a try will give you a great workout. For an extra workout, take your kids. Friendly competition can get you skating faster and keep your heart rate up longer. (Pic- me and my Skate for Hope friends- Becky, Stacey, Carrie and Sammi)

Walks. Going for a walk down by the river, or just around your block. It gets you outside and gets you moving. Try walking around a mall if the weather is bad. Walks are something you can do as a family too. How about an evening walk after dinner?

Treadmill workouts! I know people often call the treadmill the DREADMILL but I really like it. I use my treadmill workout as the time I catch up on TV shows or movies. Make a date with your treadmill.

Biking. I grew up biking long distance with my dad and brothers. My brothers still do races and have a lot of fun doing it. They enjoy the challenge of setting a goal-- like the Seattle to Portland ride. They also have fun joining biking clubs or riding with a friend. (pic- my brother Jeff and his friend Scott)

Running. I have lots of friends who run. Some of them only run for exercise--just a few miles a week. Others love the challenge of races. There are so many races, if you want to set a goal to try one. 5K, 10K, Marathons. There are also down hill races, up hill races, back country trail runs. There are also lots of fun obstacle races--like the Muddy Buddy. I personally can not run. My knees are not made for it. But I know lots of people who love it. One bit of advice. If you are really over weight, don't start running. Walk first and build up to it slowly. Running can be really hard on your joints. There are lots of great websites out there with training schedules for runners. (pic- my friend Brad- in the yellow and my husband Rick with his very muddy shoe after runing the Aspen Backcountry Marathon) Here is one good one.

Needing some inspiration? Read my friend's blog-

ROCK CLIMBING/Mountaineering! Rock climbing is actually what got me on the fitness kick. We joined a local climbing gym and I took classes. I highly recommend taking climbing classes. I have seen too many people walk into the world of rock climbing and think that they are so cool and end up teaching themselves horrible technique. I'll talk more about some good training tips for rock climbing in a later post. Rock climbing is so good for your whole body and despite what people think, its not about hand strength, its all about your feet and legs. Core strength comes into play as well. In the first 6 months of rock climbing, I lost 15 lbs. Rock climbers as a whole tend to be a very green group who like to live more healthy. Great people.

Is climbing Mt. Rainer on your bucket list? If so, what is stopping you? Did you know there are online training courses designed to get you shape so you can do it? There are numerous guide companies who lead reasonably priced weekend trips. Check out this blog for great tips and inspiration. (pic- my friend Ann - rock climbing in Colorado and my husband Rick- high altitude mountaineering)

Dancing! There are endless possibilities for dancing. Community classes, studios, videos, dance clubs. Zumba is insanely popular right now, as is Ballet Barre classes. Love the TV show, Dancing with the Stars? What is STOPPING YOU from trying it? (pic- my friend Kellyn)


Make one small change today. Try something new or get back into something you did as a teen. Find a buddy, schedule a class. Join a club. Or buy some running shoes and then feel committed to use them instead of letting your money go to waste as they sit in the hall closet?

I have some really amazing friends. Friends who get up at 5am every day so they can run to the YMCA and do a bootcamp class before their husband goes off to work. I have friends that despite never being active as a child, have now experienced the thrill of running 26.2 miles. I have friends who have overcome physical challenges by joining a local dance class.

If they can do it, why can't you?
--Super Angie

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rachel said...

i'm so excited that both dave AND shane are registered for STP this year! i have a dream that some day, ALL of us will ride in it together! 5 years maybe? micah will be 9 then. he could do it, right? it's only 200 miles! ;)

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